Thursday, 15 November 2007

The big count down

Well the time is ticking away and Christmas day will be upon us sooner than later. Over the last couple of weeks I've been painting like mad for other peoples orders and now it's time for myself. I've a Christmas Bizarre on the 8th Dec and have looked into my stock boxes and they aren't looking very full argh! so it's paint, sew and varnish from now till then. I will try and post everyday like some of you have been doing. And I have to say a thank you those of you that have done this. Without having a coffee break and a great read I'd of gone and will go mad. So thank you for keeping sane x

Yeay! all finished, an order of hearts about a 125 of them, it was good to be able to take a photo of the finished items. Now I have to paint more for a couple of customers and the fair. I'll get there. And I hope they sell, they're ideal for hanging on the tree or present tags and only £3.50 a pack of 7 not going to break the bank.
I've had these yummy items for a while now and haven't had the time to photo them, but here they are. They're now packed away for Christmas for our two little ones. Aren't they sweet? Sophie Stansfield Designs is where you can buy them, just click on her link to find more yummy goods. And her new blog. Welcome Sophie. Thank you for all the little extras you put in for the girls. They will love them. x

I must admit I've had a few nice new items come in the post. This one of my favourites a gorgeous new apron. I'll be wearing this at the Christmas fair and I have some of Vanessa 's business cards to give out. Check out her lovely handmade items at Just Original. She was kind enough to pop in a cute dotty heart as a thank you for my order, I just love getting goodies. A big thank you Vanessa, you're a real sweetie. x I'm sure you all know where this lovely badge came from, that's right over at Cupcakes for Clara. It now has pride and place on my favourite scarf and looks very much at home. Thanks Laura and good luck with the wedding. xI just had to pop these photos on for you all to see, it's Molly and Megan. Megan the cat has a thing for anything furry and purrs and kneads hers paws into it. Molly was copying her and pretending to be a cat. What a funny pair. And this is what Thomas thinks about it all, charming isn't he? Put it away Tom! you naughty puss.

Have a good weekend everyone whatever you are doing. I'm off to the Country Living fair on Saturday afternoon. So I tell you all about it when I come back.

Keep warm, lots of hugs.

Catherine x


Sophie Stansfield said...

Hi Catherine
I love your hearts - you have been working hard! I hope the girls like their goodies - you are much better at taking photo of them than I am! Good Luck at the Fair!
P.S - Happy Anniversary xx

Vanessa said...

Thanks for the free advertising you did on your blog for me. I hope you have a great time at the Country Living Fair, I wish I could go, but to busy at the moment. Don't spend to much money!!