Saturday, 6 October 2007

Double eggs, pie and snowmen!

You can image my surprise when I broke these eggs and two yolks came out lol I let out a scream and shouted "ooww come and look at this" I've never seen this before and couldn't believe it and there was 2 more just the same and 1 normal. Ben made me laugh when he asked are they safe to eat? well they where fine and tasted double yummy. Now do you think the last 2 eggs will be the same? We'll have to wait and see. As anyone else had mad eggs like these?
I'm very pleased with my first go at pie making, it was very easy and great fun. As a child I always loved rolling out the pastry and cutting out the shapes and the feel of it squashed between my fingers. I think that's why I still like the feel of playdoo, it brings back happy memories.
Here they are all cooked and ready to eat, yummy steak, mushroom, onion and ale pies.
We had them with oven chips, peas and carrots. Ben liked it so much that he took some to work the next day for his lunch and emailed saying he could get used to this lol
Hot meat pies or veggie ones just make me think of cold winter nights with yummy warming food. Not long now and we'll all be making mince pies and mulled wine, I can't wait, what about you?

Still on the Christmas theme, these little fellows are now live on the website.
There is a snowman on both sides and dotty tops, pack of 6 for £3.80 if anyone would like a pack or packs ;) please just email me or pop to the website for a look. Thanks x
After a fairly busy week I got sit down and recover this cute little Maileg ironing board for Molly. This one is hers but Daisy took a fancy to the little iron and ate a piece of the handle lol She'll eat anything the naughty madam. I'm sure I can give it a paint to bring it back to new. Molly loves how it looks now and has had her bunny ironing all morning, I'll try and get a photo to show you.
It was a lovely sunny day yesterday and was nice to have sometime in the garden. The girls played and ran around and I manged to take some photos for the website, just a few new bunnies and accessories ready for Christmas. I've used this lovely flowering bush as a back ground for a couple, I don't have a clue what it is, any ideas? It's just very pretty and looks bright and happy.
Lastly our little Daisy is now at the stage where she won't have a nap in the afternoon and she just keeps on going and going until she falls asleep on her feet. If I'd taped this it would of made a good you've been framed clip lol

I put her on the sofa after I took this photo and she napped away for at least half an hour and then off she went again. I don't know where she gets her energy from, I think I should bottle it, we'd make a mint hehe

Not sure what we're doing this weekend but they say the weathers going to be nice, so we'll have to wait and see.

Enjoy whatever you're all doing and catch you all soon.


Catherine x


Vanessa said...

The pies look good!

My Uncles hens always lay double yolker eggs, don't know why, they always taste gorgeous though!

My little darling fell asleep whilst eating her tea the other night, but then woke up spritely to finish off her cold tea.

Vanessa x

Sophie Honeysuckle said...

How funny-I've heard of double yolks, but never seen one myself!! Your pies look yummy, I feel quite ravenous looking at them!
My cats do use the cat-flap, it swings open and through they go!xx

tillyboo said...

Just thought I'd pop in and say 'Hello'.

Ooh Yummy, yummy ! How scrummy do your pies look ... Do you get called Mrs Miggins ?
If you didn't ever watch Blackadder then this won't mean anything.

How do double yolks happen by the way ?
Love your website, the kids cooking sets are just fab.

Cathy said...

Those pies look fantastic! They look just like the ones my Grandma made. It looks like the flowering plant is a sedum, otherwise known as Ice Plant. Those pegs are adorable too. It sounds like you have been a busy bee!
Cathy X

Curlew Country said...

Love the ironing board, Barney is on a bit of an ironing bee at the moment (I'm really encouraging him so that he doesn't bring his washing home to mummy when he's a big boy!)
The plant is sedum and I've got tons of it, really lovely. Looks like your variety maybe 'Spectabile', I had this in my window boxes last year and it flowered a treat. Butterflies love the earlier flowering ones and my favourite is one that goes a deep burgundy, 'Autumn Joy'. It looks fabulous on a frosty morning and all you need to do is cut back the dead foliage in spring, it'll disappear underground and then come back with no hassle in late summer (she says confidently?!).
Love the snowmen too.

driftwood said...

your pies look delicious, and so do the double eggs, I've never seen one before. Love memphis the kitten too, am keeping away from that website just in case I can't resist.

jessica daisy said...

Those pies look yummy!
That's funny, I just recovered an ironing board I found at a car boot sale for my daughter agave it to her for her birthday this weekend.
I've got a picture of Ella doing exactly the same thing as your little girl when she was her age, she used to do it quite a bit, including in her high chair.

Country Cottage Chic said...

We get quite a few double yolkers - one of our hens in particular lays lots of them - you can usually tell by the size.

love.boxes said...

glad someone else has been doing a little christmas here and there!

Bloggerthai said...

Hello, I'm a reader from Thailand.
Your blog is really lovely one :-)

The Leaping Hare said...

double yolker yummy i love the snowmen pegs as well and you can not beat home made pies, double yummy

Victoria May Plum said...

Yummy pies, Ben sounds just like Dale. He takes the pies I make to work, and shows them off to his work mates - how sad
(sorry, I meant sweet).

Little Daisy is adorable, our Daisy still sleeps for about an hour in the afternoon, thank God!
Where do they get their energy from - if I could steal a bit of it I would be superwoman by now!

Victoria x

Ragged Roses said...

Those pies look delicious, something so gorgeous about individual pies! Love the snowmen pegs. I remember seeing double yolks when I was little but I haven't seen them since, but that was when the world was all in black and white according to my youngest!
Kim x

julia said...

Those pies look scrummy!

My daughter has just dropped her lunchtime nap - boo hoo! She's also learnt how to get out of her cot whenever she feels like it but will not sleep in a bed, so as you can imagine bedtimes are fun!

Julia x