Monday, 1 October 2007

A nice weekend for all.

I love my headband, thank you Sarah from Pink-petal-designs. This photo is just for you. x
We had a very busy day on Saturday. Ben cut down my Gran's very large holly tree from her back garden and we cut it up into bits and took it off to the green dump. It was so tall and to much work for her to up keep, as she's 87 this month, I feel she's done the right thing by getting rid of it. Even if she was a little sad to see it go. Normally she's given loads of it away at Christmas time. But this years it's come out in berries to early and was just dropping all over the garden. So now it's gone the garden looks a lot lighter and she still has the tree stump to hang all the bird feeders from. After all our hard work, Granny included because she looked after the girls while I helped Ben. She treated us to a yummy fish and chips dinner, (sausage for Ben he hates fish lol) Thank you Granny you're just the best. x
Sunday morning we where woken early by the girls, 7.30am seems to be when they are full of beans. Ben had a little lay in while got breakfast on the go and a nice cuppa tea.
The day before I'd done my best smile and said Lakeside please :) So off we went about midday ish. Nothing in the Next 2 day sale, we stopped for a bit of lunch in the food court. Yummy pizza.
Then popped into my second home lol Ikea. I wanted to get some more pink storage boxes and a beautiful glass cake stand. No luck with that, I couldn't find one apart from a display one, wish I'd nabbed that one. But there is always a next time. Hehe! did you hear that groan? it was Ben, say oh no not again! please no! lol
He was a really sweetie and bought this gorgeous bedding, I saw it and just fell in love, it's so pretty and only £25 with 4 pillow cases. Bargain! Thank you honey. x
I did get the pink storage boxes, 2 lots but I should of got a couple more. Because as you can see from the photo below I've a lot of stock to sort. So I'm sure we'll go back soon and maybe I can get that cake stand then. Was that another groan? lol
Before coming home we made one last stop at the big book shop with Starbucks in it. And I treated Ben to a yummy strawberries and cream frap thingy and a mocha for me. The nice lady in there gave Molly and Daisy a free gingerbread man, because he was all broken. Bless it's nice getting something for nothing. Mind you ours drinks did come to over a fiver. But worth every penny. Yum. There was lots of good books but no time to stop and look, as we'd got there to late in the day. I'm sure we'll go back.
So a lovely weekend, of family, treats and smiles. Just what the doctor ordered. I hope you all had a lovely time to.
I just had to pop this photo of our cat Thomas, I court him in the week up on top of the kitchen cupboards. And I think his face just says it all. "Don't even think about getting me down" lol
What do you think he's thinking?
Have a good week.

Catherine x


pink-petal-designs said...

orrr, thanks for the pic Molly, you look lovely in your head band, im so glad you liked it.
you have had a busy time, but well worth a fish n chip dinner id say, i love fisn n chips.
Love your pink box's

Country Cottage Chic said...

Thomas looks so cute up there...I'll post a photo of our black cat Purdy...a match made in heaven!

Kat-in-a-flap. said...

Oh,it was so nice to read about all your finds,I love the bed linen and your little princess looks gorgeous in her head band.
Our Jinx likes strange places too.I have to make sure I keep the tumble dryer closed !!!!!!
Kat x