Thursday, 31 December 2009

Goodbye 2009, Hello 2010

Happy new year to everyone in my wonderful family, all my friends and bloggers. Enjoy a fun but safe night and see you in 2010.
All my love and thanks for all the support, kindness and love you've all given me and my family. Here is to a fabulous new year, full of amazing new things.

May it be a cupcake filled one.
Thank you to all my loyal customers new, old and trade ones, without you're support Mollycupcakes wouldn't be able to work. See you all (i hope lol) in the new year where I'll have lots of new designs and stock. So come back for more coffee and cake, Molly's door is always open X
With Love

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Christmas star, some baking and birthday treats.

I said I'd show you our fluffy star and here it is, it touches the ceiling because the trees so big lol Mr cupcakes had to get up on a chair because i couldn't reach, I'm short by name and short by nature hehe!
The cupcake house had a little jolly off on Sunday down to a very very cold Whitstable, i bought this beautiful handmade Noel sign at their Christmas farmers market. It was only a fiver and has lovely vintage old lace and the cutest fuzzy letters. I saw it and could see it hanging on our dining room fireplace, which is just where I've popped it. Somethings are just meant to be bought aren't they!
I can't believe it's Christmas Eve today, wow that's got here fast. I've gone and got myself a cold but hey I'm a woman, so I'll cope lol
The cupcakes are very excited and Jade! well she's still in bed lol (sigh! teenagers). I'm sure by tomorrow she'll be bouncing around just as much as the little ones. She's only here a short time, so i hope i can make it a special one for her and Santa brings her everything on her list. x

Granny cupcakes will be joining us on Boxing day and for Christmas day it's just gonna be me, Ben, the cupcakes and Jade. We're be off for a Christmas morning walk after breakfast and then back home to open presents and start dinner. We didn't want it to be a five minute free for all on opening presents and then just playing with the boxes lol Making it last for the whole day is our plan.
The other night the cupcakes kept on at me "Mummy please can we do the mince pies" so here they are all set up on the dining room table, cutting pastry in to circles and stars.
Greasing the baking trays and Daddy cupcakes placing the pastry in their holes.

Jade looking like a very young and beautiful Nigella. Filling the pies with mince meat, yum!
Daisy adding her stars.
And Molly adding hers.
Here's some we made earlier lol
All baked and golden. Hot and yummy straight from the oven. Well done cupcake family. They taste very scrummy, i wish i had smell-o-vision. Hmmm!
Has well as taking photos, i was busy in the kitchen, knocking up a little something yummy of my own.
Out of this huge cake mix, i got not one but two small Christmas cakes (not iced yet, photos later, if Mr cupcakes doesn't eat them before i get chance too lol).

I also had enough mix for 12 Christmas cake cupcakes. Marzipan, icing and glitter cherry tops. I'll be making something like this for our wedding cakes. So it was good to have a test run at them. Thumbs up from Ben, Jade and cupcakes. And of course i had to test one, it would be rude not too LOL
How are your Christmas cakes/puddings coming on? I have to make them very close to Christmas because we wouldn't have any left if i made them any earlier, hehe!
Here are a few photos from our cold trip to Whitstable, the sky was clear and the sea was a funny muddy brown colour. And far in the distance you can see the snowy hills. Brrr!
Look how blue the sky was, these blue Christmas tree decorations almost disappear in to it.
Happy rosie cheeky smiles from Molly, Daisy was having yet another cuddle from Daddy lol she only has little legs and they weren't working very on this occasion hehe!
Lots of fabulous Christmas window displays but Frank's window was my favourite. They have the most amazing hand made treasures inside. I'm sad to say i didn't pop in for a look this time, we'd all had enough and was making our way to Costa for a well earned hot drink. But i did have time for stop and grab a quick photo.
It was nice to go off and do something different at Christmas, I was hoping for a snowy seaside but it had all gone (boo ho). A big bag of hot chips made up for no snow. And back home for Christmas films and snuggles on the sofa.

As all of you might of known it was my birthday a couple of weeks ago and here is my favourite present. Some cool rock chic boots, from Ben and the cupcakes. I love them and they keep my little size 4's all warm and dry. My old boots have now seen better days and let in the smallest amount of rain in lol not a good look. Thank you cupcake family. And thank you Jade for my parcel of treats, hot chocolates and pink smarties. You know me so well x

