Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Happy New Year and yes I'm still calling for help!!!

Happy 2009 everyone, hope you've all seen the new year in with your family, friends and loved ones. Here's to a magical 2009, may it bring you all love, laughter and happiness.

And yes I'm still after one of the little Ikea birds lol Manchester has lots of them left in the sale, I looked on the website, so if any of you wonderful ladies are off out that way tomorrow or the next day for a little shopping therapy can you grab me a pack and we'll sort out payment or swaps. Thank you, thank you. Right I'm off to enjoy a glass of Baileys and see in the new shiny and wonderfully happy new year with my beautiful daughter Jade and fabulous fiance Ben x

I have seen this wonderful idea of cake stand and little bird decoration on top and think it would make a gorgeous stand for our wedding cupcakes.

I'm hoping that one of you wonderful lovely ladies out there in bloggy land as been to Ikea and bought a pack or two of these little cuties.
And would be kind enough to sell, swap or give me just 1 of them. For the top of our cake stand.
They had loads of them in Ikea but even after I'd checked their website for stock and it said yes we have them, we couldn't find a single packet in the whole building (and believe me i looked lol).

If anyone has them please, please let me know. and we'll sort out payment or swap for something. It will make my new if i get one and our cake stand will be complete and ready for Ben to set a date lol

Back soon with how Christmas went in the Cupcake house, poor Ben was very ill, so got lots and lots of TLC in his stocking.

Hope you all had a magical time with family, friends and loved ones.


Catherine x

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

May you're Christmas be filled with cupcake wishes

Enjoy a wonderful time, laugh, eat, drink and be merry.
Lots of love and Christmas hugs,
Catherine, Ben and the cupcakes big and small x

Friday, 19 December 2008

Lots of photos to show you.

Meet my sugar & spice mice, i have been working on these for a while now and are sooo pleased with how they've turned out. They look yummy enough to eat, i wouldn't though, they're a little crunchy lol available on Mollycupcakes and will be staying there for the new year.

A couple of weekends ago, little Granny came over and we all went out to the Dickens festival and look it snowed lol well not real snow, more like bubbles and foam really. But it looked good and the girls loved it.

The streets of Rochester was filled with people dressed up, dancing, singing and selling all sorts of food, crafts and drinks.

In the castle grounds there was a fun fair and the girls went on lots. A big yellow bus lol lots of fun.

Hook a duck yeay! well done girls.

More fun on some cars and then the lady bugs. It was bitterly cold by the time we walked home and our noses where pink. But we all had a fab time, well worth wrapping up warm and walking down the town for. And bless little Granny she'd never been before and really enjoyed it.
This Saturday just gone was the cupcakes Christmas fete at their playgroup. Poor Daddy was feeling very poorly and i didn't feel the best, (flaming colds) but was keeping going because of the fact Ben had walked down the town that morning to collect my ring with me and asked me to marry him again in our pretty little park called the Vines. Could he get any more perfect? So i was floating around all day as happy as can be lol
So when 2.15 came, we wrapped up and set off up the road to Meadows playgroup. It was very busy and hot. Lots of different stalls with crafts to buy, make and do. Face painting, cake stall and lots of other games.

Granny got stuck in to the unwrap a bottle game lol don't worry we didn't have to carry her home, she saving her bottle of red for boxing day, we're going to make a mulled out of it. Yummy.

Jade won beauty products on the raffle and picked out one of my winning tickets straight after lol yeay! she's my lucky charm lol Thanks sweetie.
We all ate lots of cake, drank mulled wine and had to much sweet stuff (well the cupcakes did lol) a little too sugared up when we got home hehe!
But all in all it was a good couple of hours fun. I hope they raised lots of money, it's a fabulous little playgroup and real home from home for the cupcakes.
I took them both off to their last day before the Christmas break and their party today at playgroup. No photos on the camera, never know weather it's ok to take them now or not, silly laws! But did get a couple on my phone, so maybe Ben can put them on here sometime.
That big red Santa turned up at the end of their party and gave all the children teddies. Daisy was beside herself with happiness, when he walked in lol very cute. Molly on the other kept her distance, being the shy one of our cupcakes. Giving him only a smile and little wave. These days are ones to treasure and will be kept deep in my heart forever.
Thank you to all the staff at the Meadows playgroup, you've made the being of the Christmas break very special x
All enjoy a lovely weekend and thank you for Ben and i for all the kind well wishes. You are all such a lovely bunch.
Hugs for each and every one of you.
Catherine x

