Wednesday, 8 August 2007

I love finding bargains.

Yesterday we popped off to Maidstone market, hadn't been for about a year so thought it would make a nice day. Didn't find any goodies there, lots of stalls but full of rubbish :(
Walked into the town and found these lovely vintage cushions. So I just had to have them. Going to use them for the chairs outside in the summer and pop them on the reading chair for the winter. Bargain price too only £2.99. I think they look very cute on the my favourite chair, all the patterns seem to go.

Saw these pretty pink daisies only 2 for £1 so grabbed a couple for the pots in the garden. Only thing is the bunny likes the taste of them lol So they may not last very long.
Nothing much to tell about today, just went out down the town to post a couple of things, get some bunny food and bedding then back home for a lazy afternoon of reading, blogging and a little stock painting.
I had to show you all this photo of Daisy with her and her sisters new headband, it's pink with polka dots and I think she looks like a little pirate arh arh! She's ready for another trip to the seaside to look for gold lol

While drinking my afternoon coffee, I looked through some old photos on here and found this one of Dougal hehe! I hope it makes you laugh as hard as we did then we took it. Silly old puss, you can see he's loving every minute of it. He's just thinking Get it off! and I'd better get a treat for doing this! I'm off now to get another coffee, so enjoy the sunny weather everyone.

And I'll be doing a PIF sometime this week, so please join in x

Best wishes.

Catherine x


Ragged Roses said...

Poor old Dougal - it did make me laugh! You found some real bargains - those cushions are so pretty. Love the headbands too you need to find some sea fast! It is a shame that you couldn't come with us today - I hate to say it, but it was a wonderful day.
Kim x

sarah said...

they are lovely cushions, look so pretty on your chair.
Dougal looks well cute !
Sarah x

kat-out-of-the-bag said...

Oh bless Dougal,what a good boy he is,thanks for reading my blog,I can't wait for the muffin recipe.
Kat =^..^=

Tracy said...

It did make me laugh Dougal doen't look to amused though.I love your cushions as well.

Daisy Decor said...

The picture of Dougal is hilarious, it made me laugh out loud!
Clare :)

Rubyred said...

I can't believe what your Dougal puts up with!I thought our cat was soppy!What pretty cushions and such a bargain!I must try your muffin recipe too.