Friday, 31 August 2007

Summer hols are nearly over.

Tuesday was a lovely day. Molly and Daisy really enjoyed their time at baby bounce and joined in more this time. We took some bananas and raisins for a snack and Molly shared some with one of her new friends. This made me smile, bless her.
We drove to Gatwick to meet my oldest daugther, after she'd been on holiday to Ireland staying with my parents. The flaming plane was delayed so we had to hang around with the two little ones in the airport, they didn't seem to mind and had great fun running around the place and both where very happy to see their bigger sister come through the gates. Big hugs all round and lots of chats all the way home.

Poor Buttercup bunny had to have a wash on Wednesday as she fell under the wheels of the buggy and got all grubby.

Molly was very happy to see her hanging on the line all clean and fresh. Bunny was not very happy being photographed in the nude lol (sorry bunny)
Just myself and the girls had a lovely day out at Whitstable on Wednesday. Got the train and was there in only 30 mins. I didn't realise it was so close by train. I'll be doing that journey a few more times now I know how easy it is. Especially on a Friday when there is a market in the harbour.
The sun shone for us and we ate chips on the seafront and went in all the lovely little shops. I was very pleased to find a cheap book I'd been after in the Harbour book shop called Creating Vintage Style and we bought some yummy Whitstable rock back home for Ben. The girls where all tuckered out and fell asleep on the way home, bless them, it's all that sea air. Must be good for them.

I just wanted to share with you the couple of lovely items I picked up from the flea market on Bank holiday Monday. Pretty plate.
And cup and saucer, it's been broken at sometime in it's life and someone has tried very hard to repair it. Poor cup must of been really loved lol it can have pride and place on the little shelve unit when it's done.
I don't know how we all manage to get things done when we have little ones and older children running around and then there is all ladies that have shops to run as well. Somehow I got this little order made and a couple more for extra stock, done as well as going out and entertaining the girls. I think we all should give ourselves a pat on the back for giving our time to our families, businesses and hobbies over this busy time. We our all super women!

I pickled some beetroot the other night, wow how easy is it to do. And very yummy. Goes lovely with a salad. I wasn't sure what to do with them at first. Is there any other recipes I can try?
Meet Elle, Molly's cookie cutter, she's given her a name lol
I will show you all the Elle shaped cookies when we make some. That's if the girls and Ben don't eat them all first hehe!

Lastly Jade came back from Mum and Dad's with a load of old photos. It was lovely looking at funny hair styles and much loved animals. And old family members that are no longer with us. I couldn't let this one go unseen. Can you guess who it is? First person to get it right will receive one of my cupcake photo frames. Don't forget to leave your address with your comment. Good luck. x
So summer hols nearly over and then it's the big run up to Christmas yeay!

Have a lovely weekend.

Catherine x

Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Bank holiday part two.

After a lovely day at the beach we weren't sure what to do on Sunday, I fancied going to a boot fair. So I looked one up on the computer and off we set. But on the way there we didn't see any signs for it and when we got the the field it was empty. Oh well we said and went off for a drive and ended up coming across Lullingstone Castle the one from that BBC 2 program. Even though the castle and gardens where closed, we still walked around the rest of it and made friends with some lovely horses. The girls loved this and stroked their noses. I'm afraid I didn't take the camera with me because I wasn't banking on going anywhere this nice. Just walking around a boot fair wouldn't make for any good photos, so I left it at home. Now we have the opening times we will go back and I'll get lots of pictures.
On our way back home we came across a boot fair, They must of moved it to this other field. It wasn't really worth stopping. I don't know why I wanted to go to one, it was just full of rubbish and lots of knock off DVD sellers. I must just stick to nice respectable craft and antique fairs. I promised Ben I would never ask him to take me to another car boot fair again.

Bank holiday Monday was another lovely sunny day and we got up nice and early. Ben made a little picnic and we went off to Finchcocks manor at Goudhurst they had their summer craft fair. And it was well worth going just to see the house and gardens. Very beautiful, I really would like to have a stall myself next time. As it was heaving and everyone seemed to have a bag or two. Wish I'd heard about it sooner, oh well maybe I'll book a stall for the Winter fair.
After looking around the fair twice and treating Molly to a elephant shaped cookie cutter, we all walked around the gardens. In this middle bit there is a fish pond full of big fat gold fish, the girls liked watching them. And running round and around it. This wall with it arch way reminds me of the secret garden film.
I was so happy when we found these beautiful sweet peas, they smelled so nice, I was so tempted to pick a pod or three lol and have a go at growing them myself, but I was very good and didn't. I just enjoyed looking and smelling them. I think next year I'll get some packs of seeds and pop them in the ground. They are one of my favourite flowers.

