Friday, 7 November 2008


...we've got no broadband until Tuesday, C4 The Family has finished, I've 1000's of pegs and hearts to paint and i can't upload any photos for you just yet, what am i going to do?
Thank goodness that Whispers are back in the shops lol yummy chocolate that melts in the mouth and goes very well with a cuppa coffee or 3.

And did i say it's Friday yeay! have a fabulous weekend everyone back next week.
With news from our weekend, Granny Mills's first visit to the new Cupcake house and Ben's trip to Ikea hehe! I'm so mean sending him up there on a Saturday.

Hope you all had a good Halloween and bonfire night, with lots of ooow's and awww's, pops and big bangs.

Many hugs.

Catherine x


Gingham and Flowers said...

Don't know what I'd do without an internet connection now. Hope yours is back to normal next week. Love yummy whispers and am now thinking I really want one right now! Have a great weekend. Hope Ben manages Ikea ok! I don't think I'd dare send Simon on his own!

April said...

Hi Catherine

Glad to see all is going well - if a little hectic!

Take a deep breath, put the kettle on and have another Wispa (but save one for me!)

April xx

jules said...

you sound so excited to be in your new home, I'm very happy for you all

Ikea on a saturday, how mean HE HE !!

Vintage Amethyst said...

eeek, hope you get your broadband soon. OOoohh fancy sending your Mr to Ikea on a Saturday, (hell on earth it is!) hope you cooked him something nice for it! Tee hee.
love Alison

April said...


I've left you an award on my blog, please come and see

April xx