Sunday, 21 June 2009

Happy Fathers Day x

Too all the Daddies, Fathers, Dad's, papa's and mine have a very special day you deserve it. Sit back put your slippers on have a cuppa and some pampering time.

All my love goes to Ben the best Daddy in my eyes in the world the cupcakes love you more than words could ever say. Even if you are a Mr Grumpy some days lol (little clue to your present shhh!).
Have a wonderful day we love you x



benshort said...

Thank you for a lovely day girls :)

Red Riding said...

thanks for entering my competition!

just to let you know my old blog will soon be deleted!this is my new blog!hope to see you there


aka rachywachywoo/adayinthelifeofkraftygirl

Charlotte Evans, Cottontails said...

Hi Catherine,

Thanks for popping by and commenting and for your nice words... it's been a funny old time, closing the shop. I was kind of dreading it, but when it actually happened it was just fine. It's a relief really and am now able to concentrate all my efforts online so life is a wee bit simpler. Except for the fact I am in the middle of moving house and have been working like crazy on the new website!! If you get a mo have a look -

Love what you wrote about the little Maileg mice in boxes. I've run out and don't plan to be ordering again for a few weeks (have Maileg bunnies coming out of my ears!!) so if I get any requests I'll send them over...

Love Charlotte