Wednesday, 21 November 2007

A cold won't stop me.

Even with a nasty head cold I still got up and set off to the CL fair with my oldest daugther Jade and we had a lovely day.
I picked up one of these gorgeous duck egg blue enamel spoons and now I'd like to get some others to match it or in a baby pink, so I'm asking anyone and everyone for your help, if you know where I can get them please do tell. I'd be very grateful x
I have a thing for pretty floral tea-towels and found this lovely one for only £1.50 wow what a bargain, I'd looked at some others on another stall and they where £5 each and that was in there sale basket, their starting price was £8. I thought that was mad for one tea-towel, no matter how lovely it was lol so we walked away form that one. And I found this just waiting for me to buy it, so home it came.:)
I was very happy to see a few of my items left on a friends stall, she said out of about 160 items I'd sent her, there was only 6 left. So she was very happy also and placed another order with me there and then. You can imagine the smile on my face, from ear to ear it was. A very happy bunny I was. It's lovely to know people like your stock so much and it nearly all sells out. Maybe one day I'll be able to do the show myself, but that will take a lot of work and I don't want my little ones to suffer. When they start school, I'll look into it. What do you think?

After the good news and walking around the top half of the show, Jade and I made our way into the food court. This part of the show is great, because you can try before you buy. And really you don't even have to buy lol. So Jade and I tested all sorts of yummy things, Xmas pudding, mince pies, cheese, sausages, biscuits with chutney, sweets, fruits juices, coffee and I just couldn't not stop at the Sloe stand. Where I had a sloe whisky, hmmm that did my cold some good, (well it was medicinal and not a treat really) hehe!

After we'd eaten our way though nearly every stall lol we went down stairs for the last part of the show. Jade got her self a cute pair of fleece mittens and a couple of Christmas presents. I treated her to a pretty bath bomb with glitter and I got given a free cupcake soap, so that was a nice surprise. We got there in the light and by the time we'd finished it was dark outside. Ben called to make sure we were ok, he was getting dinner on for him and the girls. So Jade and I had a naughty MacDonald's before we set off home.

Molly's giving her fun day with Daddy the thumbs up and Daisy singing yeay for Daddy lol

Happy and sleepy we got in about 8.30 ish to find the girls all warm and fast asleep in bed and Ben resting on the sofa. They had been very good for their Daddy and had a fun day of play, treats and DVD's.
We all settled down with a cuppa and watched Casualty. A nice end to a great day.

Thanks to Jade for being a wonderful daugther and shopping partner. Lots of love Mum x

Back soon with more.


Catherine x


paper-and-string said...

hhhmmm blogger is being a silly bu**er I shall email you instead

paper-and-string said...

ooohhh now it works!!!
I am SO pleased for you that you nearly sold out at Country Living, I really should visit next year !!AND i think that you should definately have a stall there, why not share the cost etc with a fellow blogger?? (hint hint)
any way...look here for ladels

Tracy said...

love those girls x

jessica daisy said...

I went to the country living fair last year, but miss out this year :(
I'm glad you had such a fantastic day with your eldest. Such a great bargain with the tea towel!

whenever I do go to these fairs I surprise myself with the amount of money I end up spending, which is actually not a lot, I'm always a bit selective, thinking, ohh that's nice but a little expensive, but I wonder what else I might find round the corner, so at the end I've normally only bought a couple of lovely but affordable things, I think I'm happiest when I've found a bargain!
The pictures of you little ones are so cute. I will keep my eye out for some more duck egg or pink enamel for you.

Rubyred said...

Well done on all your sales at the CL fair!The tea towel is really pretty.Hope your cold gets better soon.

Curlew Country said...

oooh I'm very envious - I'm going to have to go to the CL fair one day. I think John Lewis stock Nigella's duck egg blue enamel range of utensils and Garden Trading do some lovely things (not totally sure about the blue though?) Try Chandlers aswell, brill stuff.
Great news on your new order, what a thrill! Hope the cold improves soon.

Country Cottage Chic said...

Sounds like a great day out - I have yet to go to a CL fair.

Oh, by the way - if you want pretty floral tea towels, Woolworths have them & they're reduced.

Kat-in-a-flap. said...

Oh you seem as though you had a great time and I love your new kitchen things.
I try e bay for everything....well almost !!!!!!
As always your pics are fantastic.
I think you should become a photographer.
Fantastic news on you items selling so fast......You should have a stall one day.....
Hugs to you and those darling girls Kat xxx

Vintage Amethyst said...

Oooohh how fab!
Sounds like you had a fantastic day, especially with all those treats you got to try.
Love Alison x

julia said...

Well done, how fab to sell out. I missed the CL fair this year and I'm suffering severe withdrawal symptoms. It always gets me in the Christmas spirit!

Great pics of those cute little girls and I'm glad you had a great day out with your big one!

Julia x

pink-petal-designs said...

Hi Catherine, I'm so glad you both had a lovely day !! Great news about all the things that have sold !
Sarah x

Katy said...

Sounds like a fab day out, well done on the HUGE sales!!!!