Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Christmas star, some baking and birthday treats.

I said I'd show you our fluffy star and here it is, it touches the ceiling because the trees so big lol Mr cupcakes had to get up on a chair because i couldn't reach, I'm short by name and short by nature hehe!
The cupcake house had a little jolly off on Sunday down to a very very cold Whitstable, i bought this beautiful handmade Noel sign at their Christmas farmers market. It was only a fiver and has lovely vintage old lace and the cutest fuzzy letters. I saw it and could see it hanging on our dining room fireplace, which is just where I've popped it. Somethings are just meant to be bought aren't they!
I can't believe it's Christmas Eve today, wow that's got here fast. I've gone and got myself a cold but hey I'm a woman, so I'll cope lol
The cupcakes are very excited and Jade! well she's still in bed lol (sigh! teenagers). I'm sure by tomorrow she'll be bouncing around just as much as the little ones. She's only here a short time, so i hope i can make it a special one for her and Santa brings her everything on her list. x

Granny cupcakes will be joining us on Boxing day and for Christmas day it's just gonna be me, Ben, the cupcakes and Jade. We're be off for a Christmas morning walk after breakfast and then back home to open presents and start dinner. We didn't want it to be a five minute free for all on opening presents and then just playing with the boxes lol Making it last for the whole day is our plan.
The other night the cupcakes kept on at me "Mummy please can we do the mince pies" so here they are all set up on the dining room table, cutting pastry in to circles and stars.
Greasing the baking trays and Daddy cupcakes placing the pastry in their holes.

Jade looking like a very young and beautiful Nigella. Filling the pies with mince meat, yum!
Daisy adding her stars.
And Molly adding hers.
Here's some we made earlier lol
All baked and golden. Hot and yummy straight from the oven. Well done cupcake family. They taste very scrummy, i wish i had smell-o-vision. Hmmm!
Has well as taking photos, i was busy in the kitchen, knocking up a little something yummy of my own.
Out of this huge cake mix, i got not one but two small Christmas cakes (not iced yet, photos later, if Mr cupcakes doesn't eat them before i get chance too lol).

I also had enough mix for 12 Christmas cake cupcakes. Marzipan, icing and glitter cherry tops. I'll be making something like this for our wedding cakes. So it was good to have a test run at them. Thumbs up from Ben, Jade and cupcakes. And of course i had to test one, it would be rude not too LOL
How are your Christmas cakes/puddings coming on? I have to make them very close to Christmas because we wouldn't have any left if i made them any earlier, hehe!
Here are a few photos from our cold trip to Whitstable, the sky was clear and the sea was a funny muddy brown colour. And far in the distance you can see the snowy hills. Brrr!
Look how blue the sky was, these blue Christmas tree decorations almost disappear in to it.
Happy rosie cheeky smiles from Molly, Daisy was having yet another cuddle from Daddy lol she only has little legs and they weren't working very on this occasion hehe!
Lots of fabulous Christmas window displays but Frank's window was my favourite. They have the most amazing hand made treasures inside. I'm sad to say i didn't pop in for a look this time, we'd all had enough and was making our way to Costa for a well earned hot drink. But i did have time for stop and grab a quick photo.
It was nice to go off and do something different at Christmas, I was hoping for a snowy seaside but it had all gone (boo ho). A big bag of hot chips made up for no snow. And back home for Christmas films and snuggles on the sofa.

As all of you might of known it was my birthday a couple of weeks ago and here is my favourite present. Some cool rock chic boots, from Ben and the cupcakes. I love them and they keep my little size 4's all warm and dry. My old boots have now seen better days and let in the smallest amount of rain in lol not a good look. Thank you cupcake family. And thank you Jade for my parcel of treats, hot chocolates and pink smarties. You know me so well x

Last Weds myself and Claire went of to the DeafCat Cafe in Rochester for their Christmas craft fair. It was from 6-9pm. A good time because Mr cupcakes could stay home with the cupcakes and put them to bed, while i went out and sold some stock. We were in the loft space and soon made it home for Mollycupcakes and Made In Pixieland. Although it was fun getting everything up the two flights of winding stairs LOL We met lots of fabulous arty people and one amazing man who looked like a cool Fagin from Oliver twist hehe! He made his way back down the stairs on his bum, leaving us with his tales of magic mushrooms and biking days LOL
We both did really well and came away very happy and Christmasy feeling. I treated myself to this beautiful uncaged bird from Zara at onelittlebird using the birthday money from Granny cupcakes, thank you Granny x

Well that's it for fairs and orders until the new year for Mollycupcakes, she's taking a well earned rest for the festive couple of weeks.
Don't forget what the poster says, It's only Christmas, family is all that matters. Not the presents, food or telly. Just good old family love.
So on that note, I'll wish you all a very Merry Christmas and happy new year.
With lots of love x


Vintage Amethyst said...

*Merry Christmas Honey*
My card arrived this morning so thank you sweetie.
Have a fabulous day
lots of love

claire Maraldo said...

Have a wonderful Christmas -you and all the cupcake gang . . . you are clever and organised with all that baking.

Love, love, love the boots - and your elfin sized feet. Lucky you.

see ya soon! Claire x

Amanda said...

Merry Christmas. That Noel sign was a bargain, I think your tree is gorgeous. And those boots.....I love them!

bekimarie said...

Wishing you and your family a very happy Christmas sweetie.
Love and ((hugs))
Beki xxx

p.s Jade definately looks liuke a future Nigella x

THIS'N'THAT said...

Hi, A very Happy Christmas to you:) Love the pics and very, very impressed with the built in snowfall!!
Lesley XX

madmummy said...

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, lots of love xxx Steph

madmummy said...

Happy new year Hon, think it's gonna be a wonderful one for the cupcake household ;0)
xxx Steph