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

I'm still floating

Thank you to everyone that has left me a congratulations, this is truly a wonderful time for me. I do keep pinching myself and looking down at my finger to see if it's really true. And this what i see. Ben really did get it right with this gorgeous ring, i don't think i ever shown him any rings that i liked, i just know i told him once when watching Don't Tell The Bride program (did anyone ever see that? wow bridzlers or what!), the sort of thing I'd dream of getting one day. Something old, just one small diamond set in a gold band. I like things elegant not huge and tacky. And look there it is lol
Ben told me that when he had decided to ask me, he went to one shop and there it was the only one there, waiting for him to go in and get it, bring it home and put it on my finger. Like it was just meant to be.
Perfect in ever way, god stop me if i go on but i thought with all the rubbish going on in the world right now, I'd share and send a little of our happiness. Hope you don't mind.
I just want to tell the world and shout it from the roof tops, how in love I am with the kindest, sweetest, caring and loving fella ever, (well in my eyes anyway). And how he's made me the happiest, smiliest person alive. xxx
To have & to hold, love you Benjamin Short forever x

Hope you all had a lovely weekend, I'll catch up on the 2 just gone over this week, we've had Dicken's fairs, Christmas fetes and parties galore and all with a flaming cold in tow lol but hey I'm a woman and it's takes more than a cold to stop me lol (right girls?).

Many hugs,

Catherine x

Friday, 12 December 2008

I've been walking on cloud nine for a couple of days now...

...my 33rd birthday will be one i will never forget, because that beautiful man of mine asked me to become his wife. I couldn't believe it when he pulled out the most gorgeous ring, the ring I've dreamed about. Our 2 little cupcakes looked on and after I'd said yes, yes, yes. Molly said "mummy does this mean you're be a princess now" awww bless her. Daisy just wanted to see in what was in the box, her Daddy had given to me.
That afternoon we took the ring back down to be sized as it was a bit big. Ben had no idea of what size, bless and guessed. And not to bad, it was only 2 sizes to big lol but i do have really small fingers. We can go down on Saturday and collect it. My Granny and Jade will have the girls for us while we pop out to get it. And i can wear it proudly from then on. Thank you Ben you have made me the happiest person alive and i will be the best wife you could ever ask for. I love you with all my heart. X
My fabulous day didn't end there, i had yummy chocolate cupcakes.....

This lovely cook book from the cupcakes, lots of yummy treats and dinners in here for me to try.

I was a very good girl and saved this little lots for until my big day and was delighted with everything inside it. Sooo much pink, it is just fabulous. Thank you, thank you Alison you are a real sweetie. The girls love their little pink hearts and have hung them on our tree. Big kiss form them too X X

And here is my Mum's fun present of pass the parcel lol it was a box inside a box, wrapped up inside another box lol gorgeous floral mug. Thank you mum i love it. The patten is very much like Cath Kidston's style. My Mummy knows me so well hehe!
I also received lots of cards and other gift vouchers and felt totally spoilt for the day. But as with all good things that come to us, it is normally followed with something bad. I came down with a pooie old cold the day after and feel all crappy, run down and keep coughing.
But who cares about a silly old cold, when you've just been asked to marry someone. So I'm staying in the warm, with the cupcakes, lots of Christmas DVD's to watch, cards to write, hot drinks and cold remedies to take and the thought of wearing my engagement ring on Saturday to make me all better.
Thank you everyone for the lovely birthday wishes, cards and emails. This blogging world is full of the most wonderful people. Hugs for each and everyone of you x x x
Back soon with photos of the cupcakes Christmas fete at playgroup. If you're in Rochester this Saturday afternoon, pop on in. 2.30-4.30pm Meadows Pre-school. Pick up a yummy cake or 2, last minute gift or just to see Santa lol
All my cupcakes wishes.
Catherine x

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

All the 33's dirty knees lol (it's bingo).

