Friday, 26 February 2010

Who dunnit? lol

So which one of you too ate the icing off of my display cupcake???? it wasn't the mouse lol
Molly or Daisy?
Or was it you Thomas? we all know you have a sweet tooth lol

If you guess the right answer and you're pulled from the mixing bowl a little cupcake gift will be posted you're way.

Just leave your guesses in a comment on this post. And I'll draw a winner on Sunday x

Happy guessing.

With love,

Sunday, 21 February 2010

5 Today yeay

Happy birthday miss Molly. Looking back at the photo underneath Mummy and Daddy can hardly believe you're 5 today wow
You make us both proud each and everyday. And your smile is all it takes to melt any troubles away.
We love you little cupcake, have a magical day x

Molly 21.02.2005

Friday, 19 February 2010

Happy 25 years Eastenders.

We all sat on our sofa watching the live show tonight wondering whodunit and what goes and happens? poor old Bradley goes and falls off a flaming roof and Stracey confesses she's the one that killed Archie.
We even watched the aftermath show on bbc3, it was good to se all the old people from years back. I think I've always been a Eastenders fan and remember when Den and Angie ran the pub. It's the one and only soap we watch in the cupcake house, Mr cupcakes always turns to me and says "what times Eastenders on" lol and after looking on his twitter i found out why hehe! keep on twitting Stacey lol

Well done to all the cast, it was a good show. Roll on the next 25 years.

Have a good weekend and thank you for all the get well wishes you've sent me. It's still hanging around and poor Mr cupcakes is having to sleep on the sofa because of my bear like snoring lol But I'm a fighter and won't like it stop me.
With love,

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Fell off the plant for a while...

Oh my it's been ages or it feels like ages. For the lady that never gets ill, i truly got a ickie bug this time :( it's still fighting inside me and blocking up my head. Making sleeping no fun at all, poor Mr cupcakes says my snoring is driving him crazy. I sound like a grizzle bear lol it just won't shift and no amount of coughing and sneezing is clearing it argh!

So i missed Valentines day but lucky for me Mr cupcakes bought me some beautiful flowers on the Friday before, we where to go away for the Valentine weekend but it all fell through. Just as well really i wouldn't of been up to it. Thank you i love my pink gerberas (photos soon).

I've also missed doing something nice on Jade's birthday, who has now turned 15 wow how the hell did that happen lol
Awww young love, here she is with Tom her boyfriend. Jade was so pleased this year to not only have her birthday on valentines day but to have a boyfriend as well.
How my little baby is growing up and turning in to a beautiful young woman. We love you and we'll do something special when I'm better. Hope you enjoy your yummy cupcake honey x

Right that's it for me now, i need more meds and coffee. Thanks to everyone that is following me on Twitter, it's still new to me but i think I'm getting the hang of it lol
Back soon with more wedding news and Molly's birthday this Sunday.
With love,

Catherine x

Sunday, 7 February 2010

May day will be here soon.

Even though today was a grey dull day, I didn't see it because we met with our photographer and booked him up for our wedding day in May.
It all seems so very real now. Looking at other peoples weddings he's done and sitting thinking wow it's ours in 3 months, eeeek! (i really need to lose some weight lol). Oh and find a dress argh!!!!

Photo taken by Meg Perotti x

Happy Sunday everyone x
Back next week.

Saturday, 6 February 2010

60th birthday wishes x

Today my Dad turns 60 so I'm sending him birthday wishes and hoping he has a wonderful.
I don't get to see him that much or my Mum because they both live so far away from me and have new partners and lives. But i think of them each and everyday and hold on tightly to the time i do get to spend with them. Which these days is few and far between. And i wish it could be more times. Cos i miss them more than i let on, only Mr cupcakes truly knows. I don't ever want my cupcakes to feel like i do, i will be near them until I'm old and grey, even it drives them mad lol
No matter how old you get you always need your parents because there is nothing like the loving cuddle from a Mum or Dad, to make things all better again. I'm 34 and go back to being a small girl again when I'm wrapped in either of their arms. It's something I'll never grow out of x
Happy Birthday Daddy.
Love you.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Be my Valentine x

Check out both my Valentine items over on NOTHS love is in the air with my i love you pegs and romantic red hearts. I hope you're all be loved up this coming 14th of Feb.
Just a short one today I'm feeling crappy and full of cold and to make things worse i got court in a drizzle this afternoon and got even more cold and wet argh! flaming English weather. Muddling through, it's only a cold lol
Lots of hearts and pegs to paint, so that will keep me busy.
With love.