Friday, 24 August 2007

Oh my I've posted over 50 times wow!

Yeay! it's that Friday feeling and I hear we're due some sun. Although you wouldn't think it if you look out the window here, it's still dull and grey. But no rain (sorry shhh I didn't say a word) ;)
Well this little ray of sunshine came the other day. My very own mini pink beach hut. With it's own Boris the seagull parched on top. I was hoping that if I took it outside and said some magic words, it would turn into a real life size one and I could move it to Broadstairs. lol

But as you can see it didn't work and Dougal says it's even to small for him to live in hehe! no room for his food bowl or even to swing a cat!
What it really is a lovely little money box for all those flaming 5p's. I don't know about anyone else but I can't stand having. I always lose them in the bottom of my purse, so I've started to save them for a rainy day. And now instead of a old jar I'll keep them in this until it's full and I can bank them and start again.
I have to say thankyou to Kat at Kat in a flap for finding one of these on Ebay, your a real sweetie x
Today I've been very good and got on and finished off a couple of items that needed completing. I found that listening to some music helped me work a lot better. I came across one of those music player thingy on Sophie Honeysuckle's blog. So thank you for that. I really enjoyed listening and some of them brought back some lovely memories for me too. I will be getting one of my own play lists here soon, hope you don't mind.
New items are these 2 little cuties, a bird house with a new heart shaped bird on it and children's dust pan and brush set with 3 little birds on the top. I just fell in love with this Laura Ashley duck egg so much so that I'd love to paint the living room in it. But the old man says no not just yet, that's wait and see if you're staying here another year. :( I know he's right but it is a gorgeous colour don't you think?

I'd like to say thank you to Kim at Ragged Roses for all the lovely books she keeps recommending. I was so lucky when I spied this in one of our local charity shops for just £1 I'm looking forward to reading it.
I think it was meant to come home with me and when I've finished it, if any of you want to borrow it, please just ask. I have to warn you all though I'm a very slow reader. I still haven't finished A piece of cake by Cupcake Brown and have asked for it to be extended 2 times now lol aww the good old library. Maybe I should buy this one too hehe! not to sure how long you can keep them for? Oh well I'm nearly half way through it and it is very good. If sometimes a little hard to read, being a mother myself and having 3 girls. I could never let any of this happen to mine.

And here's one of mine. Daisy waiting to have her shoes put on. She looks so small in that chair. I think it's one of her favourite places at the moment, but she keeps throwning the pretty cover on to the floor. Argh! drives me mad lol and she just thinks it's a great game. Mummy says No! naughty and she just laughs lol I can't win and her little smile just melts me in the end. Anyone else have little ones like this?
Lets hope we can all get out and enjoy some well needed sun over the bank holiday weekend. Bye for now.

Catherine x


Ragged Roses said...

Have a lovely weekend too and enjoy your read - it is a great book, but very haunting! Love your birdhouses and dustpans and brushes, so pretty, gorgeous colours. I love that duck egg blue, fingers crossed for your living room! Another day on the beach today I think!
Kim x

kat-out-of-the-bag said...

Hi Catherine,glad you like the beach hut,MK loves hers.Dougal looks so sad that he can't climb in for a snooze.
I would love the bird house and the dustpan and brush....are they for sale ?
I love Laura Ashley but sadly we have no store in Grimsby so I have to shop on line....not as nice as browsing eh !!!!!!
Catch up soon Kat xx

Sophie Honeysuckle said...

Ooh congrats on your 50 posts-that's fab! I've read that book too, it is quite compelling isn't it! Glad you liked the music player, you should definitely get one too, they're such fun!!xx

kat-out-of-the-bag said...

Wow just realised you said 50 posts,hope you had a nice Bank Holiday honey,
Chat soon Kat x

Vintage Amethyst said...

Congratulations on your 50th post!
Those goodies are lovely too!
Love Alison x

saraeden said...

congratulations on getting to your 50th post !!! hope you had a great weekend :0)

Sara x