Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Hair rising moments.

Going swimming for the first time with the girls was a bit of a hair rising time for Ben and I. My oldest daughter came with us and she helped out, she is very confident in the water and swims like a fish. I'm more of a just put my feet in and sit in the shallow end kind of Mum lol. Which was ok because the toddlers pool was only about half a foot high, just right for the little ones and me. They loved it, there was a slide, bubbles, climbing things and waves. And it wasn't to busy. So after about what seemed like 50 goes on the slide, Daisy climbed up onto a big dragon and that's where the first hair rising thing happened. I was right next to her but she slipped and banged her left cheek on one of the dragons humps, argh! I was waiting for the blood but she was very lucky and hadn't cut anything. Poor little mite, she screamed and had lots of hugs and magic kisses. After a while she had forgotten all about it. And playing bouncing up and down in the waves with her Daddy made it all better.

Once we'd all got showered and hair washed, we started to get the girls dry in the changing room and that's when accident number two happened and this one makes Ben and I cringe when we think about it. I'd thought ahead and brought along an old towel to put on the floor because they are always so wet and slippery. But poor Molly put one foot down off of the bench she'd been sitting on, missed the towel and went down splat, knees, hands and face hit the floor. I think the screaming could be heard in the next village. She had a big fat lip and a cut knee and was very scared by it all. But Daddy hugs, Mummy kisses and a whisper of sweeties from big sister Jade made her all better. And some chippies and chocolate and strawberry milkshakes in the cafe helped. So nerves and mess, one fat lip and bruised cheek we went home hoping that our next visit to the swimming pool would be a better one.
It took a while but I got most my stock into these cute pink boxes, I just need some more now. Yeay! trip to Ikea and maybe I can get that gorgeous glass cakestand. I'll keep you posted.
Hot cinnamon and brown sugar pears, just a little something I popped in the oven Sunday night as a yummy pud. It went down a treat after the roast pork chops and all the trimmings. I think that Jamie Oliver is doing something like it on the Sainsburys adverts, but as I can't stand him, I did my own version of it. I'm more of a Nigella and Gorden woman myself lol god what a snob I am hehe! So I just peeled, chopped, sprinkled and steamed in the oven and 10 mins later a yummy pud served with cold custard. Happy little ones and happy Ben.

We just seemed to have loads of pears this time in the fruit box delivery and I didn't want to waste them. I think I'll give a pear tart ago next time. Or something from Nigella's program. I have now found myself recording it just so I don't miss any yummy recipes. She's so funny, posh talking but as mad as a hatter hehe! and her house is just gorgeous. And I just love the way she eats everything. My kind of woman. Did you see the yummy cheats chocolate croissant she made on Monday, I'm going to have to make those. Anyone want to try one?

Well this was Tuesday, it just poured and poured. But it didn't stop us going out to baby bounce the girls had a great time and loved taking their umbrellas out. And I got some more good news. In the library there is a glass cabinet for all sorts of displays and because I'm not going to do a child's Christmas craft class (just not enough money in the funds) the lady that organises all that sort of thing and dealt with me last time, as arranged for me to display some of my stock in there and sell it for me. They of course will have a small % but it's a great library we use it all the time, so I'm more than happy for them to make something out of it too. I would hate for it to close or any library to close. They are just great places to go and I think we are all very lucky to have them. I always take in any old books I've finished with and they use them or sell them. It all helps.

So I thank Kim the library manger and hope to help and support them over Christmas. And look forward to putting together a pretty display and selling lots.

I'll leave you today with this sunny corner of our kitchen.

Yes the sun's shining and the washings out but the little ones have runny noses, so it's warm drinks, blankets, cuddles and calpol all round. Back soon hopefully feeling better.


Catherine x


driftwood said...

That sounded like a pretty traumatic trip to the pool, I hope next time is better - if you can brave a next time! The pears sounds delicious, and I have to say I record Nigella too, she is totally over the top but I love it, I bought my sister the new book, and she says its great.

Cathy said...

Glad you (just about!) survived the pool! Congrats on having a display at the library - that's great. I love hot pears, and I may just have to try that one - good for a chilly rainy day!
Cathy X

Vanessa said...

I hate swimming baths, i think there is so much danger in one place. I also have a thing for bleach, and our local changing rooms could do with a lot of it!

Hope your daughter is OK!

Vanessa x

The Leaping Hare said...

what a day! don't you just hate days like that. Scrummy pears as well agree with you on Mr Oliver

Kat-in-a-flap. said...

Hello Honey,
I hope the girls are ok and that Mollys'lip has healed.I always think pools are a dangerous place and those non slip floors so aren't non slip.
I am home and slowly on the mend.
Thankyou so much for your gift I just love chickens.
I will be posting a lot of thankyous.
Luv n hugs Kat x

Ragged Roses said...

Trips to the swimming pool with toddlers are a nightmare! Sorry to hear that you had such horrible adventures in yours! The pools just aren't very child friendly are they? We love Nigella, she just gets funnier and funnier, I think the thing I love the most about her is the way she enjoys her food (and getting glimpses of the house!). We'll be trying those chocolate croissants too!
Kim x

Katy said...

I hate the swimming pool. My youngest one has no fear (he's 2) and I get scared stiff. I can't help but think of what might be lurking in the water after reading an article on swimming pools and germs!!!!
Well done for the library display too - how lovely to pop in for a book and come out with some dotty pegs (I think I'd be in all the time!!!)

Curlew Country said...

What a shame about the swiming disasters. I really know what you mean about how hair-raising it is taking two little ones along, I tend to go with my two friends and their little ones for water-babies so we all have our eyes on a couple at once, but its not easy and the getting changed when wet is always a trauma. I love swimming (I used to do synchro a long, long time ago!) and the fun just about outweighs the hassle doesn't it. Do hope all the bumps are feeling better now. Great news about the library display, what a great idea, our library has just been overhauled and looks fantasic. I'd definitely buy locally made crafts from mine if they sold them. And I may have to pinch your pear recipe, I never know what to do with mine. Looks quick and delicious. Lovely catching up with your blog, great read!