Friday, 30 May 2008

Fun at Badgers Hill Farm & Cidery...

What to do on a lovely sunny Sunday? was the big question on all our lips and after lots of thinking and google searching we drove off to the fabulous Badgers Hill Farm. It took a little while to find it lol as the good old British country lanes didn't have many signs to go by. But we got there in the end.

It's well worth a visit, it is great for the family or just a couples wanting to enjoy a nice country meal.

Molly and Daisy loved the goats. And Molly tired very hard to get this one to eat her daddies celery but he wasn't having any of it lol And ate her tissue instead hehe! so you see goats won't eat anything and everything this one was very fussy.
As you can imagine I was in Mummy heaven with all the chickens running around free and we read this sign after we'd ordered our food lol
Ben's ploughman's was fit for a king and he managed to eat most of it.
With a little help from this little friend. I'll pop the video of it eating whats left over on another post. the greedy thing even ate the large chunk of butter yuk! silly bird lol
There was cute chickens everywhere and you can buy some proper feed for them if you like but it was fun watching them all try and have ago at the left overs. Flaming charncers lol
Myself, Jade and the girls enjoyed a yummy cream tea with clotted cream and real strawberry jam and Jade's sandwich was huge and came with a range of chutneys (which she just had to try all of them). "It's rude not to Mum" was what she said when she spotted us watching her spoon out some from every pot. lol
Here is my favourite chick, she was so friendly and a real poser lol Ben had to double check I hadn't sunk her into my bag on the way home as I'd fallen in love with her, especially when she let me give her a stroke. (I think I'd like to come back as a free range egg laying chick) and live on some old ladies cottage garden and I'd have to be called Flossie or cup lol

As well as chickens galore and goats there where a few other lovely animals to look at including this handsome fellow. Want a kiss?

And adorable donkey's, ducks and emu's.
We stroked and loved the donkey's then read the sign lol oh well they where very friendly and no biting went on, I guess they only bite people they don't like the look of hehe! and we must of smelt nice and friendly.
We spent the whole afternoon there right up until closing time, just eating, enjoying the animals, little garden nursery and shop with all homemade food and gifts then finishing off with a walk around the meadow and play on the slide for the girls. Leaving with some yummy chutney, pink lemonade, lollies and wooden egg sign for the kitchen. (No chickens stashed wink, wink lol) we set off for home, bellies full and lungs filled with good clean country air. The perfect end to a lovely sunny Sunday. Checkout how to get there on this website:
Big kiss from all of us and hope you have a lovely week.
Catherine x

Yeay! I got one

A while ago the fabulous Claire from Elfie & Me put one of these lovely cake stand and dome on her blog page and after weeks of checking the Ikea website for them, I was a happy bunny when the stock level said yes in stock. Up we went and here it is full of yummy lemon drizzle muffins with lemon frosting tops.
So come ladies get yourselves to Ikea and grab one they're going like hot cakes lol
Catherine x
Please checkout the post I've done below this one. Any help with the snail invasion will be kindly received. x

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Sunny Saturday and oops! I forgot to put this one on a post before...

A couple of weekends ago I was lucky enough to be out and about with my gorgeous fella and he spotted this fabulous place on a sign. Mummy heaven, vintage items coming out of my ears, cupcakes and bunting too. What more could a girl want lol
If you hop on over the Happy Loves Rosie she has some more lovely photos of it all scroll down too 10th of May and have a looksie. (but it's out little secret shhh!)
I've signed up to their new letter so hoping there will be another one very soon, I'll start saving the pennies now, there was so many things I wanted to get. I did come away with a vintage pillow case that I plan to sew a pretty fabric edge on. Photos when I'm done. x

Now on to sunny Saturday, there is something special about hanging the washing out on an old vintage wooden airier, this is my latest yummy find on Ebay and the funny thing is it came all the way from Oxfordshire I seem to be drawn to that area Cheltenham being my favourite place and I've made a lovely new friend from buying this so if you've time pop and have a look at Sam's Ebay page The Gates Ajar for lots more lovely vintage goodies. Thanks Sam for all the trouble you went to in posting me the gorgeous airier. You're a sweetie. And I'll pop the photos of the girls playing tents with it very soon. They had hours of fun and the cats had a look too lol

It was the perfect day to strip the girls beds too and get it all out on the line.

Here are the little ones having a nature lesson from big sister Jade, bugs, bees and butterflies. And snails, snails and more snail so many I've thought about collecting them and selling them for escargots, any offers? lol (sorry to any veggies).
I just don't want them eating all our yummy veg we're growing. Tips on getting rid humanely all welcome x

With the weather being so nice the girls got out the sandpit and turned our patio into their own private beach hehe!

I'm not the sort of mum that gets in a fuss over a little sandy mess and love to watch them express their creative sides. It can all get swept up after.

