Friday, 3 August 2007

Tents, bunting and bunnies!

Stayed in today to enjoy the lovely weather once again. Maybe at last the summer is here.
After getting a load of washing out on the line I put together this little tent for the girls to sit in and play picnics with their bunnies. Molly was the first in it and began to sort out all the toys.

She made me a cuppa and then some toast. The bunnies had to wait in a row for theirs. lol
Molly soon sorted them out with food and cups of tea too. They have this cute little kettle from ELC it makes a boiling sound and when you pour it, it sounds like the waters coming out into a cup. Both my girls love it and we get made endless cups of tea and coffee. Bless them.

Here they both are enjoying a snack together. This is really everything we did today. Just had fun at home.
While Daisy had her afternoon nap I did get time to finish this bunting I'd started last week. And am very pleased with how it looks. I've never made any before and don't own a sewing machine, so it was all hand sewn. I'll be putting it up in the girls room and having it down for birthday's and Easter next year. You can't really see some of the pattern but 2 of the pink ones have dots on to. I love having lots of different bits of fabric together, they always seem to work.
This made me laugh, Molly had put all the bunnies onto my chair and they just looked like they where waiting for something to happen. ( I don't know what though) any ideas? please post x
Lets hope this gorgeous sunny weather continues over the weekend. No plans for Saturday but off to my favourite place on Sunday. Broadstairs here we come again, picnic, blanket, towels, suncream, bucket and spade, camera and cash for craft fair. Plus car full of happy girls just chomping at the bit to get there and a Daddy hoping I remembered to pack the head ache tablets lol

Have fun what ever your doing.

Catherine x


kat-out-of-the-bag said...

Oh what a wonderful day.....pity I had to work but never mind.The bunnies look as though they are waiting for a concert or The Big Bunny Movie at the pictures!!!Where's the popcorn ?????
I love the bunting you made a good job of,I struggle to sew on a button !!!!!!!!
Hope these sunny days continue.....
Kat xxx

Suzie Sews said...

such sweet pictures
SUzie Sews

Vintage Amethyst said...

Aaaahh what a lovely day!
I think the bunnies were just sat there waiting to have their family photo taken (& so they did, tee hee) to hang above their little bunny fireplace!
Alison x

Country Cottage Chic said...

What a lovely picnic....I think the bunnies are waiting for afternoon tea now!

buttercup & roses said...

Hi Cathrine
My little gifts arrived in the post today, they are just SOOoo sweet! Thankyou so much sweetie, your a hunny bun!!!
Loving that bunting, and all by hand!, you are very patient indeed.

I havent posted for ages, been so busy, with local carnivel and raft race...and we have just got 2 kittens, will post pics soon I know you and the girls will love them!
Thanks again for the lovely things,