Wednesday, 19 November 2008

The big count down has begun

Time is slowly running out for me, this bunch of pegs are all packed and sorted and have now been joined by a smaller pile of white and red dot ones. I thought I'd never get them finished and that they where taking over the house lol

But ha ha! i have won and painted and dotted my little fingers off.

And the end result looks pretty good hanging on the line. This photo will be on my website sometime this week (she says in her head!). Available in packs of Christmas Red or Snowie White, pack of 8 £2.75. A nice little stocking filler or treat for yourself to hang the Christmas cards up.

I sat and cut all this string the other afternoon, it made a change from dotting. I love the look of it all in this glass vase.

The weekend just gone also saw us having our first visitors to stay. The lovely Sam, Paul and not so baby Ava came to stay with us. Sadly Jade couldn't make it as she's been struck down with Glandular Fever, my poor baby girl, she had to stay put at her Dad's. She is making a fabulous recovery now and wants to go back to school. Get well my fairy girl, may the pixie dust spread it's healing powers all over you.
Yeay! Christmas lights going on in Rochester next time i see you and some well need hugs and Christmas shopping too. Love you, thinking of you everyday.

These 3 little mischief makers had great fun in our house.

Although I'm not sure here who was having the most fun building rockets and towers, the girls or the Daddies lol

It was lovely to see them all and we're off up to see them sometime over the following weekend. And popping into the Vintage fair that Julia has advertised, if you're around that way come along it should be full to bursting with vintage and craft loveliness. And you might even bump into the blogger or 2.

Speaking of all things vintage, check out my yummy new cake stands (note i cheated with the mince pies, they came from our local bakers, i blush).

You can now find these in my Something Old & Vintage page and they won't break the bank at £10.75 + postage. So if you fancy one to display your Christmas cakes this year, drop me an email or have a look for yourself, you might even find something to help make the cake as well.

Ok that's enough sales talk, well you have to be a little cheeky to get anywhere in this world don't you. And what better place to sell my goods. lol

On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love gave to me???

I have taken a few more house shots in between painting and trips to the playgroup. I seem to be getting there early and joining in with the singing. Molly has taken to Meadows like a duck to water but Daisy has just started to get a little teary when i try to leave, i think it's due to her having last Weds off sick. It's put her all out of sorts. But I'll stick with it and it's nothing like the screaming i had with Molly (sigh of relief). She settle again, it's so nice there i almost don't want to come home again.

Heyho! this is our front door, as you can see it's got a heart on it to make it look pretty. We have a huge heart shaped Christmas wreath this year, so that will look fab. You can also spy the gorgeous dotty door mat i bought from the fabulous Andrea, check out her new website, it's full of yumminess. Lotties Barn.

Our front room has my favourite thing in it the white words HOME and it really is a true home to us now. Can you spy my other pride and joy, it's hanging up only for photo purposes at the moment but it will be back there come 1st of Dec. It only took me a year to make it lol and i was going to sell it but can't bear to part with it now. So it will be filled with lots of little treats, messages and charms for our cupcakes and maybe a couple for Mr Cupcake (if he's a good boy).
I'd really like to make some more of these advent calenders next year, so watch this space.

Lastly here is a nicer picture of our grown up bedroom lol we call it that now because after about nearly 3 years of sleeping on the floor with a mattress (flaming students lol). We now own this beautiful bed thanks to that fabulous Granny of mine. It's her new home gift to us, thank you Granny you're the best, i think i would of been about 40ish by the time Ben got around to buying us a bed and with the way my hip gets, i would of needed to be lifted up off the floor by a crane hehe!
It feels so very big and reminds me of the film Bed knobs & Broomsticks lol The cupcakes love it too and have had many games on it pretending it's a flying bed.
Big kiss Granny it's a big hit all round X

I'm looking forward to a nice weekend with maybe a little me and Ben time thrown in. But there will be lots to tell you all next week and hopefully I'll have finished this huge, huge order yeay!
I'll be needing a rest after this one, my fingers feel like they're going to fall off. lol
Enjoy your weekend, hope it's not to cold for you. Remember lots of layers BBBRRRR!
Catherine x


Taz said...

Your pegs are too cute I bet your fingers must be aching. And I love our advent calendar, my two wee one's want to make a famil advent calendar this year (of course they still want a chocolate cardboard one too!)
And your bed!!! Will your grandma adopt me?

Garden Girl said...

Love the pegs Catherine, you've worked your little socks off!
And what a fab bed! Love the colour of your bedroom walls too. Hope you've had a lovely weekend x

Vintage Amethyst said...

Hi hunny
Glad to hear your busy busy.
Love the photos of the new house.
Wrapping up warm here as we have snow! *Yay*

April said...

Glad to hear things are going so well for you sweetie, the house looks fabulous. Hope Jade feels better soon

April xx

Tracy x said...

hello you x

hugs to Jade xx

your home is looking lovely and the picture of the girls in the play pen - so sweet!

congrats on the peg painting - i LOVE mine x

speak soon

t x

bekimarie said...

Just finished reading through your blog and look forward to reading more, love, love, love it.
Love the fairytale bed aswell, you kucky thing xx

i cant sew said...

great blog, nice bed, cool crafts... come check out the cupcakes i made last year, they are my blog banner at the moment.
%*_*% rosey

April said...

Hi sweetie, there's an award for you on my blog

April xx

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