Oh yes today's the day i turn 33.

I'm wishing for one of these xxxxx so i can be a proud fiance instead of the old girlfriend or her in doors lol
A cute fluffy just like this awww

Hair, clothes and figure of the lovely Jen.

And some of these. Not sure our postman can fit all of that through our postbox lol But you never know lol i can dream and dream i will...
I will post tomorrow and let you know how i got on.
But firstly i have to say a big thank you to my Mummy & Daddy for the beautiful floral mug that arrived yesterday, I was very good and waited until this morning to open it and am so glad i did, it was great fun. My Mum had wrapped it up like pass the parcel and i was so excited by the time i got to the last box lol just like a child again. When i found the mug inside i let out a scream of delight lol thank you mum, i guess I'll always be your little girl no matter how old i get.
Love you xxx
More thank yous tomorrow and photos of loveliness that arrived in the post, you know who you all are. (Alison vintage amethyst )
I'm off now to have some fun and listen to some tunes.
Many hugs.
Catherine x

Friday, 5 December 2008

There is no Grinch or Scrooge about me lol

Your Christmas Sprit Level: 75%
Your Christmas spirit is almost as big as Christmas itself. Christmas is definitely your thing.You celebrate Christmas with enthusiasm. You love every minute of the holidays.Your Christmas spirit is inspiring to everyone who runs into you during the holidays.You make everyone's day just a little bit brighter. And that's what the holidays are all about!

It's true i love, love, love Christmas, it has something to do with the fact that my birthday's in the same month. And has soon as the Christmas trees are out for sale, i can smell them from a mile away lol

Deck the halls and be jolly, spent the best time with loved ones, freinds and most of all family.

Merry Christmas to all and all a goodnight x x x x

Cupcakes wishes & hugs,

Catherine x

Monday, 1 December 2008

It is safe to say...

...it's gone all Christmassy here in the cupcake house, these 2 little fellas followed me home the other week and have been waiting very quietly to be let out. They both now stand proud on our fireplace in the dinnering room. Aren't they just the cutest Santa's ever!

Ben brought home the tree cut it and trimmed it and hung the lights on it. (It's a Daddy thing) lol

And the cupcakes and i decorated it the next day. This beautiful toadstool came from the fabulous Made in Pixieland pop on over to Claire's wonderful website for more gorgeous items like this. Thanks sweetie it looks lovely.
It is safe to say that our tree is very girlie, sorry Ben, but we do keep making girls lol so I'm afraid it's pink, pink and yes you guessed it more pink.
Just to the left of the photo, is hanging my fabulous buy at the Handmade & Vintage fair. It's the cutest cupcake I've ever seen. Made from a pink pipe cleaner, sliver balls and news paper, I'll take a better photo of it soon and one of Daisy's little white bird she bought. It's on the tree but i didn't get it in this photo.

Why is it so hard to take photos of Christmas trees? no matter how many times i tried, it always came out looking dull. I will keep at it, a nice sunny day is what is needed lol whats one of those? all we keep getting is rain, rain and more rain.

It won't dampen our Christmas spirit here in the cupcake house, a little rain never stopped us.
We're off to the Dickens festival this Sunday, Granny Mills is coming along too. Last bit of Christmas shopping on Saturday and a Christmas craft fair just down the road, which that lovely Claire will be selling her pixie items along with a few of mine. Thanks honey x
Looking forward to a fun weekend, hope you all are too.

Now i haven't had any music for a while and was looking through YouTube the other night and came across this. It's a little rude but very funny and no swearing.
It brings back happy memories of my childhood and singing along to it with my mum. I can even remember all the words even now after all these years. Hope you enjoy it too. The fabulous Victoria Wood and Let's Do It lol

It is also one of my Mum's favourites, so this ones for you Mummy. Love and think about you everyday. Chat later x
Catherine x

Friday, 28 November 2008

By jove she's done it!

