Saturday, 15 September 2007

Part two of Ben's birthday.

Here's part two of Ben's birthday. He opened up his presents with a little help from the girls. When he finished Molly said "oh poor Mummy hasn't got any prezzies" bless her, she's real sweetie. We bought him a new electric razor and Jade got him a new book to read by Ian Rankin. My lovely Mum and Dad sent him money, so he can treat himself. His Mum, Sister and brother-in-law got together and got a flying lesson. So watch out if your flying anywhere over the next 4 weeks, as Ben will be in the skies lol I will get some photos of that day, it should be fun.

It was lovely spending time at Whitstable, the sun was out, sky blue and not to busy. We sat on the beach and ate the birthday picnic. After we went off for a nice walk along the seafront. And pose for lots of photos.
As you can see no haircut for me just yet, my hairdresser was of sick for the whole of last week, so I've re booked it for this Friday. Thinking about it, it was probably for the best the old appointment was on a 13th. Not a good number for some. Maybe it's fate that it's been moved. I don't know, I'm just looking forward to it now.
Ben took this gorgeous photo of some flowers just growing happily in the pebbles. If anyone knows what they are please let me know. They look a little like mini Gerbras or medium size Daisies.
Playing on the beach we spotted this funny little dog swimming around in the sea. It was barking like mad at something. And then we saw what it was, the owner was throwing pebbles into the sea and the dog was cross because it couldn't find them again. Poor little thing, I felt sad for it, because it couldn't understand what was happening to the pebbles. And just got more and more upset. I must admit I was glad when they both went away. It entertained the girls they just thought it was having fun. And Molly said awww look Mummy a doggy, it's swimming.
On the way back to the car we walked along a back road and I saw this gorgeous light pink house, I think we ever buy a home by the sea, it would have to be a pretty coloured one, like this. It was just so nice and if you can see the lovely curtains in the top window, they where just screaming out Cath Kidston style. If the people living there would of let me in for a nose around I would of jumped at the chance lol well who wouldn't hehe! One day I'll live by the sea with my beautiful family, I feel it's meant to be. My good friend Kat did a reading for me and she knew straight away I was drawn to the seaside. She is a very wise lady and talks a lot of sense. Pop over to her blog for lots of lovely tales about her live and family, she has helped me. Thank you Kat in a flap, your a good freind. X

So Ben's now 30 and looks just the same to me, I'm sure he'll still look the same to me when he's 40. Just gorgeous. After all age is just another number, it's how you feel that matters. He says after 2 weeks off work on holiday with me and the girls running him ragged hehe! he'll feel about 70 lol and he'll go back to work for a rest. He loves it really and wouldn't change a thing. He is the best Daddy and partner in the whole world and I'm so glad I found him and he fell for me. Happy birthday honey x

Catherine x


Vanessa said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog, I don't receive many guest there as yet! But it's good to know that Sara's promoting me well!
Let me know when you place your order, I may throw in a little something. I have only just started the cupcake obsession, but my collection is growing by the minute!

Vanessa x

Kat-in-a-flap. said...

You look like you are having a good time,I love the house with it's pink clapperboard,
Enjoy these few days,the Autumn nip is in the air....
Best Wishes to you all Kat xxxx

Ragged Roses said...

Sounds like a wonderful birthday! You can't beat a day at the seaside! Love the pink little house too.

Curlew Country said...

What a lovely day, we live miles and miles from the sea so I'm very envious. The flowers might be zinnnias from the look of them? I could very likely be wrong though! What a sweet house too, everything is stone up here and I love to clapperboard houses, thanks for sharing it.