Friday, 28 November 2008

By jove she's done it!

The new look Jade with her fab new haircut.

I'd like to say a big thank you to all of you that sent get well wishes to Jade, she is now thankfully back to her normal self and back at school, after the lurgy Glandular Fever struck her down. A couple of weeks ago. She'll be here any minute now to stay for the weekend, we're off to see the Christmas lights turned on tomorrow, along with Granny Mills.
We had a fabulous time even though it rained the whole time it didn't dampen our fun and everyone enjoyed the Christmas lights and free mince pies, ginger wine and sweets. We finished the evening with a fish and chips tea.

Missed you my sweet girl, love you x hugs at the ready.

As you all well know it's been crazy here in the cupcake house, what with moving in, new pre-schools (enough said about that one at the moment big sigh!) and that huge order plus smaller ones coming in as well.

I did manage to have a day of R&R with the totally fabulous Claire and the cupcakes. We drove off to the Christmas vintage fair over at the Old Rectory Nr Sevenoaks and picked up this lovely old ladder for the bathroom. I love it and the towels look great hanging over it. It looks like it's always been there.
I also got a beautiful apple box (photo later) a little mini egg poacher fro Daisy to play with in her kitchen things and a old tea strainer for Molly also for the play kitchen I've made them. So they where happy cupcakes. And when we'd finished our shopping of everything gorgeous and had a mince pie and coffee, we took them both over the road the park, where they played on the swings, slide and round-about. Oh course Claire and i had to go down the slide with them lol
Thanks for a fab day out honey, looking forward to the next one. Big hug x

So after painting, drilling holes, painting some more, dotting, varnishing, cutting string, hanging and then wrapping, this is what 350 hearts, 175 stars and 400 pegs look like (ok not the pegs because they whereon the last post).
It felt good to post this one i can tell you. But even better to look at it all finished and wrapped in it's box. Bye bye huge order, here's to the next one x

Now i have a big thank you to give to Margy for the gorgeous parcel that arrived, t was full of lovely things. The tea cosy is my fav and will be used in the Summer months but for now it has pride and place in our kitchen next to the cooker. The knitted cupcakes have made their way into my cupcakes bedroom and are being used in games of baking and shops. Look at the cupcake stamp, it has my name on it too, if i could stamp everything with it i would lol i love, love it. So thank you again Margy, your a star. It was fun doing the swap. I hope you like yours parcel too.

A mini weekend away for me but this time i told some work with me and had access to a computer.
Off to Cheltenham we set early on last Saturday morning, one stop at the services and a few hours later we arrive at the Handmade & Vintage Fair in Rangeworthly Hall.
Just look at all the gorgeous stuff, these 2 stalls are Cowboys & Custard and The Vintage Magpie, funny because both lovely ladies didn't want to be in the photos lol So you'll just have to drool over their fabulous stock.
Molly and Ben went outside to play in the park across the road and Daisy and i looked and ooowed and awwwed over everything.

It was amazing to see so many bloggers in one room, the place had a wonderful feeling about it too. And so many beautiful items i was spoilt for choice. Daisy bought a cute little white bird and i fell in love with a cupcake decoration, both are now hanging on our Christmas tree (photos soon).
After stopping at every stall and chatting we found the fabulous Julia and talked for ages, it's been so long since we saw one another. It was great to see her again and Daisy now knows who the lovely lady is I talk about so often.
Good luck honey with the Christmas job, don't spend all your wages lol wink, wink!
I'm looking forward to the next fair, lots of sweet talking from me to Ben and maybe i can go to that one.
Thank you Ben for driving all that way and putting up with my i have to go to that one ideas. Your the best. X
The weekend was ended relaxing at Ben's mum's and seeing family. And generally just staying in the warm and chatting while the cupcakes played with their cousin Ava, who is now walking a little.
I'll be back soon with more photos and a music video that brought back so many funny memories. And will make my Mum's day lol
Cupcake wishes and can i say it now? Merry Christmas x
Catherine x


Kitty said...

Jade's hair makes her look even prettier.

Sounds like you're still up to your eyes in chaos - it's the same here.


bekimarie said...

What a lovely looking girl Jade is, you must be so proud.
Curious to how you've made the girls a kitchen. Been thinking of doing something for Jack as hes always going through my cupboards for pots and pans etc.
Any tips and ideas would be greatly appreciated.
Take care
Beki xxx

April said...

Jade looks gorgeous and very grown up! Glad she's better. Your painted hearts and stars are beautiful

Glad to hear you're settling into your new home so well

April xx

Taz said...

Glad to hear Jade is better, glandular fever sucks.

Wow you have been a very busy lady and sounds like you had a wonderful time at the fair.

Oh and you're tagged over on my bog, hope you don't mind.

Donna said...

Wow you never fail to amze me you busy lady! How do you do it?

I would love some of your white hearts with red dots to coordinate with my red ones. Are you selling them in your shop?

I'm glad Jade's better, she such a gorgeous looking girl and I love her new hair :-)