Friday, 31 August 2007

Summer hols are nearly over.

Tuesday was a lovely day. Molly and Daisy really enjoyed their time at baby bounce and joined in more this time. We took some bananas and raisins for a snack and Molly shared some with one of her new friends. This made me smile, bless her.
We drove to Gatwick to meet my oldest daugther, after she'd been on holiday to Ireland staying with my parents. The flaming plane was delayed so we had to hang around with the two little ones in the airport, they didn't seem to mind and had great fun running around the place and both where very happy to see their bigger sister come through the gates. Big hugs all round and lots of chats all the way home.

Poor Buttercup bunny had to have a wash on Wednesday as she fell under the wheels of the buggy and got all grubby.

Molly was very happy to see her hanging on the line all clean and fresh. Bunny was not very happy being photographed in the nude lol (sorry bunny)
Just myself and the girls had a lovely day out at Whitstable on Wednesday. Got the train and was there in only 30 mins. I didn't realise it was so close by train. I'll be doing that journey a few more times now I know how easy it is. Especially on a Friday when there is a market in the harbour.
The sun shone for us and we ate chips on the seafront and went in all the lovely little shops. I was very pleased to find a cheap book I'd been after in the Harbour book shop called Creating Vintage Style and we bought some yummy Whitstable rock back home for Ben. The girls where all tuckered out and fell asleep on the way home, bless them, it's all that sea air. Must be good for them.

I just wanted to share with you the couple of lovely items I picked up from the flea market on Bank holiday Monday. Pretty plate.
And cup and saucer, it's been broken at sometime in it's life and someone has tried very hard to repair it. Poor cup must of been really loved lol it can have pride and place on the little shelve unit when it's done.
I don't know how we all manage to get things done when we have little ones and older children running around and then there is all ladies that have shops to run as well. Somehow I got this little order made and a couple more for extra stock, done as well as going out and entertaining the girls. I think we all should give ourselves a pat on the back for giving our time to our families, businesses and hobbies over this busy time. We our all super women!

I pickled some beetroot the other night, wow how easy is it to do. And very yummy. Goes lovely with a salad. I wasn't sure what to do with them at first. Is there any other recipes I can try?
Meet Elle, Molly's cookie cutter, she's given her a name lol
I will show you all the Elle shaped cookies when we make some. That's if the girls and Ben don't eat them all first hehe!

Lastly Jade came back from Mum and Dad's with a load of old photos. It was lovely looking at funny hair styles and much loved animals. And old family members that are no longer with us. I couldn't let this one go unseen. Can you guess who it is? First person to get it right will receive one of my cupcake photo frames. Don't forget to leave your address with your comment. Good luck. x
So summer hols nearly over and then it's the big run up to Christmas yeay!

Have a lovely weekend.

Catherine x


Kat-in-a-flap. said...

Darling it must be you,you still have those smiley eyes.......
I had to laugh at the starkers bunny LOL ..........
So pleased that Jade is back and that you had a good time at Whitstable,you are brave going on a train with the buggy by yourself.I would have got into a flap of some sort !!!!
I've tagged you hun,go to my blog to find out more.
Kat xxx

saraeden said...

Another great day out , you lucky things !!
I just keep telling my lot the harder i work the sooner we move !!

As Kat says that cute photo must be you :0)

Sara x

Vintage Amethyst said...

Oohh another lovely outing for you and the little ladies!
You have had such fun over the summer.
Yes I agree, that cutie must be you! Tee hee!
love Alison x

pink-petal-designs said...

What a cute girl, i can see where your girls get their cuteness from.
I've awarded you with the nice matters award, check my blog. I love that pretty plate you picked up.
Sarah xx

jessica daisy said...

HI, just popped over from buttercup and roses, love the plate and the cup and saucer you found.
Well done for having a go at the the pickled beetroot, I love it, but I'm always slighty nervous that my 3yr old is going to get it all over her clothes, or me get it over mine for that matter! I used to love it sliced in a sandwich with mayonaise, it makes the bread turn pink!!
Look forward to catching up with you again soon, now I'm going to have a look at your shop, bye, Jessx