Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Boil and bubble and not much trouble!

Who turned the tap on today? wow the rain came down in buckets this afternoon. The cats came running in. And where very glad to snuggle down in the living room all dry and warm.

Molly, Daisy and I would like to say a big thank you to Sarah over at Pink-petal-designs for posting their pretty pink flower hair clips. Molly just loves hers and couldn't wait to put it in her hair for a photo. What a poser hehe! I couldn't get Daisy to stay still for long enough to take one of her and she took hers out after a while, the little wot sit. But she does like hers too. Thank you again Sarah, big kiss for you X
And if you haven't already pop over to her blog to check lots more of her lovely handmade items. She's in my favourite blog list.

Yesterday was a good day, I finally got the girls off to the baby bounce session at the library. And they loved it and so did I. There was a playtime and then songs and to finish more toys out and tea for the mum's. I got chatting to a couple of other mum's and they where lovely and made me feel very welcome. The girls seemed to make a couple of friends to, which was lovely to see. I will be going back next Tuesday that's for sure. We came away humming the wheels on the bus and head, shoulders, knees and toes, that is one of Molly's favourites because Ben sings it to her and they do all the actions. Daisy bless her just bangs her head and claps along with them.

As the weathers been so bad I though I'd give making the strawberry jam and apple spice chutney ago. Here it all is on the stove bubbling away. The smells where just gorgeous and filled all of down stairs. It made me feel a little bit Christmas like (oh no now I've said the C word lol) well not long I guess till the nights draw in and the weather gets cold. And I have my birthday to look forward to. I do love being a December baby, if there is something big I've been eyeing all year I can have it for a birthday and Christmas present combined. Does anyone else enjoy this little treat?
I think I went a little cooking mad and even made some blueberry and cinnamon sugar muffins. Yummy and not to sweet, Molly was chomping at the bit to eat one, but she had to wait until they where cool enough. Daisy seemed to love the jam more and was very pleased to help me test it was ready to put in jars.
I made this cute little jar for one of Ben's work colleagues, she has given us a few tomato's and some lettuce from her own garden. I just wanted to say thank you, so I hope she likes it.
By the time I'd done all this cooking it was now dinner time and I got together a yummy pork roast with fresh veg and some apple and raisin sauce I'd taken from the chutney before adding the vinegar. It all went down very well with Ben and the girls.

The rain was still pouring down and I spotted poor old Muffin the cat from next door. He's wet through and looking very sorry for himself. I did try to get him to come in, so I could dry him off a bit, but I think he was to scared to move. And just after I took this photo, his owners came home and he hopped off into the warm and dry. Happy at last, silly old puss lol.
I really do hope this weather ends soon, it makes me fell so down. I just love the sunshine and even in the Winter it's all cold and crisp and not just this dull make you damp drizzle we having. I didn't order any of it, did you? hehe!

Fingers crossed for a lovely weekend. I do keep looking up at the sky when I'm here at my desk, hoping to see a break in the clouds. But nothing yet :(

Catherine x


sarah said...

orrr Molly looks lovely in her new clip!! Your neighbours cat looks cute just sat there, i love seeing pics of your cats.No i didn't order any rain either, i ordered some sun and its out here today yipee.

Ragged Roses said...

I hear the weather's gonna change .... (I said it in a whisper so as not to tempt fate). Glad you had a go at chutney and jam making - it's less daunting once you've had a go. Yours sound lovely!
Kim x

kat-out-of-the-bag said...

Hi Catherine,Oooh,pppllleeaaase can I have the chutney recipe ?
I love the picture of the soggy moggy .MK loves her clips too,isn't Sarah amazing,I got a muffin tin from Tesco and have made some more banana muffins,we love them.
Love to you all Kat xx

Vintage Amethyst said...

Aahhh lovely new hair clips, bless!
It has been fantastic weather-wise today, hot and sunny so I hope you got some too!
Alison x