Last Weds myself and Claire went of to the DeafCat Cafe in Rochester for their Christmas craft fair. It was from 6-9pm. A good time because Mr cupcakes could stay home with the cupcakes and put them to bed, while i went out and sold some stock. We were in the loft space and soon made it home for Mollycupcakes and Made In Pixieland. Although it was fun getting everything up the two flights of winding stairs LOL We met lots of fabulous arty people and one amazing man who looked like a cool Fagin from Oliver twist hehe! He made his way back down the stairs on his bum, leaving us with his tales of magic mushrooms and biking days LOL
We both did really well and came away very happy and Christmasy feeling. I treated myself to this beautiful uncaged bird from Zara at onelittlebird using the birthday money from Granny cupcakes, thank you Granny x

Well that's it for fairs and orders until the new year for Mollycupcakes, she's taking a well earned rest for the festive couple of weeks.
Don't forget what the poster says, It's only Christmas, family is all that matters. Not the presents, food or telly. Just good old family love.
So on that note, I'll wish you all a very Merry Christmas and happy new year.
With lots of love x

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Snowie fun and festiviness.

Mr Cupcakes and Molly built this snowman late Friday afternoon and had a great game of snow balling one another but poor Daisy was just to cold to join in the fun and snuggled up on the sofa. I watched from the safety of the kitchen window, didn't fancy getting cold and wet. I know, what an old grump i sound lol the truth is i really was enjoying watching them play. It's little moments like these that make you smile and feel all warm inside. Well done Daddy cupcake for making it a magical time x

So it's nearly that time when the big man himself will be climbing down the chimney's and filling stockings and under trees. I have a couple more little tiny things to get, so will be off on Tuesday to finish off. Turkey and veg collection from the farm on 23rd and sit back and relax for the wonderful family time. Having the snow arrive has really made it feel special hasn't! I've been waking up feeling excited and the cupcakes are just about ready to burst LOL So how are you all doing???
Mr cupcakes went off out again with jokes of coming back with a stick for a Christmas tree and really brought home a forest lol look how big it is. Daisy just can't believe her eyes.

We let it settle for a couple of days before the lights, tinsel and decorations went on. This gave us time for sort out all the lovely dec's we've collected over the last few years. And hang the extra special handmade ones on first.
I was a good mummy this year and let the cupcakes pop everything they could reach on and hold up the other ones saying "is here ok?" Molly was very good at putting on the tinsel, she just needed a little help to stop it falling off again LOL

Daddy cupcakes hung the fluffy white star on top, as only he could reach lol (oops sorry no photo of that just yet). It just about fits hehe!

I'll be back soon with news of a very cold short trip to Whitstable, some birthday treat pictures and well just life in general lol
Merry Christmas for now.
Oh before i forget, i know I'm the crappiest giveaway blogger in the world, so please forgive me. But i will send all those waiting a new year treat, what better way to start 2010 but with presents lol as Jan is always such a long and grey month. Sorry once again ladies, it's just been a crazy 4 months for me and my family.
Also thank you to everyone sending get well wishes to me for my flaming teeth, 2 root canals on and purse a lot lighter and I'm feeling 99% better thanks. Just a little sore from holding my mouth open and the numbing injections. But hey i can smile again :o)
With love x

Friday, 18 December 2009

Let it snow, let it snow let it snow

Doesn't it feel like Christmas now, everything looks so beautiful. Magical and sprinkled with a dusting of icing. Both the cupcakes woke up and jumped up and down with screams of happiness lol and Jade's texted me with stories of making snow ladies at 7 o' clock this morning, crazy teenager LOL

Ben set off with Molly only to come back because the school was closed. lol oops, should of checked the website first. Lucky for Daisy her Christmas playgroup party isn't cancelled, so she's gone off full of excitement as a surprise guest might be visiting there today. He's one person that doesn't get snowed in. Ho ho ho!
Merry Christmas everyone, stay warm and safe. And lets not forget our feathered friends, pop out a fatty meal and keep them happy and plump.

Snowy wishes x

Monday, 14 December 2009

So sad to see Stacey go

But wow what a way to go. Singing with Micheal Buble, OMG! I was turned in to a giggling, screaming blushing girl again when he came on the stage lol

Stacey looked like she was having the time of her life. If that was me up there and it was my last night on the Xfactor, that is just how I'd of wanted to go and remember it. Singing my heart out with one of the yummiest men alive.
I want to wish Stacey ever bit of happiness and success and may she give little Zack her son the future she's always dreamed of giving him.
Click the link below to re watch the fabulous pair sing once again.
Congratulations to the lovely Joe that won. You are truly a little star * with a wonderful voice.
Did anyone else get hooked on this program? i love watching the auditions and normally don't bother with the rest of it but this year there was something about it that had me watching every week lol

