Sunday, 16 November 2008

Has it really been that long???

Happy 5 years together Ben, I love you more and more each day, come what may. X

Yes to all that keep asking, I am wearing a boobtube lol now I'm blushing. Any naughty photos would be for Ben's eyes only. It's not that kind of blog hehe!

Sorry about the old photo, just not enough time to look that good at the moment not when 400 pegs need dotting lol cor! get me biging myself up lol
I do like this photo though, only wish I could look like that all the time. Hey ho maybe I'll get a belated anniversary treat to the hairdressers or something? (note to self who says romance is dead? i do!) why do men forget these things? it's only one day a year. Oh well it's not over just yet. Hang on yes it is lol
There is always next year :(

Hope you've all had a fab weekend, weathers not been to good today lets hope it's better next week.

Back soon. I have done a few new photos of the house for you all to see, just need to upload them first


Catherine x


Pink Feather Paradise said...

Happy anniversary!
Apparently the mum in law says there is a cold snap on the way, so I would encorage you to start wearing some clothes, you'll catch your death otherwise! lol...

Cheers Alex

Kitty said...

Happy Anniversary! x

shabby chic said...

Happy anniversary to you both, I love the picture to( I always have my eyes shut normally!)

April said...

Happy anniversary to you both


April xx

jellybelly*jellybrain said...

Please tell me you're wearing a strapless top!?!

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary, 5 years, 2 kids and new house. great going.

Anonymous said...

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