It was a lovely visit and once Ben had bought us some yummy homemade fudge and coconut ice, we went back to the car and had some food and drink. As it was still early Ben said lets head off down to the coast. But on the way there we both saw a sign for a fun day. So we stopped off there instead. There was a little flea market, dog show, a couple of craft stalls and lots of rides. I picked up a pretty plate with pink roses on and a cup and saucer. I was very silly and can't make my mind up about a very pretty china set because it was so chipped and as I turned to ask Ben what he thought about it, this woman jumped in and grabbed it for herself :( I drove myself and Ben mad for a couple of hours because I should of just bought it. It was only a £1 and there was 2 cups, 2 saucers and 4 side plates. And it was in a gorgeous light green with tiny flowers on it. And worst of all the couple selling it where very old and just lovely and had used it for many happy years. Argh! I know next time just to buy it, if I like it. Has this happened to anyone else? Please tell me I'm not the only one that does silly things to themselves. lol
We didn't have a very good drive home, Daisy had got so over tired she screamed for what seemed an eternity and finally fell asleep half an hour away from home. Only to wake up as bright as a button hehe! When the rest of us where knackered.

Here she is all tuckered out that night, she just wanted to sleep here on the step into the living room. Little cutie, but there is tiny horns under that hair somewhere lol and they come out every now and when hehe!

I hope you all had a lovely bank holiday together. Bye for now.

Catherine x

Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Bank holiday part one.

Didn't that weekend go fast?
We started ours off on Saturday morning with Daisy wanting to bring the telly with her in the car. She's going through this phase of hugging it. Funny little thing.
Once we'd got her off it and decided what we where going to do with the day, I packed up the car with some nibbles and drink for our journey. And we made our way to Hastings, lucky for us not many other people had the same idea. And the roads where not to bad, maybe the dull weather of the past week had put people off and they weren't ready for the lovely sunshine. I mean aren't bank hols normally wet? lol not this one yeay!

It was just blue sky for as far as the eye could see. And lovely and warm too. Just right for the beach.
First stop, underwater world, the girls where free and we cost only £6.20 each, so that didn't break the bank. And just watching Daisy running around gerrring and oowwing at all the fish, it was well worth it. Molly wasn't so keen and didn't like the walk through tunnel, screaming "I don't like it" at the top of her lungs and "don't like the sharks Mummy". Once Daddy had picked her up, she was ok and we all went through it, but she wouldn't look up. Daisy just wanted to get hold of everything and thought it was great fun.
When we got outside Molly told us that Bunny didn't like it and was frightened too. Poor bunny lol

Lunchtime now and some chips filled our tummies, before setting off to the rides. There isn't much there for little ones. But the girls did have one go of this ride and seemed very happy about it.
I don't know who's driving, but they're keeping to the speed limit hehe! The girls happy, now it's Mummies turn for fun. We went off up to the old town and I found that gorgeous shop Made in Hastings. You all know the one from Country Living mag. And left them some sample pegs and price list. And filled in one of their application forms, for return or sale. I was so busy chatting to the lady working in there I didn't even get a change to look around the shop for myself. And I'm such a silly thing I forgot to take a photo of the shop. Something I must do next time we go there. If you haven't already check them out Also just down the road from them is this other lovely tiny shop, full of pretty things, Up The Garden Path, no website for this one. A bit of a shame :( but if your every there well worth a visit.

Shops done and me happy, we walked along the seafront and much to my surprise there was this Divine little pink car. Just like the one Tracy from Cupcakes at Home owns, so I had to take a photo of it for her and me. Hope you like it Tracy and you enjoyed having your Mum with you over this weekend. Speak soon honey x

A bit of fun for Ben now and a sit down for all of us. Ben and the girls are just little dots in this photo but they're enjoying throwing pebbles in the sea and jumping out of the way when a wave comes in. No paddling today, it's a bit to cold for the girls feet.

