Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Half term is over normal service will resume.

Now with half term over and done with I can get back to some normal blogging. This post is a little all over the place with lots of photos. So please enjoy it.

I seem to have missed the whole Mother's day boat, I did have lots of ideas on the go and have stuff all around me on my desk but no good photos and time to put them on the website. There is only 1 item in that section. So next year I have a great start lol

I am however ready for Easter and with it being one of my favourite times of the year. I'm in my element with all the pretty new eggcups, hearts, pegs and spoons I'm making. Above is one of my new additions a large pink fine knit dress girl bunny from Maileg. My girls just love them and have already claimed this one as theirs. But I have 2 more for sale so please pop over and check her out http://www.mollycupcakes.co.uk/ she'll make a lovely Easter gift and unlike chocolate she'll be around forever. Remember a bunnies not just for Easter it's for life. hehe!

Below is my new range of Eggcups, I've done Daisies, Bunnies and Mice. They are ideal for dippy eggs and soldiers or the chocolate and cream filled kind (how do you eat yours?)

They will be added to the website over the next couple of days but if anyone would like one or two please email catherine@mollycupcakes.co.uk and let me know. £3.50 each they are a nice treat for any breakfast table or tray.

A couple of weekends ago we went off to Brighton for the afternoon. It was bitterly cold and not much fun, we didn't make it down to the beach and no Moo shake as it has sadly closed down (I was not a happy bunny) And when we found another milkshake place just up the road we didn't like the look of it. I think the hundred kids inside was the turning off point lol.

But I did get to look for some lovely items in Cath Kidston shop. And here is what I came away with 2 washed roses tea towels, a writing set and 2 pink vintage glasses. I even left with £8.00 of vouchers to spend next time we go to the Cheltenham branch. (moan! I hear Ben say hehe!)Molly had a lovely birthday. Thank you for all the birthday wishes you left her. You're all very kind.

She got some pretty cards this year, as you can see lots of pink ones, bunnies, cupcakes and ours was handmade by the fabulous Claire over at Made in Pixieland. I hung her bunting underneath it all for extra prettiness. Thanks to the gorgeous Vanessa for making that over at Just Original.

Molly got an M too from her little sister Daisy and it's now on the fireplace looking great. I think we're get a large D for Daisy's birthday from Molly. Kind of a cute little gift that they can both keep forever. And have in their homes when they are older.
We had a great day, with present opening in the morning, a trip to Bluewater with a McDonald's lunch and ending up in Monkey Biz for the afternoon. About 2 and half hours of play in there lol

Back home for some dinner and then birthday cakes. I baked tiny little cupcakes and a few normal size ones and decorated them all in pink and white icing and sweets. Yummy! Molly loved them and Daisy, Ben and Jade where pleased too lol It was a good end to a lovely day.
I wanted to show this photo of Jade she had her hair all curly for her birthday. Clever little thing she learnt how to do it with her GHD's. Funny because my hair is naturally curly and I always have it straight and hers is naturally straight. lol Why is it we always want the hair we don't have?
Here is the birthday girl with her cake, all chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate hehe!

And as you can see all the girlie's enjoyed it. lol
I hope you all had a lovely week with your children and had as much fun as we did.
Lets hope this bit of sunny weather is here to stay for a while longer.
Right back to it.
Ooow is anyone else going to the Country Living fair in March?
Catherine x


Garden girl said...

Blimey, where do I start?! You have been busy! The egg cups will be a huge success, I'm sure-especially like the bunny. Your mini cupcakes are lovely, I bet they disappeared quickly!Could just eat a cupcake, actually,mmmm...x

Kitty said...

Wow - lovely pictures. The egg cups are so gorgeous. As are your girls - my word, Jade is going to break a few hearts! x

Vanessa said...

Molly looks like she had a fabulous birthday, my little Molly (Eve is her proper name and Molly is her middle name, but we always call her Molly) wants mummy to make some cakes just like on the computer! So thanks! I'm sorry to hear about the milkshake place what a bummer! It sounds like you deserve a break after the kids break!

spk soon

twiggypeasticks said...

I love your blog and have been reading for ages. I've nominated you for a You Make My Day award and would love it if you checked out my blog and nominated 5 of your favourite blogs too.
Twiggy :)

Pipany said...

Oh I love Easter too! Fab pics and I bet you'll sell loads. I want that Maileg bunny!!! xx

Nonnie said...

Lots of lovely things today. The egg cups are really cute as is the bunny. Like you I've also totally missed the mothers day boat with my shop. I wonder if I can get it up and running for Easter! Looks like the Birthday was a fun day. I love your cupcakes. It looks really cute having the two sizes and all decorated differently. There is something just so gorgeous about cupcakes.

Sophie Stansfield said...

That cake (or should I say cakes) looks scrummy! I forgot to tell you about my pink icing (sorry!)- a bit of lemon juice seemed to tone down the red colouring to a nice pastel shade (so a fluke really I am afraid!)
..and thoses edd cups look gorgeous! How you find the time I will never know! xx

Vintage Amethyst said...

OOhhh the egg cups are just too cute. Shame to hear about the milkshake place :( but at least you got some lovelies from CK!
MMmmm I want one of those cakes they look yummy.
Love Alison x

shabby chic said...

Hi Catherine,
Those bunnies are lovely. Those cupckes look so pretty and tasty, why are cupcakes so pretty and inviting!. I bet Molly enjoyed them too.
I am sorry to here Moo juice was shut , I never got to go there. That cath kidston shop is nice and the staff are really nice too. They have lovely work clothes for cath kidston
have a lovely weekend x Dominique