The new look Jade with her fab new haircut.

I'd like to say a big thank you to all of you that sent get well wishes to Jade, she is now thankfully back to her normal self and back at school, after the lurgy Glandular Fever struck her down. A couple of weeks ago. She'll be here any minute now to stay for the weekend, we're off to see the Christmas lights turned on tomorrow, along with Granny Mills.
We had a fabulous time even though it rained the whole time it didn't dampen our fun and everyone enjoyed the Christmas lights and free mince pies, ginger wine and sweets. We finished the evening with a fish and chips tea.

Missed you my sweet girl, love you x hugs at the ready.

As you all well know it's been crazy here in the cupcake house, what with moving in, new pre-schools (enough said about that one at the moment big sigh!) and that huge order plus smaller ones coming in as well.

I did manage to have a day of R&R with the totally fabulous Claire and the cupcakes. We drove off to the Christmas vintage fair over at the Old Rectory Nr Sevenoaks and picked up this lovely old ladder for the bathroom. I love it and the towels look great hanging over it. It looks like it's always been there.
I also got a beautiful apple box (photo later) a little mini egg poacher fro Daisy to play with in her kitchen things and a old tea strainer for Molly also for the play kitchen I've made them. So they where happy cupcakes. And when we'd finished our shopping of everything gorgeous and had a mince pie and coffee, we took them both over the road the park, where they played on the swings, slide and round-about. Oh course Claire and i had to go down the slide with them lol
Thanks for a fab day out honey, looking forward to the next one. Big hug x

So after painting, drilling holes, painting some more, dotting, varnishing, cutting string, hanging and then wrapping, this is what 350 hearts, 175 stars and 400 pegs look like (ok not the pegs because they whereon the last post).
It felt good to post this one i can tell you. But even better to look at it all finished and wrapped in it's box. Bye bye huge order, here's to the next one x

Now i have a big thank you to give to Margy for the gorgeous parcel that arrived, t was full of lovely things. The tea cosy is my fav and will be used in the Summer months but for now it has pride and place in our kitchen next to the cooker. The knitted cupcakes have made their way into my cupcakes bedroom and are being used in games of baking and shops. Look at the cupcake stamp, it has my name on it too, if i could stamp everything with it i would lol i love, love it. So thank you again Margy, your a star. It was fun doing the swap. I hope you like yours parcel too.

A mini weekend away for me but this time i told some work with me and had access to a computer.
Off to Cheltenham we set early on last Saturday morning, one stop at the services and a few hours later we arrive at the Handmade & Vintage Fair in Rangeworthly Hall.
Just look at all the gorgeous stuff, these 2 stalls are Cowboys & Custard and The Vintage Magpie, funny because both lovely ladies didn't want to be in the photos lol So you'll just have to drool over their fabulous stock.
Molly and Ben went outside to play in the park across the road and Daisy and i looked and ooowed and awwwed over everything.

It was amazing to see so many bloggers in one room, the place had a wonderful feeling about it too. And so many beautiful items i was spoilt for choice. Daisy bought a cute little white bird and i fell in love with a cupcake decoration, both are now hanging on our Christmas tree (photos soon).
After stopping at every stall and chatting we found the fabulous Julia and talked for ages, it's been so long since we saw one another. It was great to see her again and Daisy now knows who the lovely lady is I talk about so often.
Good luck honey with the Christmas job, don't spend all your wages lol wink, wink!
I'm looking forward to the next fair, lots of sweet talking from me to Ben and maybe i can go to that one.
Thank you Ben for driving all that way and putting up with my i have to go to that one ideas. Your the best. X
The weekend was ended relaxing at Ben's mum's and seeing family. And generally just staying in the warm and chatting while the cupcakes played with their cousin Ava, who is now walking a little.
I'll be back soon with more photos and a music video that brought back so many funny memories. And will make my Mum's day lol
Cupcake wishes and can i say it now? Merry Christmas x
Catherine x

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

The big count down has begun

Time is slowly running out for me, this bunch of pegs are all packed and sorted and have now been joined by a smaller pile of white and red dot ones. I thought I'd never get them finished and that they where taking over the house lol

But ha ha! i have won and painted and dotted my little fingers off.