Daisy whispers ice cream Mummy? And I think hmm a stick of rock would be nice too!
So we all go off and get some, Molly is enjoying hers and amazingly she doesn't make a mess. Wow! Yummy the good old 99 with a flake, funny though not 99p but £1.20. I remember when 99p meant 99p lol does anyone else?
Walking back to the car park and we saw all these seagulls sitting on top of the fishing huts, they look like they're just waiting for the fish and crabs to come in. And be delivered to them.
This one was posh and had a hut all to himself with his very own old fashioned street lamp outside.
Back at the car we pop the buggy and bags in and go down to the beach for one last look and play. Before setting off home after a long and happy day. Feeling hungry we get a naughty BK for our tea. Well every now and then doesn't hurt! And sometimes we can't be bothered to cook after a long day. It's a nice treat.
More bank holiday fun in my next post.
Hope all of you had a lovely time.

Catherine x

Friday, 24 August 2007

Oh my I've posted over 50 times wow!

Yeay! it's that Friday feeling and I hear we're due some sun. Although you wouldn't think it if you look out the window here, it's still dull and grey. But no rain (sorry shhh I didn't say a word) ;)
Well this little ray of sunshine came the other day. My very own mini pink beach hut. With it's own Boris the seagull parched on top. I was hoping that if I took it outside and said some magic words, it would turn into a real life size one and I could move it to Broadstairs. lol

But as you can see it didn't work and Dougal says it's even to small for him to live in hehe! no room for his food bowl or even to swing a cat!
What it really is a lovely little money box for all those flaming 5p's. I don't know about anyone else but I can't stand having. I always lose them in the bottom of my purse, so I've started to save them for a rainy day. And now instead of a old jar I'll keep them in this until it's full and I can bank them and start again.
I have to say thankyou to Kat at Kat in a flap for finding one of these on Ebay, your a real sweetie x
Today I've been very good and got on and finished off a couple of items that needed completing. I found that listening to some music helped me work a lot better. I came across one of those music player thingy on Sophie Honeysuckle's blog. So thank you for that. I really enjoyed listening and some of them brought back some lovely memories for me too. I will be getting one of my own play lists here soon, hope you don't mind.
New items are these 2 little cuties, a bird house with a new heart shaped bird on it and children's dust pan and brush set with 3 little birds on the top. I just fell in love with this Laura Ashley duck egg so much so that I'd love to paint the living room in it. But the old man says no not just yet, that's wait and see if you're staying here another year. :( I know he's right but it is a gorgeous colour don't you think?

I'd like to say thank you to Kim at Ragged Roses for all the lovely books she keeps recommending. I was so lucky when I spied this in one of our local charity shops for just £1 I'm looking forward to reading it.
I think it was meant to come home with me and when I've finished it, if any of you want to borrow it, please just ask. I have to warn you all though I'm a very slow reader. I still haven't finished A piece of cake by Cupcake Brown and have asked for it to be extended 2 times now lol aww the good old library. Maybe I should buy this one too hehe! not to sure how long you can keep them for? Oh well I'm nearly half way through it and it is very good. If sometimes a little hard to read, being a mother myself and having 3 girls. I could never let any of this happen to mine.

And here's one of mine. Daisy waiting to have her shoes put on. She looks so small in that chair. I think it's one of her favourite places at the moment, but she keeps throwning the pretty cover on to the floor. Argh! drives me mad lol and she just thinks it's a great game. Mummy says No! naughty and she just laughs lol I can't win and her little smile just melts me in the end. Anyone else have little ones like this?
Lets hope we can all get out and enjoy some well needed sun over the bank holiday weekend. Bye for now.

Catherine x

Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Boil and bubble and not much trouble!

Who turned the tap on today? wow the rain came down in buckets this afternoon. The cats came running in. And where very glad to snuggle down in the living room all dry and warm.

Molly, Daisy and I would like to say a big thank you to Sarah over at Pink-petal-designs for posting their pretty pink flower hair clips. Molly just loves hers and couldn't wait to put it in her hair for a photo. What a poser hehe! I couldn't get Daisy to stay still for long enough to take one of her and she took hers out after a while, the little wot sit. But she does like hers too. Thank you again Sarah, big kiss for you X
And if you haven't already pop over to her blog to check lots more of her lovely handmade items. She's in my favourite blog list.

Yesterday was a good day, I finally got the girls off to the baby bounce session at the library. And they loved it and so did I. There was a playtime and then songs and to finish more toys out and tea for the mum's. I got chatting to a couple of other mum's and they where lovely and made me feel very welcome. The girls seemed to make a couple of friends to, which was lovely to see. I will be going back next Tuesday that's for sure. We came away humming the wheels on the bus and head, shoulders, knees and toes, that is one of Molly's favourites because Ben sings it to her and they do all the actions. Daisy bless her just bangs her head and claps along with them.

