Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Bank holiday part one.

Didn't that weekend go fast?
We started ours off on Saturday morning with Daisy wanting to bring the telly with her in the car. She's going through this phase of hugging it. Funny little thing.
Once we'd got her off it and decided what we where going to do with the day, I packed up the car with some nibbles and drink for our journey. And we made our way to Hastings, lucky for us not many other people had the same idea. And the roads where not to bad, maybe the dull weather of the past week had put people off and they weren't ready for the lovely sunshine. I mean aren't bank hols normally wet? lol not this one yeay!

It was just blue sky for as far as the eye could see. And lovely and warm too. Just right for the beach.
First stop, underwater world, the girls where free and we cost only £6.20 each, so that didn't break the bank. And just watching Daisy running around gerrring and oowwing at all the fish, it was well worth it. Molly wasn't so keen and didn't like the walk through tunnel, screaming "I don't like it" at the top of her lungs and "don't like the sharks Mummy". Once Daddy had picked her up, she was ok and we all went through it, but she wouldn't look up. Daisy just wanted to get hold of everything and thought it was great fun.
When we got outside Molly told us that Bunny didn't like it and was frightened too. Poor bunny lol

Lunchtime now and some chips filled our tummies, before setting off to the rides. There isn't much there for little ones. But the girls did have one go of this ride and seemed very happy about it.
I don't know who's driving, but they're keeping to the speed limit hehe! The girls happy, now it's Mummies turn for fun. We went off up to the old town and I found that gorgeous shop Made in Hastings. You all know the one from Country Living mag. And left them some sample pegs and price list. And filled in one of their application forms, for return or sale. I was so busy chatting to the lady working in there I didn't even get a change to look around the shop for myself. And I'm such a silly thing I forgot to take a photo of the shop. Something I must do next time we go there. If you haven't already check them out www.madeinhastings.co.uk Also just down the road from them is this other lovely tiny shop, full of pretty things, Up The Garden Path, no website for this one. A bit of a shame :( but if your every there well worth a visit.

Shops done and me happy, we walked along the seafront and much to my surprise there was this Divine little pink car. Just like the one Tracy from Cupcakes at Home owns, so I had to take a photo of it for her and me. Hope you like it Tracy and you enjoyed having your Mum with you over this weekend. Speak soon honey x

A bit of fun for Ben now and a sit down for all of us. Ben and the girls are just little dots in this photo but they're enjoying throwing pebbles in the sea and jumping out of the way when a wave comes in. No paddling today, it's a bit to cold for the girls feet.

Daisy whispers ice cream Mummy? And I think hmm a stick of rock would be nice too!
So we all go off and get some, Molly is enjoying hers and amazingly she doesn't make a mess. Wow! Yummy the good old 99 with a flake, funny though not 99p but £1.20. I remember when 99p meant 99p lol does anyone else?
Walking back to the car park and we saw all these seagulls sitting on top of the fishing huts, they look like they're just waiting for the fish and crabs to come in. And be delivered to them.
This one was posh and had a hut all to himself with his very own old fashioned street lamp outside.
Back at the car we pop the buggy and bags in and go down to the beach for one last look and play. Before setting off home after a long and happy day. Feeling hungry we get a naughty BK for our tea. Well every now and then doesn't hurt! And sometimes we can't be bothered to cook after a long day. It's a nice treat.
More bank holiday fun in my next post.
Hope all of you had a lovely time.

Catherine x


kat-out-of-the-bag said...

Hi Catherinr,looks like you all had a great time,I love Hastings,my grandmother used to live in Hampden Park,Eastbourne and I've spent many happy times in this area,very historic.Love the beach huts and the gulls,thankyou for your nice e mail,I'll be in touch about the order as soon as the kids are in bed,
Kat xx

Ragged Roses said...

Sounds like you had a great day - we did almost the identical day a couple of weeks ago, except we didn't get the sun. We never seem to visit Hastings when the sun is shining!
Kim x

Sophie Honeysuckle said...

Ah what a lovely day you all had and that car is fabulous!!

saraeden said...

you just cannot beat days out to the seaside :0)
it looks like you all had a wonderful time !!

Sara x

Tracy said...

hello all x
your pictures made me feel a little homesick!
i loved hastings and the two shops you mentioned - the couple who own up the garden path are wonderful - as is the huge dog that sits in the house at the back of the shop!
next time you go try judges bakery and deli - very yummy!
hugs to those beautiful sweet girls xxxx
t x

sarah said...

Hi Catherine, you take such lovely pics ! looks like you all had a fab time. Love the pink car. xx

Curlew Country said...

What a lovely blog and such a fab Bank Holiday you had. I totally go for treats on Bank Holidys, we did chips, ice creams and left overs from our brithday party on Sunday. Great! What beautiful grisl you have.

Vintage Amethyst said...

Sounds like you had a fab time, and how cute is Daisy wanting to take the T.V with her! Tee hee!
Ooohh how fab is that pink car, wish I had one!
love Alison x