Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Be my Valentine x

Check out both my Valentine items over on NOTHS love is in the air with my i love you pegs and romantic red hearts. I hope you're all be loved up this coming 14th of Feb.
Just a short one today I'm feeling crappy and full of cold and to make things worse i got court in a drizzle this afternoon and got even more cold and wet argh! flaming English weather. Muddling through, it's only a cold lol
Lots of hearts and pegs to paint, so that will keep me busy.
With love.


Taz said...

Lovely pegs and hearts but no one to send to or receive from. Ah well.
Hope you're feeling better soon petal. Lots of hot orange and honey ;)

Just Original said...

I noticed you on NOTHS mailer yesterday, hope it has made you nice & busy!

Hope you're feeling better soon.

Vanessa x

Lynsey said...

Oh dear! Hope you feel better soon xx