Monday, 13 August 2007

Visiting family.

Ben got home from work nice and early on Friday evening, we had dinner, said goodbye to my eldest, as she went off home for a few days. Packed up the car, sorted the animals, locked up and off we set for Cheltenham. With one quick stop for more nappies and bubba milk.
We did hit some traffic on the M26 and M25 but all in all made good time and arrived about 10.30pm
Molly was tuckered right out and went straight to bed (good girl) but that little Daisy gave it her all until 1ish am. Then just gave in. I think the look on my face was what did it lol that Mummy look, you all know the one! lol We fell into bed and woke nice and early the next day.

Got some breakfast, washed and dressed and went out for a nice walk with the girls. Before all of us and Ben's Mum went round to visit Ben's sister and her husband at their new house. They are so lucky to have found this lovely little place. It's just right for them and they've made it home already. After a nice lunch we all went off down the Bath Road and I popped into Rosablue's to see the owner Penelope and give her the packs of pegs, I'd made for her and my photoed price list which she'd requested. I was very excited to have my pegs in her shop and smiled even more when she told me she'd be placing a full order very soon :) I left with a very big smile on my face and an address for a Christmas fair she wants me to attend. So a very good visit and nice to see her again. Worth a look beautiful items.
Business done, time for family fun.

Here we are in a lovely park just round the corner from Ben's sister's new house. And in the background behind me is Ben's old junior school. I can't imagine him so small. When here he is with his own 2 gorgeous girls playing on a swing. I wonder if it's odd for him coming back here now he's all grown up and a Daddy.

This big dish swing was great fun and after the girls a Ben had been on it, I just couldn't resist having ago myself. Everyone enjoyed themselves, so much that no more photos where taken (sorry) we just had to much fun to stop and think about it. And after we'd done with every swing, slide and climbing frame, it was back home for drinks and ice-cream. And meet Grandma who'd gone to the shops because it was to hot for her at the park.

I left Ben and the girls with his family and popped back out to the shops for a little me time. Picked up this bubblegum pink Gerbra for the garden. I'd been looking for one this colour for ages. So home it came.
And this handmade lavender heart with the words Bless this house on it. It now has pride and place with all the other hearts hanging on our fireplace. I'm not religious in any way but the words are kind of sweet. And it's pink and dotty so it called to me lol "I need to come home with you" and so it did.
We ended our day out with a yummy Chinese take out and Grandma and Auntie giving the girls a bath, and putting them to bed, while Ben and I went out for a couple of hours. We drove out to the country side which there is a lot of here. Parked up and walked through a wood, up a field full of sheep, a badger and 2 foxes lol and at the top got the beautiful photo at the beginning of this post. You can see for miles and it was so peaceful. A bit further on there was a burial mound. I'm not very good at remembering names of places, so I'll have to get back to on that one. It has been there for hundreds of years and had pretty flowers growing all over it. It was a little spooky walking back to the car as the sun was setting and the wood path was very dark. Lol what a couple of wimps hehe

Back at Ben's Mum's the girls where bathed and fast asleep. Awww! thanks for babysitting Grandma and having us to stay. x We ended our weekend away by visiting Ben's step mother and having a lovely Sunday lunch with her. It was good to see everybody in such a short visit, it's good to catch up with them all. And we look forward to next time.

We where very lucky with the drive home, no traffic at all. Straight home in under 3 hours. And the cats waiting at the back door to greet us. Well not really, all they wanted was their tea, cheeky things lol

I hope everyone had a nice weekend. Catch up with you all soon.

Catherine x


Vintage Amethyst said...

Aahhhh what a lovely weekend.
Alison x

buttercup & roses said...

Sounds as though you had a lovely weekend.

Glad you had a little 'me' time, loving that little fabric heart!

I hope your pegs do well in the shop, they should do, I love mine!


Rubyred said...

Sounds like you had a lovely time.Good Luck with your Rosa blue orders!

kat-out-of-the-bag said...

So pleased you had a good time Catherine,I could do with a break myself.
I love the little heart,what a nice memento of your weekend.