As the weathers been so bad I though I'd give making the strawberry jam and apple spice chutney ago. Here it all is on the stove bubbling away. The smells where just gorgeous and filled all of down stairs. It made me feel a little bit Christmas like (oh no now I've said the C word lol) well not long I guess till the nights draw in and the weather gets cold. And I have my birthday to look forward to. I do love being a December baby, if there is something big I've been eyeing all year I can have it for a birthday and Christmas present combined. Does anyone else enjoy this little treat?
I think I went a little cooking mad and even made some blueberry and cinnamon sugar muffins. Yummy and not to sweet, Molly was chomping at the bit to eat one, but she had to wait until they where cool enough. Daisy seemed to love the jam more and was very pleased to help me test it was ready to put in jars.
I made this cute little jar for one of Ben's work colleagues, she has given us a few tomato's and some lettuce from her own garden. I just wanted to say thank you, so I hope she likes it.
By the time I'd done all this cooking it was now dinner time and I got together a yummy pork roast with fresh veg and some apple and raisin sauce I'd taken from the chutney before adding the vinegar. It all went down very well with Ben and the girls.

The rain was still pouring down and I spotted poor old Muffin the cat from next door. He's wet through and looking very sorry for himself. I did try to get him to come in, so I could dry him off a bit, but I think he was to scared to move. And just after I took this photo, his owners came home and he hopped off into the warm and dry. Happy at last, silly old puss lol.
I really do hope this weather ends soon, it makes me fell so down. I just love the sunshine and even in the Winter it's all cold and crisp and not just this dull make you damp drizzle we having. I didn't order any of it, did you? hehe!

Fingers crossed for a lovely weekend. I do keep looking up at the sky when I'm here at my desk, hoping to see a break in the clouds. But nothing yet :(

Catherine x

Monday, 20 August 2007

Where's the sun gone?

What a dull weekend the weather was so grey and cold. Saturday Ben had to work, so I thought I'd take the girls to Bluewater in the afternoon and Ben could come a collect us once he'd finished. So we got the 3.30 bus and it was nice and quiet, no other buggies on broad. Daisy did her normal trick of wanting to jump up and down everywhere and push the button for stop lol and Molly bless her fell asleep.
Once at Bluewater we went straight to Laura Ashley's and I got a sample of some fabric I've been after for the girls, want to make some new curtains with blackout for them. But I'll have to wait and see. Not sure if I can do it lol I might just buy some ready made ;)

Next stop John Lewis where I picked up these tea towels and a new colour gingham for the Christmas sacks I'm making. I was after some green gingham, like a sage or light green but no luck. Do any of you know where I can get this size print in that sort of colour? Please help.
After looking around a couple more shops, we went back to John Lewis to meet Ben. He found us in the kitchen department looking at more pink things lol well a girl can never have enough!

Sunday was spent just going stir crazy inside for the morning, with the weather so wet any thoughts I had on going out to a boot fair was washed away. And walking up to the farmers market wouldn't of been fun. For a while we thought about going off to London for the day, but Daisy was in one of those I'm going to be a little madam today moods. So after a yummy lunch prepared by Ben, we choose to pop out to the local Homebase and a nice drive in the countryside. That did it, both girls fast asleep in the back and mum and dad chatting about which of the lovely big houses we'd seen we liked the most. Back home and time for dinner. Think we all feel a little better for getting out even if it was raining. I hate days like that they just drive you mad.

Well today's not any better grey, rainy and dull. No playing out in the garden for the girls. So out come the drawing things and Molly gets stuck in. Later we watch Nanny Mac Phee, a good buy for only £4 the girls love it. It's very magical and colourful. A good find and great for rainy days.

Here are the lads sleeping on the sofa last night, they are both all tuckered out after a day of doing nothing hehe!
Right I really should get some dinner on the go before Daisy wakes up and is bouncing around like this picture of Lola.

Lets hope tomorrow is a better day. I'd like to get the girls out of the house and off to baby bounce at the library. Fingers crossed everyone.

Have a good evening.

Catherine x

Friday, 17 August 2007

A early start.

