Sunday, 7 February 2010

May day will be here soon.

Even though today was a grey dull day, I didn't see it because we met with our photographer and booked him up for our wedding day in May.
It all seems so very real now. Looking at other peoples weddings he's done and sitting thinking wow it's ours in 3 months, eeeek! (i really need to lose some weight lol). Oh and find a dress argh!!!!

Photo taken by Meg Perotti x

Happy Sunday everyone x
Back next week.


serendipitylovesnewyork said...

What an exciting time for you, it will be so fun finding a dress etc! I got married in secret so it was soooo hard not to talk about it! What a lovely post below, very heartfelt!
Claire x

Monica said...

wishing all the best... isn't it exciting?

enjoy every moment!!!

made with love said...

What a very exciting time you have ahead of you. If I could do the whole wedding thing again I would. (to the same man of course!!) It was the best day of my life.
Thinking of you
Rachael XX

Taz said...

e.x.i.t.i.n.g!!! :D

Summer Blue said...

Gosh it's come around SO quickly hasn't it? What an exciting time for you all.
If you have a long dress you'll have to get a picture of Molly & Daisy peeping out from under it, that would be sweet.
I really do think that Granny Cupcakes should be Matron of Honour you know!!!
Have a lovely week,
Jane. xx

Isobel said...

How exciting!!!! :D

Charlotte, Cottontails said...

I didn't know you were getting married, oh that's lovely! How exciting.

Dress finding must be a bit stressful... I don't know, never had to do it. Mike 'doesn't believe in marriage' (hmmmph!) so don't expect I will do either... Maybe I'll twist his arm?!

Loved the post about your parents too. Very emotional.

Lots of love,


Shabby Chick said...

Ooh good luck finding a dress! I got married in May, I think it's a lovely month :)

Mel xxx

jackanne said...

how fab for you all!you seem to be a lovely family, i am sending you much love! xx

Rubyred said...

Only 3 months! How exciting Catherine!
On your last post, the one where your'e a baby, you look so like your little girls!
Have a great week!
Rachel x

Vintage Amethyst said...

Oh my how exciting!!!
I'm having a *PINK GIVEAWAY* over at my blog if you want to join in.

madmummy said...

Wow! Time certainly is flying (sorry, you probably don't need to be reminded!!) VERY exciting though!!
xxx Steph

serendipitylovesnewyork said...

Hiya, You will have a great time if you have one!!! I can contact head office who will then contact someone in your area, is it ok to give them your phone number?
Hope your wedding plans are coming together!
Claire x