Monday, 4 February 2008

Every mothers worst nightmare argh!

Molly where's your hair gone?

You can imagine the look of horror on mine and Ben's face when we found this had happened to her. After a nice day out looking for new shoes and cupcakes cases (I know a odd combination lol) we where invivited around an old friends of Ben. He has a little girl of his own and they all played nicely together. Dressing up and playing kitchens. Unknown to me and anyone else, his little girl had sissors in a table draw. And she wanted to play hair dressers. Poor Molly screamed the house down and Ben was the first into the bedroom and all I heard were the words "Oh no!"
And give me the sissors Daisy. Molly told us that the little girl had cut her hair off and then given the sissors to Daisy when she heard Ben coming up the stairs. And hid under the bed, she knew she was in trouble.

As you can imagine Molly, myself and Ben were so upset but thankful that nobody was hurt. The little girl got sort of told off (she gets her own way alot) so it went in one ear and out the other. We left shortly after this and got a naughty tea from the big M as a treat. Back home I had a go at sorting out Molly's hair. I will show you her new look in my next post. I used to do hairdressing at the sweet age of 16 but that's 17 years ago now. So I need a couple of days to get it looking just right lol you wouldn't want an appointment in my salon hehe! Watch this space for Molly's new look just in time for her 3rd birthday in 3 weeks time.

Working hard on orders and happy that one is completed and can be posted today. Here are some of the pastry brushes. They look like a rainbow. Do they have a pot of gold at the end I wonder! Checkout the website over the next few days for my Easter range. New eggcups, heart gift tags, pegs and door stops. There might even be some handmade buttons on there. That is if I can bring myself to part with them. I'm so happy with how they turned out. It's nice to do a little sewing every now and then. Painting pegs and dots can make me go crossed eyed. And giving something new ago is a real break and gives me a sometimes needed boost.
This is a little something I made for the girls, they are always playing with our dust pan and brush, so I kept the last one of these from my stock just for them.
It's gone down well with them, they've cleared up all their crumbs from the table and swept up the both the cats lol
Not the best of weather here today, very dull, wet and grey :( not going out in that lot. We're stay in and keep warm. Watch dvd's, do drawing and crafting. Mummy will drink coffee and the girls hot chocolate. And later when Ben gets in I'll pop out and post my order and drop books back at the library. Fingers crossed I don't get wet, I hate the rain yuk!

Enjoy your day everyone, keep warm and dry. Back soon.


Catherine x


Ragged Roses said...

Oh dear that is a bit of a drastic haircut. Good luck with the styling! As you say at least nobody was hurt. Love the pastry brushes, hope you're all enjoying your cosy days at home

Garden girl said...

So your poor little one won't be a hairdresser when she grows up then...?!When I was a nursery teacher a little black girl cut off half of one of her gorgeous curly bunches..I was devastated and didn't know what to do so I put the hair in an was so beautiful I couldn't put it in the bin!Her mother wasn't best pleased as she was due to be a bridesmaid at the weekend.Oops.I love your pastry brushes and am looking forward to the buttons!Hope the rain stays off, anna x

serendipitylovesnewyork said...

oh no I bet you wanted to do the same to the other little girl, my niece did it a few years ago to her own hair and she hardly had any as it was, it was just getting to the stage where her mum could get it in to a tiny ponytail but ended up having to go mega short to give it any style.
Are the brushes mine by any chance :) they look gorgeous.

shabby chic said...

Hi catherine,
Yes I expect you did have a surprise. Looks like it may be time to get the girls one of those heads with hair!where you can do the make up to. I remember getting one for Amber as she went through a stage where she was interested in the hair and my lipstick! I never forget when she was about 2and a half i went to my bedroom and she was stood there with my make up bag and my lipstick smeared all over her face and on my bed. I just laughed it was a picture !.
Looks like you are very busy with those lovely orders, you must have a very steady hand
have a lovely week
x Dominique

Vanessa said...

My little dear is always cutting her hair with my pinking shears. So at least it is not one straight line! Any way as my dad always says what's the difference between a good & bad hair do? 3 weeks!

I'm glad your keeping nice and busy, is it keeping you out of trouble?

Valentine Hearts said...

Oh my gosh, every mums nightmare! My little one has only now managed to get shoulder length hair (3) I dread to think if she got hold of scissors! Hopefully your little girls hair grows back in no time!

Kitty said...

I have to see I've seen many children with hair just like that ... and that doesn't look as bad as the ones who decide to 'do' their fringe!

Those are wonderful pastry brushes. x

Curlew Country said...

Oh my word - well done you on no lynching the little angel who did the damage! Did you see Jess over at The White Verandah's post a few weeks back, her daughter did exactly the same thing but to herself and was a bit more drastic. She still looks smashing though and Molly will look beautiful too. Not what you need though is it!
I think you deserve a long sit down - what a nightmare!
Have a good week hun, Stephx

Katy said...

oh my god!!!! Poor little thing!!! But it could have been an ear, so phew for that, eh?!

Mr Posty brought me a very lovely little parcel yesterday - thank you VERY much. I am fighting with Grace over who owns the new Easter pegs (let me tell you - I am winning, ha ha ha ha ha!!!!)

Jennie said...

My daughter had similar done to her in her reception class. I wasn't very pleased either.
The dustpan and brush look so sweet.

saraeden said...

My boys like to use Chris's razor to try and shave their heads how they havent cut themselves yet amazes me !!!

Thank you for all the lovely comments you have left for me over the past few days ... you have really cheered me up !!

Sara x

serendipitylovesnewyork said...

Hi Catherine, sending you a message on here as my email is down, I've just got the gorgeous items, I love them they are adorable and will go really well, although I don't want to part with them...thankyou xxx

Emma Herian said...

I think that is possibly every parents nightmare, especially if you have lovely little girls - at least with my boys they could have a short back and side job if that happened! It has nearly happened, I managed to just stop it in time!
You have been busy, where do you get the time? Hope the rain doesn't put a dampner on things too much!

buttercup & roses said...

oh Cathrine..Poor Molly, and poor you, it must of been a bit of a shock. I guess Molly will be getting the latest 'bob' haircut then?!?

At least it will grow back hun, and dont worry..She'll still be just as gorgeous!
Jen xx

P.s...Loving the new easter range, you just seem to be getting better and better!!