Friday, 29 August 2008

A short interval

We got this book from the library, it's full of great ideas. But this time we're off to one of these fabulous places for a short break, so any orders or purchases made between now and next Saturday will be posted on Monday the 8th Sept.
Doesn't it look lovely, we can't wait the girls are just bubbling and first of we're visiting family in Cheltenham and I'm off to the wonderful No.9 cafe co-owned by Anna see you on Saturday sweetie for coffee, cakes, chats and lots of hugs.
Sadly I have none of these, my gorgeous Jade let me borrow hers but they are to tight and I can't get my jeans in them :( and that naughty John Lewis sold out the totally yummy pale pink Hunter wellies Boohoo. So I'll have to have a look around Cheltenham for a pair (oh the pain in shopping there lol). I'm sure I can drag myself out on Sunday sometime, isn't there a Cath Kidston shop there? lol wink,wink.
I saw this picture the other day and had to pop it on the end of this post, as we're be away with the fairies. I've been telling Molly and Daisy that they live in the woods near our tent and that they sometimes come out if little girls are very, very good. I wanted to paint a magical picture of it all so they don't worry about the darkness. The fairies and Daddy will keep us safe.
So see you all very soon and wish you where here. Fingers crossed for sun.
Have a wonderful week and I'll catch up with you very soon.

Many hugs,

Catherine x

Sunday, 24 August 2008

Getting back to normal.

Well I'm back and in very good spirits thanks to all the love and support I've received from Ben, my girls, family and all of you. Granny is doing very well, we took her off to Granddad's old nursing home on Saturday for their Summer Fete and I think it did her some good and has given her the closer she needed. Having her 3 Great Grand-children and myself and Ben by her side she really enjoyed it all. They had a bric-a-brac stall, book stall, cakes, face painting, bouncy castle, hook a duck, raffles and yummy BBQ. All for a fabulous course and nice way to say a final goodbye.

I'm now looking forward to a nice break away and doing some real resting on one of the Feather down farms coming very soon. Also a week or so ago I got these lovely postcards from Moo I'm so happy with them and now want to do some more stickers and business cards but I must remember to use the recycle paper next time. Aren't they cool? have ago yourselves they are great fun to do.
For some strange reason I've gone crazy on red and white polka dots things and after seeing one of these gorgeous door mats over on Julia's Vintage Heaven blog I knew I just had to have one for our home. Isn't it cute and the cats love it to lol they sit on it waiting for dinner to be dished up. I'm just happy that it helps with the mess that comes in every time the girls play outside and it stops them slipping over with wet feet.
Thanks Andrea (Julia's friend) for getting me one, it's fab. X

I wanted to share with you one of my girls favourite things , this little bird in a cage was given to them by Granny and it tweets and sings if you wind it up. It sits pretty on their bedroom shelve with it's little white dove as a friend, this appeared in Daisy's jean pocket after a day out visiting Summer fetes lol cheeky little thing.
Something I made a long time ago, it's a seaside cushion, it's made out of an old t-shirt that both our girls used to wear. I just couldn't part with it and wanted to do something special that they could keep. any tips on how to get rid of the sleeves would grateful.
And at the end of Molly's bed is the lovely eiderdown that Claire gave us. She just fell in love with it and it's now all hers. I must say that she has fabulous taste for a 3 year old. But sadly it won't be coming to Featerdown farm with us because every time we move it to much it looks like we've plucked a chicken LOL
Molly is so happy with it on her bed though and snuggles up in it.

We will be bringing this lovely one with us for our camping break, isn't it fabulous? I have to thank all of you that helped me find one. This one was sitting waiting for me to take it home at the Detling Fair last month and I knocked the lady down to £15 so it didn't break the bank and I came away happy in not spending a fortune on one.

I just love the pale duck-egg blue and pink flowers, it's very cabbages and roses without the heavy price tag.
Just right for snuggles under if it's chilly in the evenings on the farm.
I'm so excited and can't wait to get away, it will be our first real family holiday together, just Ben, me and the little ones yeay! we'll stop off at Cheltenham to see family and pop in on the fabulous Anna at No.9 cafe and have a yummy cupcake and coffee or 2. Can't wait to meet you sweetie and I'll bring the chalk boards.
Well it's been a ruff few weeks but I've come though it and am now looking ahead.
Don't forget to leave your answer to what makes you smile over on this post, Tuesday 19th August I'll leave it open for a couple of weeks and my favourite will get a gift, so keep them coming.
Many hugs everyone.
Catherine x

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Thanks for the memories x

I wanted to share with you the beautiful flowers we got for my Granddad's funeral and just one last thank you to everyone that emailed, called and left me comments over this sad time.
It all went very well and the sun shone all day long. Myself and Jade got a special mention in the reading and how we where his adopted Grand-daughter and Great Grand-daugther. I have to thank his family for doing this for us, it will stay in our hearts forever and means so very much.
After the service it was lovely to catch up with his real Grandsons and share our memories of him together. And swap emails for future meetings, the last time I saw Lee the youngest Grandson I was only about 7 or 8 myself lol it was great to see him again and photos of his beautiful 7 month old boy. And funny how he is still just as cheeky now as way back then. Good to see you and hope to catch up again soon.
So now it's all over I'll leave you with my Granddad's favourite saying and just hold on to all the happy memories of him. Love you Grandad hope to see you one day again. "See you on the ice"

Grannies doing very well and all of us are popping around and taking her out and about, but also giving her time to rest.

