Sunday, 25 November 2007

On memory of Ronnie/Dougal 1996-2007

This is the saddest blog I've had to type, but on returning from a lovely weekend with family and friends. I found my beautiful boy had passed away down the side of the house and was no longer with me anymore.
So I thought I'd put some of my favourite photos of him on here in his memory.

He'd had this Mr mouse for years and it was his fav toy and he'd always beat it around the room and end up snuggled up with it somewhere. Sadly it got lost on our last move into this house, but he didn't seem to mind. As long has he had me, he was happy.
He'd sit in the funniest of positions but always kept his pride and dignity covered lol
And the other love of his life was Megan, I remember the first time we introduced them. I was so scared he'd just a attack her and the fur would fly. But no they just hissed at one another and then became the best of friends. And would snuggle up together in the oddest of places. This is them in the rabbit hutch. Soppy things.
One of the funniest things Megan used to do to him was beat him round the head (no claws out) and then just put her paw on his head so he couldn't move. All this took place ever meal time, it was her way of telling him no not your turn until i say so hehe! I never thought he'd put up with it, but he did and it was the funniest thing to see. This huge tabby being bossed around by the smallest little female. He did love her and she's missing him already.

I'll miss your purr, love and soft fur, the way you used to hang on to the back door, climb up my leg if I was cutting up meat for dinner, the way you used to know if a packet of pork scratchings was being opened anywhere in the house, your meaow, that sounded like "hello", how you could never make it over the child safety gate in one go, how you'd run out of the room if one or both of the girls screamed, how you'd come and sit with me when I was feeling ill or low and how you found me again when you got lost for 3 months and jumped into my arms and cuddled in to my neck and purred with happiness, full of ticks and fleas from all the farm fields the vet said, but you came home and found me and stayed with me for 12 years. Coming with me even when I left to start a new life. You have brought me so much happiness and have given so much love. I will miss you dearly.

Rest in peace old friend, see you someday.

Catherine x


buttercup & roses said...
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buttercup & roses said...

Oh bless you, you must be having such a horrid time.

I know how hard it is when you lose a much loved family pet.

Keep looking at the gorgeous photos you have and think about all the cute and funny things he did.

Take care hunny,
Jen xxx

Rubyred said...

so sad when a beloved pet dies.What a wonderful cat too.Our cat Peanut is 19 and we've had him longer than the kids!Keep thinking of the happy memories.
Take care
Rachel x

Kat-in-a-flap. said...

Oh Hun....I know how you must be feeling,I loved my old cat so much I cried for weeks when he died.
I hope you find comfort in the fact that he had a grand home with you all and a happy life.
I hope your memories bring you comfort.
Kepp hugging those darling girls.
Hugs Kat x

claire Maraldo said...

Oh Catherine, my heart is breaking for you. What a beautiful cat. I know you must be devastated.

love and hugs

Claire xxx

Kitty said...

Hello ... I've been reading your blog for a while, but am tempted out of the comment closet to send lots of love and hugs on the loss of your Ronnie/Dougal. It won't help at the moment, I know, but the knowledge that you gave him such a fantastic life will one day be a comfort.

Take care of yourself. :-) x

Curlew Country said...

Oh how sad, its so horrid when your lose a friend. I'll make sure I give my errant pair of crazy old dears an extra stroke tonight.

The photos of him are just beautiful. Take it easy.

Two Crofters said...

sweet girl
i am so very sorry for your loss x
take time to grieve and hold all your loved ones close - they will give you so much support through this horrid time.
if there is anything you need just let me know.
sending you all hugs and love
tracy x
xx go softly little guy xx

paper-and-string said...

hi poppet :-)
I read your post early this morning but didn't know what to say...I've been thinking of you all day and feel so sad for you.
take care and keep asking for hugs :-)

jessica daisy said...

Sorry to hear about you losing your little friend.
take care, Jessx

saraeden said...

I popped over to give you some good news and found your sad post ... so im sending you a big hug as well as letting you know you have won one of my giveaways !!
Take care honey and i will email you in a bit

Sara x x

Ragged Roses said...

So sorry to hear this news, when I lost my old cat a few years back it was so hard. They are part of the family aren't they. Take care, thinking of you
big hug
Kim x

tillyboo said...

So sorry to read about your sad news. I lost my little Billie-Cat 3 years ago and there isn't a day I don't think about her or miss her around.
She was 16 and we had 16 wonderful years together.

Keep your happy memories close. He'll be looking down on you.

Felicia said...

Oh, I'm so sorry for your loss. Please take some comfort knowing you'll meet again some day over rainbow bridge.

pink-petal-designs said...

orrrr Catherine, im so sorry about your cat, ive just ready your post with tears on my cheeks .
I know what a hard time this is for you.
Sarah x

Annie's Abode said...

This post brought a tear to my eye as I know how dear and special our pets are to us.

I am so sorry that you had to have that shcok on your return home - keep your chin up.

Thinking of you,


Vintage Amethyst said...

I'm so sorry to hear this terribly sad news Catherine.
Sending you lots of love & hugs
love Alison x

Katherines Dream said...

Hi Catherine I have just found your blog and on reading this post
I feel a little lost for words, but just wanted to say that he was a very lucky cat to have you.
We get so attached to our beloved pets.
You have some lovely photos to take comfort from and all your happy memories.
Take care,
Carol x

Country Cottage Chic said...

I'm so sorry to read this - it is always so sad to lose a pet - they really do leave footprints on our hearts as well as the carpet.

jessica daisy said...

HI Catherine, pop over to my blog, because you've won the giveaway.

Nonnie said...

I'm so sorry to read your news Catherine. It's so sad when a pet passes away. They really are one of the family aren't they? Thank you for sharing all your lovely photos with us and your memories and I was very amused to see that it is not only my Mum's cat Smokey who sits in an almost human way.
Thinking of you an sending love and hugs.

Katy said...

so sad. I hate to think what will happen when one of ours goes. Hope you are feeling ok :(