Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Thanks for the memories x

I wanted to share with you the beautiful flowers we got for my Granddad's funeral and just one last thank you to everyone that emailed, called and left me comments over this sad time.
It all went very well and the sun shone all day long. Myself and Jade got a special mention in the reading and how we where his adopted Grand-daughter and Great Grand-daugther. I have to thank his family for doing this for us, it will stay in our hearts forever and means so very much.
After the service it was lovely to catch up with his real Grandsons and share our memories of him together. And swap emails for future meetings, the last time I saw Lee the youngest Grandson I was only about 7 or 8 myself lol it was great to see him again and photos of his beautiful 7 month old boy. And funny how he is still just as cheeky now as way back then. Good to see you and hope to catch up again soon.
So now it's all over I'll leave you with my Granddad's favourite saying and just hold on to all the happy memories of him. Love you Grandad hope to see you one day again. "See you on the ice"

Grannies doing very well and all of us are popping around and taking her out and about, but also giving her time to rest.

Here she is with her best friend in the whole world Rosie. We went round for a visit and as you can see is did Gran the world of good.

Here's to best friends and keeping having for years. The stories they could tell you would make you're hair curl lol A right pair in their younger days hehe!
I'll get some of the old photos to show you another time. But you just have to look at their cheeky smiles to see what I mean lol
Love you Little Gran and Rosie x x

What do us ladies do when we're feeling down? retail therapy that's what. So here is a little treat I spotted while out on Tuesday in Maidstone. A cute red polka dot bag and at the very expensive price of £2.50 lol I just had to have it. I found a cute Blythe doll badge to pin on it too (photo coming soon). I don't normally like dolls like this but this one look a little like me sitting on a leaf lol

This little lady has taken a shine to it, so I have to make sure it doesn't disappear into her room lol
I'm feeling very good at the moment and moving on well. Orders are still coming in the keep me busy and I've had Jade here for nearly 3 weeks now. We've had trips out, one was to London for the day just me and her. A shop until we drop day but we didn't buy a thing. How crazy is that! And I never got Harvey Nic's as the time just ran away with us. Oh well there is always next time.
We're off at the end of the month sometime to the fabulous Feather down farm and I just can't wait, it will be our first real family holiday, just myself, Ben and the 2 little cupcakes. Plenty of fresh air, fields, marshmallows, chickens and walks. Heaven! and well deserved. Especially for Ben, he's been working so hard this last few months and looking after me this last couple of weeks. The break will do him the world of good, no computers or phone calls argh! what will he do lol
I must remember to pack lots of this brown sugar for my coffee and porridge. This cute little cupcake spoon makes me smile every time I open to jar. lol strange woman I am lol

I thought with a lighter note and ask you all to leave me your answers to this question. What do you own that makes you smile every time you see it?

My favourite will get a little gift in the post, so come on ladies share all those lovely treasures and make me smile. :)

Many, many hugs.

Catherine x


driftwood said...

lovely flowers, and fond memories of your grandad, hope you are feeling ok. xx
I have a lovely glass star that hangs in the window and reminds me of a lovely friend who bought it for me, and the colours when the sunshines make a rainbow on the wall - just lovely.

Vanessa said...

I'm glad that you have got over the last few weeks and you have come out the other side feeling happy. I'm sure your Grandad would want it that way!

How lucky are you be going to Featherdown farm.

My new 1950's kitchen cupboard that I bought off Ebay on Sunday night for £16 keeps making me smile every time I go in the garage.

Take care & keep smiling

Vanessa x

Anonymous said...

Glad it went well catherine was thinking of you.

at the moment it's a silly fridge magnet " so many men, but none as good as mine"


Garden Girl said...

lovely pics, C, and glad you're feeling brighter.
What makes me smile...at the moment it is my new 'cow picture' that hangs above my coffee machine at work(Rob has put a picture of it on my blog today- he has taken over with postings for a week or so!) every time I see my cow I grin. Its just a reminder that what I am doing career wise is a good thing, a thing to be happy and proud of and something at last, that will hopefully go right. Fingers crossed, anyway.
lots of love

Ragged Roses said...

I really really hope you have a wonderful time at Featherdown Farm Catherine. I'm glad too hear that the funeral passed well and your gran is okay with things. I have a bunch of flowers that sits on my fireplace given to me by a friend on her wedding day

Things Hand Made said...

Lovely flowers. What makes me smile? When our 3rd child was born we each made a clay handprint and they are all in a row in a frame. From largest to smallest. I had to have fertility treatment to have my children and each time I smile for the family that I now have.

Alison Boon said...

Peri (my Tonkinese cat) always makes me smile when I see him but can you ever really own a cat? hmmm maybe not. Otherwise it's my pink scooter.

tillyboo said...

Beautiful flowers C, the healing starts and soon you'll be able draw on your memories to make you smile x

What makes me smile that I own ? Hmm ..
I have an Emma Bridgewater Dotty Teapot and we had 'Tup O Tea' handpainted on it because that's what Boo used to call a cup of tea when she was learning to talk.


tillyboo said...

Beautiful flowers C, the healing starts and soon you'll be able draw on your memories to make you smile x

What makes me smile that I own ? Hmm ..
I have an Emma Bridgewater Dotty Teapot and we had 'Tup O Tea' handpainted on it because that's what Boo used to call a cup of tea when she was learning to talk.


April said...

Glad you are feeling a little better now. Enjoy your holiday.

What makes me smile is the hand painted purple wooden crescent moon that hangs in my bedroom window. i see it every mornnig when I open the curtains and it always reminds me of the bedroom I had at my parents house - where I had more of a "sky" than a ceiling thanks to all the moons and stars that hung from it - this was the one that started the collection and it is still my favourite

April xx

LittleGem said...

what a lovely post, and lovely pics too. i have a favourite photograph that site right next to my bed in a lovely frame and that makes me smile whenever I see it. If thats not good enough...I'd have to say its my Cath Kidston birthday bag! X LittleGem X