Thursday, 27 August 2009

Some frozen peas and a bump on the forehead :(

Both the cupcakes on their way to the allotment, ready for some fun and then help Daddy cupcake do the watering.

Daisy had other ideas and on running back to the gates for home she went head first in to the ground. Coming up with a cut and lump. But the healing powers of garden peas and....
...she was left with a tiny cut and lesser sized bump. Oh Daisy what are we gonna do with you???
You really are trying to collect the biggest collection of bumps, cuts and bruises aren't you sigh! You are a little tomboy hehe! And smell of dirt and cookies most of the time. We really wouldn't have you any other way. X
Not to worry everyone, she really is fine and as i type this post, her and Molly are dressed up as princesses and princes running around the garden yelling lol oh our poor neighbours hehe!
A little note to anyone waiting for give away gifts or just gifts and treats, I'm so sorry for being so crap but they will be off to you very soon i promise. Time just isn't on my side at the moment, we've just given back the keys to the other house today and had to clean from top to bottom ( you know how it goes with rented houses, everything has to be spotless or no deposit). So I'm knackered to say the least. But be assured i will get on the case and goodies will be posted sometime this year lol Oooops i mean next month LOL
Big hugs x


Stephanie said...

Hey hon, have you finished unpacking yet? Hope the settling in is continuing to go well...
Just wondered if the postie has been to your new house?...
xxx Steph

madmummy said...

That last one was me...........!!!
(roll on back to school and routine, think have finally lost the plot!!) x

Vintage Amethyst said...

Aaahhh bless that little princess.
Hope you are having lots of fun in your new home! At least you can now move on & put the other house behind you & enjoy your lives in this lovely new home.
Talking of homes the BBC were filming in ours yesterday, I've just blogged about it ~ it seems crazy weird! Lol! At least I didn't get filmed though!
Hope you are well sweet pea, enjoy these last couple weeks of summer.

Pink Feather Paradise said...

Danny is always falling over and bumping his head... and I remember all about the "getting it sorted" to hand back keys... we lost some of our deposit as they said we had repainted the downstairs toilet with out asking... we didn't paint anything! and a dent in the wall was there when we moved in and listed on the particulars and they said it was us... ruddy nerve!

anywho... I am sure you'll get back to normal soon...

x Alex