Friday, 30 May 2008

Fun at Badgers Hill Farm & Cidery...

What to do on a lovely sunny Sunday? was the big question on all our lips and after lots of thinking and google searching we drove off to the fabulous Badgers Hill Farm. It took a little while to find it lol as the good old British country lanes didn't have many signs to go by. But we got there in the end.

It's well worth a visit, it is great for the family or just a couples wanting to enjoy a nice country meal.

Molly and Daisy loved the goats. And Molly tired very hard to get this one to eat her daddies celery but he wasn't having any of it lol And ate her tissue instead hehe! so you see goats won't eat anything and everything this one was very fussy.
As you can imagine I was in Mummy heaven with all the chickens running around free and we read this sign after we'd ordered our food lol
Ben's ploughman's was fit for a king and he managed to eat most of it.
With a little help from this little friend. I'll pop the video of it eating whats left over on another post. the greedy thing even ate the large chunk of butter yuk! silly bird lol
There was cute chickens everywhere and you can buy some proper feed for them if you like but it was fun watching them all try and have ago at the left overs. Flaming charncers lol
Myself, Jade and the girls enjoyed a yummy cream tea with clotted cream and real strawberry jam and Jade's sandwich was huge and came with a range of chutneys (which she just had to try all of them). "It's rude not to Mum" was what she said when she spotted us watching her spoon out some from every pot. lol
Here is my favourite chick, she was so friendly and a real poser lol Ben had to double check I hadn't sunk her into my bag on the way home as I'd fallen in love with her, especially when she let me give her a stroke. (I think I'd like to come back as a free range egg laying chick) and live on some old ladies cottage garden and I'd have to be called Flossie or cup lol

As well as chickens galore and goats there where a few other lovely animals to look at including this handsome fellow. Want a kiss?

And adorable donkey's, ducks and emu's.
We stroked and loved the donkey's then read the sign lol oh well they where very friendly and no biting went on, I guess they only bite people they don't like the look of hehe! and we must of smelt nice and friendly.
We spent the whole afternoon there right up until closing time, just eating, enjoying the animals, little garden nursery and shop with all homemade food and gifts then finishing off with a walk around the meadow and play on the slide for the girls. Leaving with some yummy chutney, pink lemonade, lollies and wooden egg sign for the kitchen. (No chickens stashed wink, wink lol) we set off for home, bellies full and lungs filled with good clean country air. The perfect end to a lovely sunny Sunday. Checkout how to get there on this website:
Big kiss from all of us and hope you have a lovely week.
Catherine x


Vintage Amethyst said...

Aahhh another wonderful family day out for you all, such fun.
Ooohhhh cream teas, I absolutely love them! Eeek don't let me think about them I'm trying to lose weight as our holiday is in 3 weeks!
Love Alison x

Vanessa said...

You always have the best days out!

Lucky you

Vanessa x

jessica daisy said...

looks like you had a wonderful day, it made me laugh when you said about jade having all the different cutneys in her sandwich!

Rosie said...

Just wanted to say thanks for introducing me to Badgers Hill Farm. I live not far away and have driven past it many times on the way to Canterbury or Chilham but for some reason never thought to pop in. So this afternoon we went in. It is a fabulous place and the food delicious. I enjoyed walking round looking at the animals and wished I had pots of money to buy the lovely things they sell.Thanks again x