Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Fell off the plant for a while...

Oh my it's been ages or it feels like ages. For the lady that never gets ill, i truly got a ickie bug this time :( it's still fighting inside me and blocking up my head. Making sleeping no fun at all, poor Mr cupcakes says my snoring is driving him crazy. I sound like a grizzle bear lol it just won't shift and no amount of coughing and sneezing is clearing it argh!

So i missed Valentines day but lucky for me Mr cupcakes bought me some beautiful flowers on the Friday before, we where to go away for the Valentine weekend but it all fell through. Just as well really i wouldn't of been up to it. Thank you i love my pink gerberas (photos soon).

I've also missed doing something nice on Jade's birthday, who has now turned 15 wow how the hell did that happen lol
Awww young love, here she is with Tom her boyfriend. Jade was so pleased this year to not only have her birthday on valentines day but to have a boyfriend as well.
How my little baby is growing up and turning in to a beautiful young woman. We love you and we'll do something special when I'm better. Hope you enjoy your yummy cupcake honey x

Right that's it for me now, i need more meds and coffee. Thanks to everyone that is following me on Twitter, it's still new to me but i think I'm getting the hang of it lol
Back soon with more wedding news and Molly's birthday this Sunday.
With love,

Catherine x


jackanne said...

oh poor you...i hope you get better soon, i love to follow your blog its fab welldone xxx

Summer Blue said...

Oh, I forgot that both Molly and I share a birthday!!!! Hope she has a good one and you're feeling a little better by then. I'm sorry you've felt so under the weather.
Happy Birthday to the lovely Jade also. She looks SO happy doesn't she?
Looking forward to some wedding news....Have you thought any more about Granny CC being Matron of Honour?!!!

JuicyFig said...

Hope you are better soon... Jade and fella look very cosy!
And a least you got SOMETHING for valentines day - my hubby has just paid half of my road tax for my red van and thinks this makes everything ok! hehehe


Rachel M said...

Get well soon! XxX

Dinah Soar said...

I've been missing your posts, but do take care and get well soon.

Scrumptious Treats said...

Hope your feeling better soon hunni, can't wait to here about your wedding plans. xx

Tracy x said...

oh sweet girl...
keep resting as much as you can - you have to be back on full steam for the wedding!!!
will email you soon as it is so much better than twitter :)
t x

Just Original said...

Hope your feeling better soon!

Take care

Vanessa x

Taz said...

Awww sorry to hear you've been poorly. My big girl turned 15 4 dcays before your Jade. How did they get so growed up already?
I hope you're feeling better soon

Pink Feather Paradise said...

I know exactly how you feel... its awful... does your nose squeak when its blocked? and my ears have become stuffed up too... I can't hear very well..

What a lovely man you have to sleep on hte settee... night before last I ended up on the settee... I must be doing something wrong

hope you feel better soon
x Alex