Sunday, 9 November 2008

Ben made it to Ikea...

... and all the way home again in one piece lol
Bringing home with him a new bed frame for us, bookcase and toy storage for the little cupcakes and new bed for the gorgeous Jade.
And he even popped back out to get me, little Granny, himself and the cupcakes fish & chips for tea.
Wow what a fabulous fella i have. Thank you honey, you're one in a million. Looking forward to our being together 5 years anniversary next Sunday.

I have to give 2 thank yous in this post too the totally pink April for the wonder Gift Of The Gab award she's given me. Thanks sweetie i love that one so very much it's soooo me lol
And the second goes too the fabulous Vanessa for awarding me with the Hot Blog sizzle, sizzle hehe!
Thanks lovely ladies, your both to kind. Sorry i can't pop the pictures on but I'm still waiting to be put on broadband, not long now (thank goodness you hear me say!).

Many hugs and cupcake wishes.

Catherine x


Sal said...

What a fab fella you have!
Well done on the awards too ;-)

lou said...

I hope you have all settled into your new home! Lou x

Victoria Plum said...

I've just discovered your blog! It's lovely ... I will be visiting your online shop soon!

Kitty said...

What a star that man of yours is! Looking forward to seeing the pictures. x