Sunday, 20 December 2009

Snowie fun and festiviness.

Mr Cupcakes and Molly built this snowman late Friday afternoon and had a great game of snow balling one another but poor Daisy was just to cold to join in the fun and snuggled up on the sofa. I watched from the safety of the kitchen window, didn't fancy getting cold and wet. I know, what an old grump i sound lol the truth is i really was enjoying watching them play. It's little moments like these that make you smile and feel all warm inside. Well done Daddy cupcake for making it a magical time x

So it's nearly that time when the big man himself will be climbing down the chimney's and filling stockings and under trees. I have a couple more little tiny things to get, so will be off on Tuesday to finish off. Turkey and veg collection from the farm on 23rd and sit back and relax for the wonderful family time. Having the snow arrive has really made it feel special hasn't! I've been waking up feeling excited and the cupcakes are just about ready to burst LOL So how are you all doing???
Mr cupcakes went off out again with jokes of coming back with a stick for a Christmas tree and really brought home a forest lol look how big it is. Daisy just can't believe her eyes.

We let it settle for a couple of days before the lights, tinsel and decorations went on. This gave us time for sort out all the lovely dec's we've collected over the last few years. And hang the extra special handmade ones on first.
I was a good mummy this year and let the cupcakes pop everything they could reach on and hold up the other ones saying "is here ok?" Molly was very good at putting on the tinsel, she just needed a little help to stop it falling off again LOL

Daddy cupcakes hung the fluffy white star on top, as only he could reach lol (oops sorry no photo of that just yet). It just about fits hehe!

I'll be back soon with news of a very cold short trip to Whitstable, some birthday treat pictures and well just life in general lol
Merry Christmas for now.
Oh before i forget, i know I'm the crappiest giveaway blogger in the world, so please forgive me. But i will send all those waiting a new year treat, what better way to start 2010 but with presents lol as Jan is always such a long and grey month. Sorry once again ladies, it's just been a crazy 4 months for me and my family.
Also thank you to everyone sending get well wishes to me for my flaming teeth, 2 root canals on and purse a lot lighter and I'm feeling 99% better thanks. Just a little sore from holding my mouth open and the numbing injections. But hey i can smile again :o)
With love x


Devon Dumpling said...

It looks like they had good fun in the snow! Have a super Christmas xxx

Summer Blue said...

What a lovely post Catherine. I can always relate so well to you with my girls being the same age as yours, I feel this is the first Christmas that BOTH can really get excited about. Beatrice was still a little young last year, but is certainly making up for it this year. Lovely isn't it?
We had our bit of snow here last night, they had only just gone to bed, so I crept into Bea's room at the front of the house and called Imogen in and said I had something v. important to speak with them about..they were SO serious and I quickly pulled the blind up and shouted..."It's snowing"!!!!! It was a moment I shall never forget when Beatrice shouted back; "Is it Christmas"?!!! Her face was an absolute picture! She really thought that because it had snowed Santa had been...bless her.
I'm glad your teeth are all better now and hope Daisy gets well soon. Have a lovely Christmas in your new home and love to your family, not forgetting the star of Mollycupcakes; Grannycupcakes. x
Love Jane. x

Vintage Amethyst said...

Aaaahhh your tree looks lovely, now why can't I ever find trees that pretty!!!
Thank you for your kind message on about our decorations.
Hope you have a super duper Christmas honey.
lots of love