Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Less than a month to go?

The invites are sent and the dress is bought (at last lol) things are starting to come together, flowers ordered, gift list ready, hair style found and cupcake recipe's tried and tested.

Now i just need to wait for RSVP's to come in and work out how much food and drink we're gonna need and keep everything crossed for a sunny couple of days. I can't believe it's come round so fast now. It seems like only yesterday when Mr cupcakes asked me that big question on my birthday and turned me into a giddy girl again hehe!
Now in less than a month I'm going to be Mrs S.

I'm so excited now my heads spins just thinking about it lol


Musings Of A Gem said...

How cute! Wow it must be REALLY exciting : D Looking forward to seeing pictures of it all...

Gemma x http://musings-of-a-gem.blogspot.com/

TheMadHouse said...

How wonderful, doesnt time fly. Can not wait to hear all about it

Kissed by an Angel said...

How exciting!! I can't wait to see the photos!!

Summer Blue said...

What an exciting time for you Catherine....enjoy every minute. Can't wait to see the pictures.
P.S I expect you have everything now but have you seen the lovely wedding party things on the Cox & Cox website...take a peek.

julie said...

you must be so excited looking forward to seeing your pics your blog has brilliant posts
good luck jules x

saraeden said...

How exciting hun , i am still at the early planning stage ;)

Love hearing how it is all going x

Sara x

Miss Sew & So said...

morning! i came to thank you for my bag of totally gorgeous goodies...and see this sign- now i'm gonna wish you luck, love and big hugs for the coming month 'almost' mrs s!!!!
love it all- the signs- the words...you're one clever gal....
melissa x

one more time- i looove the swap goodies...so did my little miss sew & so's thankyou xxxxxxxx

Country Style Living said...

Enjoy! It's so exciting..all the planning and organising. I'm sure you will have a really special day.

Victoria Plum said...

Such exciting times!!

Garden Girl said...

It is VERY exciting indeed, I bet you can hardly sleep with lovely weddingy thoughts rolling around in your head! I remember it well...sigh.
Enjoy all of your preparations sweetie-anything I can do?

Vintage Amethyst said...

Oohh it is all really really exciting! Hope you are not starting to get nervous, I had a pounding headache every day for 3 weeks before our wedding!!! Lol!
Hope the day is absolutely fantastic!

Purple Sparkle said...

How exciting!!! Our big day has now passed and it was absolutely wonderful, and it rained but we didn't care (we were lucky, all the photos got taken before the rain came!) I hope you have just as perfect a day, I'm sure you will!
Becky :-) x