And the end result looks pretty good hanging on the line. This photo will be on my website sometime this week (she says in her head!). Available in packs of Christmas Red or Snowie White, pack of 8 £2.75. A nice little stocking filler or treat for yourself to hang the Christmas cards up.

I sat and cut all this string the other afternoon, it made a change from dotting. I love the look of it all in this glass vase.

The weekend just gone also saw us having our first visitors to stay. The lovely Sam, Paul and not so baby Ava came to stay with us. Sadly Jade couldn't make it as she's been struck down with Glandular Fever, my poor baby girl, she had to stay put at her Dad's. She is making a fabulous recovery now and wants to go back to school. Get well my fairy girl, may the pixie dust spread it's healing powers all over you.
Yeay! Christmas lights going on in Rochester next time i see you and some well need hugs and Christmas shopping too. Love you, thinking of you everyday.

These 3 little mischief makers had great fun in our house.

Although I'm not sure here who was having the most fun building rockets and towers, the girls or the Daddies lol

It was lovely to see them all and we're off up to see them sometime over the following weekend. And popping into the Vintage fair that Julia has advertised, if you're around that way come along it should be full to bursting with vintage and craft loveliness. And you might even bump into the blogger or 2.

Speaking of all things vintage, check out my yummy new cake stands (note i cheated with the mince pies, they came from our local bakers, i blush).

You can now find these in my Something Old & Vintage page http://www.mollycupcakes.co.uk/ and they won't break the bank at £10.75 + postage. So if you fancy one to display your Christmas cakes this year, drop me an email or have a look for yourself, you might even find something to help make the cake as well.

Ok that's enough sales talk, well you have to be a little cheeky to get anywhere in this world don't you. And what better place to sell my goods. lol

On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love gave to me???

I have taken a few more house shots in between painting and trips to the playgroup. I seem to be getting there early and joining in with the singing. Molly has taken to Meadows like a duck to water but Daisy has just started to get a little teary when i try to leave, i think it's due to her having last Weds off sick. It's put her all out of sorts. But I'll stick with it and it's nothing like the screaming i had with Molly (sigh of relief). She settle again, it's so nice there i almost don't want to come home again.

Heyho! this is our front door, as you can see it's got a heart on it to make it look pretty. We have a huge heart shaped Christmas wreath this year, so that will look fab. You can also spy the gorgeous dotty door mat i bought from the fabulous Andrea, check out her new website, it's full of yumminess. Lotties Barn.

Our front room has my favourite thing in it the white words HOME and it really is a true home to us now. Can you spy my other pride and joy, it's hanging up only for photo purposes at the moment but it will be back there come 1st of Dec. It only took me a year to make it lol and i was going to sell it but can't bear to part with it now. So it will be filled with lots of little treats, messages and charms for our cupcakes and maybe a couple for Mr Cupcake (if he's a good boy).
I'd really like to make some more of these advent calenders next year, so watch this space.

Lastly here is a nicer picture of our grown up bedroom lol we call it that now because after about nearly 3 years of sleeping on the floor with a mattress (flaming students lol). We now own this beautiful bed thanks to that fabulous Granny of mine. It's her new home gift to us, thank you Granny you're the best, i think i would of been about 40ish by the time Ben got around to buying us a bed and with the way my hip gets, i would of needed to be lifted up off the floor by a crane hehe!
It feels so very big and reminds me of the film Bed knobs & Broomsticks lol The cupcakes love it too and have had many games on it pretending it's a flying bed.
Big kiss Granny it's a big hit all round X

I'm looking forward to a nice weekend with maybe a little me and Ben time thrown in. But there will be lots to tell you all next week and hopefully I'll have finished this huge, huge order yeay!
I'll be needing a rest after this one, my fingers feel like they're going to fall off. lol
Enjoy your weekend, hope it's not to cold for you. Remember lots of layers BBBRRRR!
Catherine x