A big thank you to everyone that left me a get better soon message. My big toe is still very black and blue but not so painful to walk on. Although I still can't bend it very much.
Thanks again you are all very sweet.
Didn't do anything exciting yesterday, just chilled at home with the girls.
Took my oldest Jade to the airport today for her summer holiday at my Mum and Dad's over in Ireland. It's the first time she's flown alone and was looking forward it. We where up at 5.15am this morning getting ready for the taxi to arrive. Very lucky no traffic and the plane took off on time also. She touched down and texted me straight away, saying she was standing hugging her Nana. Bless! Have a lovely time and see you in 12 days honey x

I got the Sept issue of Country Living today and read all about this lovely little business called Gooseberrytart. I just love all her items, they are so colourful and vintage. These are some of her things. The bunting is my favourite, will have to get some of that for Christmas.
And just look at the cute little aprons, she makes. They're so sweet. I can just see Molly in one, holding her wooden spoon. lol
Checkout all her items at

Have a lovely weekend and lets hope the weathers nice.

Catherine x

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Time for a change!

My poor toe, I'm sorry it's not a pretty photo. It's all black and blue and I can only bend it a very little. Some more painkillers and a cold press, sorted it out last night and I slept very well.
I think I was very lucky and feel very silly for tripping on my own jeans lol.
Thank you to everyone that's left me such kind messages, your all very sweet. x

I've popped this photo of Chanelle from big brother on here as I just love her new hairstyle. And am thinking of having mine cut the same. At the moment I have long, naturally curly hair. Which I do straighten most of the time and I always have it up. So I think it's time for a change and new look. I'm not going blonde though, my colours just fine. I just fancy a shorter style. What do you all think? I'm hoping that it will be a lot easier to look after, as my hair takes so long to dry and I end up with a head of frizz, before I've pulled those straighteners through it. lol a very funny sight. A bit like thing from the Adams family hehe (no photos sorry, I want some dignity left)
I will show you all my new style though once it's been done. Just not to sure at the moment, I'm being a chicken and stuck in a rut. What do you all think, should I go for it?

Yeay! the suns come out again, I do hope it stays for the rest of the week. Right I'm off to enjoy it and have a coffee. Take care everyone. Back soon.

Catherine x

Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Lovely gifts and a bruised big toe!

What a sad old rainy day, no baby bounce at the library today. I didn't fancy going out in that little lot. So I've stayed in with the girls and we've done drawing and watched a DVD instead. I've also got Molly potty training again and she's really done well with it. I think the little chocolate treats helped ;)
I got this lovely little parcel this morning and couldn't wait to open it.

Inside was this little lot from Sarah at pink-petal-designs, a very big thank you to you x
I've started to fill in all the birthdays into the book and will keep the card for the right persons birthday, not sure who yet. It all made me really smile, your a real sweetie. I will add my PIF to the end of this post.

I managed to get this new cupcake frame and photoed in the sun before all this rain came today. I'll be making more soon. I have lots of different pieces of fabric, I'll show you them soon.
Here are the girls enjoying a big cuddle, it's so nice to see them like this, because sometimes even at this young age, they fight like cat and dog lol and the screams can be heard a mile away. My poor ears ring at night after all the noise of the day. I'll need one of those ear cones when I'm old, so people can talk into it. hehe!

I'm sure your all wondering about the title and the bruised toe? well I was rushing to empty Molly's potty this afternoon because she wanted to use it straight away again and I got my right big toe court in the turn up of my jeans and pulled it in the other direction and tripped over. Ended up sitting on the floor holding it trying not to cry in front of the girls. I didn't want them to worry. Bless Molly she came over and gave my toe a magic kiss (that's where you take a kiss in your hand and put it onto where it's needed lol) Even with the kiss it was killing me, so I hopped my way to the freezer and got out some frozen blueberries. Wrapped them in a tea towel, took some painkillers and sat down with it up on a few cushions. Now I'm left with a big bruised toe that is painful to move. I don't think it's too bad as I can still move it a little and walk on it. I just feel silly more than anything, flaming turn ups lol that's the price to pay for being a shorty. lol I'll let you know how it is tomorrow. Lots of TLC from Ben tonight will make me feel better.

At least I can still sit at the computer and do some painting, I don't need to use my big toe for that.

I'll leave you all with this lovely beach photo, lets hope this rain goes away and we get back the lovely warm sunshine. I'm looking forward to Ben holiday in Sept after the schools go back. We're hoping it will be a little quieter then and still nice weather. I think what ever the weather we'll enjoy being together on days out and maybe a few days away somewhere. You never know something spacial might happen (wink wink)

Don't let the rain get you down, I'm sure there is more sunny days ahead.

PIF. I'll send a little something to the first 3 people that leave me a comment requesting to join in the PIF exchange. I look forward to hearing from you. x

Best wishes.

Catherine x