Monday, 29 June 2009

Looking on up...

...and going forward with life. I have to say how touched I am and thank you for all your loving, caring, kind, supportive comments and words.
They have and are really helping me get through this crappy time. And to Steph from Madmummy you are just a wonderful and caring person. I can't thank you enough for coming to see me on Saturday at the Maidstone farmers/craft market. That hug was just what the doctor ordered. And the little gift will stay on my mollycupcakes apron for every fair and market i do. Thank you lovely lady.
I have to do another special thank you to Tracy from Cupcakes at home. Even though your 100's of miles away from me you still touch my heart. Your kind words and blog post for me means more than words can say. Thank you my dear friend, i only hope i can return your love and support one day.
To my family you are all amazing and give me the strength to carry on come what may. I love all.

2 months to find a new home, fit for the cupcakes and within walking distance of playgroup and Molly's new school. House hunting wasn't on our to do list for the next 4-5 years, we really thought this house was for years. (That's what we was lead to believe!)
Shock i don't think I've every felt so stressed. I can only say it felt like i was going crazy and my head was being crushed in a vice. Nearly a week on after the letter dropped on the mat and now I'm sad still and could just sit and cry but I'm more cross inside and only show it when the cupcakes are in bed or not around me. Why? is the biggest thing i keep asking.
My Nana used to say that one door closes and another ones.
So we shall see where this huge explosion takes us in life.

I'll leave you with one of my favourite songs, it seems to help me and i calm down once listening to it. Just click the link. And enjoy.

Back soon with a happier post, i hate to dwell on things, it's happening the house and my Dad and there is nothing i can do about it. But be strong and strong I'll be....

Love to you all x

Catherine x


madmummy said...

Hey hon, it was lovely to meet you finally and I'm glad the sun was shining for you, your stall looked lovely and I hope you did well there xxx
How did the viewings go?
Thinking of you xxx Steph

April said...

Hang in there sweetie - everything happens for a reason and some good stuff must be just round the corner for you.


April xx

Summer Blue said...

Oh Catherine, I've just checked your blog and read your previous 2 posts...Now I feel terrible for you. I'm SO sorry to hear about your step dad and also losing your lovely home. I know how much it means to you and the school situation is adding so much extra pressure for you I'm sure. Whatever I say won't make you any less upset or angry, so I'll just send you all my love and best wishes and keep everything crossed for you that something good will come of this. You're such a lovely, caring person.....horrible things shouldn't happen to lovely people...that's what I say!
(((HUGS))) Jane. xxxx

Rubyred said...

So sorry you're having such a horrible time Catherine,I'm thinking of you and sending you a big hug,can you feel it?
Hope things get a bit better soon!
Rachel x