Here she is with her best friend in the whole world Rosie. We went round for a visit and as you can see is did Gran the world of good.

Here's to best friends and keeping having for years. The stories they could tell you would make you're hair curl lol A right pair in their younger days hehe!
I'll get some of the old photos to show you another time. But you just have to look at their cheeky smiles to see what I mean lol
Love you Little Gran and Rosie x x

What do us ladies do when we're feeling down? retail therapy that's what. So here is a little treat I spotted while out on Tuesday in Maidstone. A cute red polka dot bag and at the very expensive price of £2.50 lol I just had to have it. I found a cute Blythe doll badge to pin on it too (photo coming soon). I don't normally like dolls like this but this one look a little like me sitting on a leaf lol

This little lady has taken a shine to it, so I have to make sure it doesn't disappear into her room lol
I'm feeling very good at the moment and moving on well. Orders are still coming in the keep me busy and I've had Jade here for nearly 3 weeks now. We've had trips out, one was to London for the day just me and her. A shop until we drop day but we didn't buy a thing. How crazy is that! And I never got Harvey Nic's as the time just ran away with us. Oh well there is always next time.
We're off at the end of the month sometime to the fabulous Feather down farm and I just can't wait, it will be our first real family holiday, just myself, Ben and the 2 little cupcakes. Plenty of fresh air, fields, marshmallows, chickens and walks. Heaven! and well deserved. Especially for Ben, he's been working so hard this last few months and looking after me this last couple of weeks. The break will do him the world of good, no computers or phone calls argh! what will he do lol
I must remember to pack lots of this brown sugar for my coffee and porridge. This cute little cupcake spoon makes me smile every time I open to jar. lol strange woman I am lol

I thought with a lighter note and ask you all to leave me your answers to this question. What do you own that makes you smile every time you see it?

My favourite will get a little gift in the post, so come on ladies share all those lovely treasures and make me smile. :)

Many, many hugs.

Catherine x

Saturday, 9 August 2008

It's good to have friends

I am just so over whelmed by all your kindness, starting this blog is one of the best things I've done. I have made and found some amazing friends on here. And want to give each and everyone of you a big cyber hug for all the lovely supportive words and strength you're giving me at this sad time.

The funeral is next Friday and then a little get together afterwards back at Granny's to remember the wonderful man Grandad was. And will always be in our hearts.
Thank you everyone, you're helping by just being there. And you all put a smile back on my face when I read what you've left. X X X

Enjoy a lovely weekend, rain or shine.

Many hugs

Catherine x

Monday, 4 August 2008

Other posts put on hold

Today I got some very sad news, this wonderful man who has been in my life since the age of 4 pasted away in his sleep. After over 12 years of living with outsimers, he closed his eyes for the very last time and will sleep forever now at peace and without any pain or confusion.
The photos below are how I will remember him not the shell of the man he became with the illness. But the fun loving Grandad we all loved to sit and listen to. He had so many stories to tell.

In memory of Grandad Doug 30th Jan 1909 - 4th August 2008 x

Here with a very young Jade, she just idolized him and would jump on him or chase him around the garden with the hose when she was supposed to be watering the plants with him lol
Even right up until the end he always knew who Jade was and she would go to the nursing home with my Granny and help feed him his dinner and sing him songs.
Miss you Grandad, love you forever Jade x

This photo is my favourite even though he's suffering from the illness by now, you wouldn't know anything was wrong with him. He had his whistle round his neck for any emergencies and would blow it just for fun sometimes lol driving my poor Gran crazy as she'd drop what ever she was doing and come racing back in to find him laughing. hehe! "you cheeky old man" she'd say. He'd reply with a "what?" and give me a wink ;) and smile lol

I feel lucky to have had him in my life and am so pleased to have been able to show him Molly and Daisy as well. I'm not sure if he knew they where there but I got a big kiss and he said my name before we left. He always said I was once seen and never forgotten lol

I also thank him for all the wonderful years he spent with my devoted Gran, helping her through the loss of my real Grandad when I was just nearly 4. And being the Grandad to me that I'd just lost, not that he ever tried to replace him. It just felt right to call him Grandad. As I felt he loved me back like a Grand-daughter.

I'll miss you Grandad Doug but will find comfort in knowing your now at peace and not in any pain. And my thoughts now turn to my Gran who's devoted herself to you for years. Caring for you at home and then everyday back and forth to the nursing home. It will be hard to fill the huge hole you've left in her life but with the love and support of us all she'll get through.

Sleep peacefully Grandad, see you again one day. Love you x

Catherine x