Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Time for a change!

My poor toe, I'm sorry it's not a pretty photo. It's all black and blue and I can only bend it a very little. Some more painkillers and a cold press, sorted it out last night and I slept very well.
I think I was very lucky and feel very silly for tripping on my own jeans lol.
Thank you to everyone that's left me such kind messages, your all very sweet. x

I've popped this photo of Chanelle from big brother on here as I just love her new hairstyle. And am thinking of having mine cut the same. At the moment I have long, naturally curly hair. Which I do straighten most of the time and I always have it up. So I think it's time for a change and new look. I'm not going blonde though, my colours just fine. I just fancy a shorter style. What do you all think? I'm hoping that it will be a lot easier to look after, as my hair takes so long to dry and I end up with a head of frizz, before I've pulled those straighteners through it. lol a very funny sight. A bit like thing from the Adams family hehe (no photos sorry, I want some dignity left)
I will show you all my new style though once it's been done. Just not to sure at the moment, I'm being a chicken and stuck in a rut. What do you all think, should I go for it?

Yeay! the suns come out again, I do hope it stays for the rest of the week. Right I'm off to enjoy it and have a coffee. Take care everyone. Back soon.

Catherine x


kat-out-of-the-bag said...

Oh hun,your poor toe !!!!!
It must hurt such a lot as there are lots of nerve endings around there.
As for your hair,go for it !!! I had long curly hair too but all I did was tie it back and I got sick of it,I've now got an inverted bob like Ice skater Kristina Lenko and I love it it's dry in 20 mins and looks like a womans hair,where as before I felt it looked like I was about 12.
Kat xx.

Vintage Amethyst said...

Oooooooo poor you, that toe looks horrid!
oooohhhh that hair do, I saw her on a mag cover just the other day and thought, mmmmmmmm that's lovely and immediately wanted mine like that, although it isn't much different at the mo as it is a short bob with a side parting! But I love it too and think you should definately go for it!
Alison x

sarah said...

orrr Catherine, hope its soon better for you ! I love Chanelles hair and her i read shes going back into bb, mmmm.

Nonnie said...

Oh poor toe! Hope it is feeling better soon. Love the hairstyle. Go for it I say. I new hairstyle is always good. I'm thinking of having a bit of a cut myself to give me a much needed boost!

Rubyred said...

Oh dear your poor toe,that does look sore.The new hairstyle sounds lovely,I say go for it!