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Yeay! it's my birthday

Today I'm 29 erm! lol I mean 34 sigh!
Does this mean half my life is gone already? wow I still have so much i want to do. I'd better get on and make a start because before i know it will be another year on and on and on......
I awoke today with lots of lovely cards, some vochers, money and very cool boots from Ben x (I'm trying out my rock chick look and the boots are very rock chicky hehe!). I'll be off to Ikea tonight and then a scrummy curry for tea. I'm quite a simple girl really lol it doesn't take a lot to keep me smiling ;) I think that's why Mr Cupcakes loves me so. No high maintenance here LOL

This time last year Mr Cupcakes made me the happiest woman alive by popping the big question on my birthday. Took me by surprise and of course i said YES! now we're planing our wedding for the 28th of May next year. I'm so excited and bursting with happiness. Thank you Ben for making me so happy. I truly love you.You have my whole heart for my whole life x

Right before you all reach for your buckets with all my mussiness hehe! I'll be back later with pictures of birthday treats and my fabulous cake yummy. Yes of course it's pink lol Mr Cupcakes knows me so well and of course he had some help from the little cupcakes when choosing it. xxx
Have a lovely day everyone.
With love,

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

A cold, crisp fair, some vintage loveiness, a bit of Cath and the cupcakes.

I was up bright and early a couple of weekends ago and set off to the Maidstone farmers and craft market. I have to say i really didn't feel the cold until it was time to pack up. All those layers and nice warm scarf did me proud.

I did my best to make my stall look as festive as possible but was sad to not be able to put my mini Christmas lights in my reindeer. It was just to sunny and they didn't show up at all. I shouldn't moan it was nice having some sunshine for a change and brought people out for a bit of Christmas shopping.
My reindeer did look very cute with all his Christmas decorations hanging from his antlers lol and one hung on his tale, court people eyes. hehe cheeky!

My 2 little elves came along for support and went off for a Costa Crème Brûlée Latte to keep my hands warm. But they ended up looking around all the shops (sigh! teenagers lol) and coming back much later on. By which time i was gagging for a hot drink. Anyhoo
Thanks for the help you did give me, especially the 2 sales you did Jade when I'd popped off for a lady break.

My best friend Claire arrived at the same time as me and we went about setting up and bashing bums, because our stalls where so close together. I wouldn't of wanted to rub bottoms with anyone else LOL Thanks for making the day a fun one honey. And making me laugh every time you could hear the banjo player in the band that arrived and deafened us for a while. It was so much fun having to shout at any customers LOL I was so glad when their gazebo blew away and they had to pack up and move LOL I think someone from above must of been listening to us moaning and to how much you hate banjo's. (sorry to any banjo players reading this, i think your all lovely lol). Anyway someone took a big breath and huffed and puffed it down. No one was hurt and not a single egg was cracked, when the gazebo blew away and right into the organic egg stall behind it. Maybe it couldn't take anymore of their playing, like us LOL
It did the trick though and we could once again hear ourselfs think and talk at a normal level.
Doesn't Claire's stall look fabulous. Pop on to her beautiful website for more of her wonderful creations. Ps Banjo playing customers welcome hehe! MadeinPixieland.

While i was out for the day Mr Cupcakes was home with the mini cupcakes and look at their creative table. Lots of fun being had with Daddy.
And here's what they made. Awww i love the ogglie eyes.

Now i said we'd have some vintage loveliness and here it is, (no not Claire lol she's far from vintage lol) but the fabulous old rectory sale, the last one of the year. It was cold but well worth the trip. I got the cute blue handled basket next to Claire on the bench and a vintage pack of Happy Families.

If i didn't have 2 root canals to pay for tomorrow (sigh! £400+) this beautiful dresser would of been coming home with me. And sitting pride and place in our dining room. Oh well maybe next time.
We had a great time and can't wait for the ones next year. Oh god look at my slightly fat face, i was smiling but oh my tooth was hurting. Roll on tomorrow when it will all be done and then next week when it's all filled back in again. New teeth for Christmas lol and not my fronts ones, like in the song. They are ok. Thank you to everyone that's sent me wishes, you've all made me smile.

Talking of smiles, i was beaming when we arrived in Tunbridge Wells for a spot of lunch and popped into the Cath Kidston shop first.

Don't they make the windows look lovely. I'd like that job. This is my favourite one below. The old chair, toastie fire place with hanging stockings, dog bed and slippers and all the sewing and knitting things you could ask for. Heavenly.

Just look at this Christmas table, wouldn't it fab to wake up and find someone had set this lot up for you. No room for the turkey though, but who needs turkey when you've so much prettiness.

We finished the week with TV boxes. How much fun can to cupcakes have with 2 cupboard boxes? Well!
LOTS! lol

Enjoy the week and Ho ho ho everyone, it's nearly Christmas yeay!
This week I'll be 34 argh but I'm really only 29 to anyone that doesn't know me hehe!
With love,