Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Winter's on it's way.

I think this photo just says it all, autumn is here and Winter to follow. This is a beautiful tree just over the gardens near my Granny's house. The sun shone through it and court my eye, so I snapped a photo before it was gone.

We had a lovely day with her, the girls just love to play outside and she got them a cute little bike, As you can see Daisy was first on it and drove around for ages. Making all the brum brum noises as she went lol

Molly got out the dressing up box and was a fairy princess for the whole afternoon. She span and twirled around and around spending magic in the air.
Here she is my proud Granny and you can just see my oldest in the back ground, plugged into the telly.
The girls are enjoying treats and a cuddle. Just what Granny does best.

I'll leave you with a couple of photos of some beautiful flowers in her garden. They still make it feel like summer. And the pink rose smells so sweet and fresh. Just lovely.
Just a short post due to over load of work. It was nice to have a break at Granny's and just enjoy some fun time with her and my girls. Ben had a well deserved rest at home ready for his return back to work on Monday.
Back soon with some new photos and stories to share.
Take care everyone x

Catherine x

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