So it was a lovely sunny restful Saturday, nice not to have to rush around anywhere and just stay in and enjoy our home together.
I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend.
Catherine x

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Getting his hands dirty lol

Last week one of Ben work friends offered us some of their left over turf and looking at the state of our poor weed and moss excuse of a lawn he jumped at chance and said yes please we're take it. So a big thank you to Mirja you are very kind and as you won't take any money for it because you where very happy that it will be used and not dumped, I'll be baking up a batch of yummy cupcakes for you to enjoy. Just as a way of saying thank you for your kindness.

As you can see Ben had plenty of help with the job in hand. Thomas sat on the garden table keeping an eye on everything happening.
Daisy's pointing where each piece needs to go. "over there Daddy" "no right a bit, no left a bit"
Two little foremen over seeing all the work being carried out by their Daddy. "Good job would you like tea?"
Daisy's wearing the right protective footwear, one welly and one dolly shoe, both on the wrong feet, just right for working in the garden. And Jim-jams a gardening must have hehe! This seasons new look.
Now on to the watering, no! not the cats lol run Thomas!
That's better just like Daddy. Sprinkle, sprinkle.
After a lot more watering the lawns looking nice and green. Now the girls will have somewhere nice to run and play on. And Ben can stand back and say I did that. I think he enjoyed it really getting his hands dirty. But he'd never say so.
Any tips on helping it grow would be very grateful, we have been watering it every evening and the joins are starting to disappear, so fingers crossed it will all take. Can you see our compost bin in the corner, I was over the moon when that arrived. What with all the recycling we do and now composting I'm pleased to say that our rubbish is down to only one or two small bags a week. I only wish the rest of the road did the same. It makes my blood boil when I see 5 or 6 black bin bags outside one house. Oh well I can't change the world but I can do something about in my own home and teach our girls the right way to do things. After all it's their future we're doing it for.

The going green bug continues and now we have pots of onions, herbs and strawberries. I'd like to get some tomato plants as well. And then one day chickens for eggs but not while we live here. For now we're happy with our very little plot of veg, fruit and herbs. Every little helps and the taste of home grow is the best.
I'll post some photos later next week of all the new plants and pots.
Have a lovely bank holiday weekend. Lets hope the sun shines for all of us.
Thanks again for all the get well messages, I'm feeling much better now and have just a bit of a cough left. So I'm nearly right as rain.
Catherine x

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

I'm in a hall of fame!

Thank you everyone for your get well messages, I'm still full of this nasty old bug and sitting here trying to type through sneezing, coughing and watery eyes. Oh moan, moan this is defiantly the man flu lol So I'm keeping warm, dosed up, plenty of hot drinks, tlc and telly watching. And I'll get over it soon. Reading all your messages help too, many thanks x

Now I have to share this with you, I entered the Cath Kidston paint an egg competition back in April. I didn't win sadly but look where I got too. Wow I'm in her Hall of Fame. If you click on the picture mines the green egg with little brown bunnies and flowers on it. Top right corner second one in. This has made my day. Did anyone else enter this competition? would love to see your eggtrants lol
I've been tagged today by the fabulous Tillyboo over at 23BeecHill thanks hun, I'll have a go.

And will try to send it onto another 6 of my favourite bloggers.

Here goes.

What was I doing 10 years ago 1998: My first daughter Jade was 3 and at playgroup so I was working part time at New Look as a sales adviser. I was a very small size 8 and could eat anything I fancied (awww those where the days lol).

What are the 5 things on my to-do-list for today (not in any particular order): Get washing on and hung out in the sunshine. Sit and do my blog and read all my favourites leaving comments on them. Take cold/flu medicine every 3-4 hours. Try and get some pegs painted for an order thats awaiting. Sit and sew while watching some old films. Rest and plenty of it.

Snacks I enjoy: Biscuits, Bananas, Cheese on toast and Cupcakes yum!

Things I would do if I where a billionare: I'd give to 3 different charties every year. Start a rescue home for battery hens. Buy a family home not to big just 5 beds, nice garden with room for a summer house, play area, veggie and fruit patch and chickens and Indian running ducks. The kitchen would have to have a Aga, butler sink, wooden work tops, barn door and wood burner. The bathroom big enough for a roll top bath and comfy chair. A playroom for the girls, work room for Ben, studio for me. And a attic bedroom for Jade with her own en-suite (she's a teenager and needs her space lol). We'd have to have a little holiday home by the seaside and beach hut, I'm thinking Whitstable or Broadstairs as they are our favourites. All the family could come and use it. We'd make sure that rest of our family are comfortable for the rest of their lives. As they've all given so much to us it would be lovely to return their kindness. I'd pay for Jade to go to the Brits School as it's one of her dreams. Ben would open a cattery, it's something he's always wanted to do. And me I'd set up a cupcake bakery with gift shop selling lots of beautiful handmade items and nothing from China! Well that was fun to dream and I forgot about my illness while dreaming of all these fab things. And who knows maybe this time next we're all be billionaires hehe!

