Monday, 6 August 2007

A full weekend.

How odd is this sky? I took this photo Friday night from our garden, the whole sky was an orange colour, it was like someone had put a coloured bulb in and turned it on.

Woke up early Saturday and left Ben in bed for a lay in. I got myself busy after breakfast and made some yummy banana muffins. Molly was there testing them before they'd even cooled.
Here they are all finished with their frosting and sugar flowers. Once again I thought the cake stand had been left empty for to long.
When everyone had got up and had breakfast, we set off for Knoll Park in Sevenoaks. Picked up some food from Waitrose and spent the rest of the afternoon in the park with the wild deers. LOL We had a bit of trouble sitting down at first and eating our food. This baby stag fancied it all for himself. But Ben moved him away and we enjoyed our food in peace.
Molly and Daisy loved having it so close and stroked his nose gently. No photo of that all of us didn't want to take our eyes off him. You have to be careful with them and the girls are only small. Lucky for us he was a nice stag and only wanted the food lol
This is Jade trying to move him away from us with a bit of fresh fruit, but he just wanted more and chased her round and round. A very funny sight.

Once we'd eaten and had fun with the deer, we took a walk around the grounds and house garden. I just love this huge lantern, it's very beautiful.

If you're in this area I recommend a visit and the parking is only £2.50 for the whole day, so a cheap day. Just watch out for the hungry deers. lol
After preparing a yummy picnic and packing the car with suncream, blankets, towels, bucket and spades and excited children, here we all are at last on one of Broadstairs bays. It felt like we where in the car forever, flaming traffic. Because it took so long to get there I said to everyone that I'd miss my craft fair and we should just go straight to the beach and settle and have fun. There will always be another fair I can go to. But the weather is always changing and can't be missed. As you can see the sky was so blue and not a cloud to be seen. Just lovely.

We set ourselves up on a nice bit next to the cliff and was lucky to have some shade too, for the girls to play in. They spent some time digging and filling their bucket and shapes up with sand. And of course Daisy ate some too! lol
Buttercup bunny joined in the fun and got buried in the sand. I did this without Molly seeing was she would of been cross with me. I showed her the photo and she "you're a naughty mummy!" hehe
I just had to take this photo of Ben, he's looking out to sea and looking all model like lol. He'll kill me for saying that. lol But to me he's just gorgeous and I had to say thank you for taking us out for a lovely family day. I don't drive so he has to do all of it and even when he's tired, he gets us home safe and sound.
A big kiss for you Ben X your the best Daddy and a fantastic partner. x

Well here they all are, fast asleep and tucked out after a fun day of sun, sand and sea. Bless!
I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and enjoyed the sun as much as we did. I look forward to catching up with all your blogs.

Best wishes.

Catherine x


sarah said...

what a fantastic weekend you looked to have had, we went for a picnic to Dovedale.
Sarah x

Ragged Roses said...

It looks like you had a lovely weekend and enjoyed this glorious weather. I love days on the beach and the girls going to sleep worn out by sunshine and fresh air. Could you send me a muffin pleas?
Kim x

kat-out-of-the-bag said...

How fantastic that the deer came so close to you all.
What a lovely weekend and the girls look so happy.
I love the pic of Bunny in the sand too,she must be Molly's favourite.
Long may these sunny days wishes to everyone,
Kat x

Daisy Decor said...

Looks like you had a lovely time. Broadstairs is great for sand.
Clare :)

buttercup & roses said...

That beach looks absolutely gorgeous, I cant believe how blue that sky is!
How lucky were you with the deer coming over like that, they must be really tame...
You'll have to let us know the recipie for those banana muffins, they look SOoo yummy!!
Oh and a wolf whistle for Ben!!hee,hee!!!
ps, I used my pegs for the first time today, I love them!:)

Vintage Amethyst said...

OOooohh sounds like a fab weekend.
You jam packed lots of fun in to it!
MMmmmmmm I could just eat one of your muffins!
love Alison x