Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Bank holiday

My bank holiday Monday started with a small fair in the morning until about 1ish. And with the help of Miss Mollycupcakes herself the time flew by.
And before we knew it Ben, Daisy and Grandma where here to pick us up. Off we set to Pluckley for a yummy cream tea here at the village church. You can see from the sky it was a fabulous day for it and the church was run by the sweetest old ladies. Who bake the yummiest scones and chocolate. Hmmm
Molly enjoying a snuggle with Grandma....
and then tucking into a huge slice of cake. check out my cream filled scones lol I am trying to lose weight for my wedding next really! but i have to have one day off a week hehe!
After sitting and relaxing in the afternoon sun, listening to nothing but the birds sing and Molly and Daisy play, we walked around this beautiful place, me secretly hoping that we'd bump into Pop and Ma Larkin and be invited back to theirs for supper. (for those of you that have no idea of what I'm on about and I'm sure that isn't very many. The Darling Buds Of May was filmed here and around this gorgeous little village) Anyway it never happened sigh! So we headed off back home.
The next day saw even more sunshine and Ben had booked an extra day off of work. And we where also joined by Jade. A family vote was held and Whitstable came out as the favourite place to go, off we went. Where fish and chips were eaten, pebbles thrown and lots of photo posing took place lol Miss Mollycupcakes first.....

.... followed by sun posing by the beautiful Jade.....
.... and crazy faces by Daisy lol
Even Grandma got in on the action, doing her impression of a human washing line lol. Note to ones self don't bend down face first into the ruff sea when collecting water in the kids buckets, you end up soaked LOL
Some jumping and snuggles with Daddy cupcake (sorry Ben I know you hate being called that lol but it's so cute, i just have to). X
Daisy has her invisible binoculars on and was watching everything go by.
Then it was time for some much needed relaxing before we set off into the town for a look in the shops and ice-cream for pudding. I hope you enjoyed a lovely bank holiday weekend and the sun shone on you all. It's back to playgroup for Daisy this coming Tuesday and Molly's first day at big girl school.
Just look at my baby now, i remember looking down at her while breast feeding thinking your first day at school is so far away but it wasn't really and Monday is getting closer and closer sigh! my heart feels heavy and I'm trying not to be sad, i knew this day would come but did it have to come so soon! Molly seems fine with it all and can't wait for Monday to arrive, so I'm putting on my best Mummy cupcake smile and spending every last minute i can with her.

We're off out for a girlie shopping day this Saturday, making sure she's got everything she needs. And maybe a treat or two wink, wink.
Mummy and Daddy are very proud of you and will hold your hand for as long as you need us too until your brave enough to let go. Love you Mol's x x x
Good luck to all you other mummies out there going to through the same thing, lets all be strong for each other. Walk them to the gates, big deep breath, hug and kisses, say "see you later on" and turn and walk away. Hold it for one more moment, now cry lol I know that's going to be me.
Who made it this hard to be a Mum?
Hugs to all x


Suzy's Vintage Attic said...

Your stall looks so pretty in pink! I remember Pluckley well fronm when I used to live in Kent. Haunted Pluckley as it is also known. The windows are very distinctive there.

That particular area is lovely.

Back to school indeed, luckily my daughter likes the teacher this year and the new classroom. What a relief as last year was not a good one for her.
Have a great weekend
Isabelle x

Vintage Amethyst said...

Aaahh look at all the cuteness here!
Good luck for your special day Molly & good luck to you too Catherine!
Have a lovely weekend cupcake household.

Isobel said...

Hi Catherine,
My baby son is just turned 8 months today and I'm already dreading the day he is off to school for the first time. Silly me, I know... :)
Good luck to little Molly and to you!

April said...

stall looks great Catherine

Good luck to Molly (and you!) for school on Monday - they grow up so quickly


April xx

Bobo Bun said...

The youngest one going to school is so much harder than the eldest. Well it was for me as my last little playmate had gone for the day and suddenly I couldn't amble round sweetie shops singing daft songs unless I wanted to be locked up. It'll be fine Catherine. One day soon you'll forget what it was like when she wasn't at school.

Oh and Daddy Cupcake reminded me. My man only found out the other day that I call him Mr Bun - he asked do I really look like a Mr Bun. No not at all, which makes it funnier really.
Poor men hey.

All the best for next week from your eternally rubbish swap friend.

Lisa x

Rosesposes said...

Hi Catherine
Your craft stool looks beautifull, lots of patience and time went in to those pretties.
Molly looks very smart in her school uniform. I remember being upset when my first went to big school, by the time second one went I was so looking forward to my days back!, even though it was tinged with a bit of this is the last time my baby will be at home in the school day!
Love the good old seaside pictures. My daughter was in whitstable a few days ago with her auntie & nanny & loved it
take care x Dom

claire Maraldo said...

Aww. Molly looks so cute in her new uniform. Come have a blub round at mine.
I'm still blubbing that my baby has turned 10. We can be sad old bags together.

Although it has been tears of frustration from me too as he has been losing his tie and trainers and homework in the first 2 days. Arggh!

Pluckley ,eh? I love it there. I always fancied myself as Ma Larkin -she seemed to have such a joy for life. I'm not fat enough though.


But I'm sure i can work on it.