Places I've lived: Maidstone Kent, East Malling Kent, London, Tonbridge and Chatham (for now).

Ok so now I have to pass it on to 6 other people, sorry if you've been tagged aready and not to worry if you just can't be arsed! lol

Tracey - tcalamity

Natalie - Summer By The Sea

Florence - Flossie Teacakes

Steph - Curlew Country

Alison - Vintage amethyst

Sophie - Sophie Stansfield Designs

In one of my other posts I said about looking for a new car well here it is. Ben's new baby lol We've called it Jack hehe! and isn't it lovely all new and shiny. Our poor old car will sadly be sold off for scrap, it has done us proud. But it was time to say goodbye to the old and hello to the new. And as Ben does all the driving, it's only fair he has something he's comfortable in and we had out grown the old car. Now Ben jokes there is even enough room for a real bubba Jack! hehe! it would take a whole lot of sweet talking and a sparkly thing for that to happen, this miss Mollycupcakes is happy baking only yummy cupcakes not bubbas (for now wink, wink).

Thank you again for all your lovely get well comments, they really mean a lot to me x

Hugs from arms length.

Catherine x

Friday, 16 May 2008

A lovely fair, some pretty find and a corner of our house.

On Thursday Mr Mollycupcakes had the day off work so we could all drive over the Decorative Living Fair in Eridge Park. It was featured in last months Period Living Mag and I really recommend going next year if you're in the area. The whole setting was beautiful.

Just have a look at that view, wow it took my breath away. And look at all that bunting I'd died and gone to heaven with all that hanging around. lol

There was lots of lovely stalls with handmade items and beautiful plants for sale. Inside the marquee behind Molly and I in the photo and in the house too. One of the rooms was full of Carloine Zoob items and I forgot to take my 10% voucher with me oh well there is always next time. Another room had a stall with lovely fabrics and buttons. And Daisy wasn't to keen on one of the rooms and got very scared of it. Saying No!, No! then we walked into it, very odd. She was fine once we'd gone through but we had to walk back to get out and once again she got scared holding on to me and snuggling into my neck. How strange, she must of felt something we couldn't. Spooky!

Back outside there was a beautiful herb and flower garden the girls enjoyed running around and around that. Smelling lavender, mint and other pretty flowers. There were lots of my favourites tulips, stocks, scabious and pansies. Even on a grey old day like that it all looked lovely.
We came away happy and after saying goodbye to the lambs and sheep (sorry I forgot to put those photos on). They where in the two fields leading up to the house and came right up to the car. The girls loved that and screamed with delight when they started bleating at their silly mum who thinks she can talk to the animals lol (yes that's me lol). Just call me Mrs Dolittle.
Here are the goodies I got. A lovely egg box which I've been after for a while and will have to paint, some pretty ribbon, Gabriella Miller tea towel and below a lovely strawberry plant. So we're hoping that in a few weeks time we're be able to show you our very own yummy strawberries. Fingers crossed, they will be our first go at growing our own fruit. We have to do it in a pot because there are so many other cats around as well as our own ones and our gardens the size of a shoe box. No real room for vegs and fruit :(
I'll keep you updated on it's growth.
I'll end with some nice finds from boot fairs and charity shops. Cute plate for 20p, fabulous Famous Five books 85p the lot, I'm reliving my childhood with them, my mum used to read them to me before bed. A classic Wuthering Heights, timeless. And at 10p I couldn't leave it behind.
Some wild flowers we collected on a walk around our local country park in a 50p cup and a lovely cake stand from good old Oxfam £1.50
Pretty plates and cup and saucer for only £2.00 and yes more Famous Five 10p each, it's rude not bring them home. Lastly another classic, Jane Austen's Emma. I hope our little girls will enjoy these books when they are old enough to read them. For now their older sister Jade will take pleasure in reading them along with me.

I hope you've all had a nice weekend even though the sun left us and it was a grey old time. I'll catch up with all of you over the week.
I'm off now to have another coffee, some flu medicine and another taped episode of Grey's Anatomy. Yes I'm sickie with the nasty cold/flu bug yuk! I don't normally get colds but this ones got a good hold of me with it's runny nose, cough, sore throat, headaches and aches and pains. God I hate being ill and have no time for it. And poor Ben hates seeing me like this and wants to just stay home and look after me. But I say "no honey you go to work it's fine" ( secretly between me and you, I'd love him to have the day off so I can just snuggle in bed). And get well. I know I'll get loads of TLC when he gets home and look forward to that, it's the best tonic. The love of my man and the smile on his face when he sees me.
I nearly forgot here's a corner of our kitchen, it's my favourite shelf with lots of pretty plates, cups and saucers on it, a hanging wooden heart garland and some metal chickens.
I hope you're all bug free and enjoying the start to the week.
Arms length hugs.
Catherine x