Thursday, 6 September 2007

Tea anyone?

I have to say a very big thank you to all of you that have left me a comment about the missing pink dotty head band/scarf. The hunt still goes on and if one doesn't turn up after a week or two, I will take one of you up on your offer to make a new one.
So a big, big thank you from Molly and me. You are all real sweeties x x x

I'm a very lucky girlie, my gorgeous partner Ben ordered this delicious book for me the other day, as I've had it on loan from the library for about 2 months now and have looked in every book and charity shop for a secondhand copy. And sadly no luck, so he treated me to it from lovely Amazon.
Thank you Ben your a real sweetie x
And my first recipe from this new book will be these yummy scones, hmm! still hot from the oven, so the butter melts and a drop of scrummy jam on top. And a cuppa to wash it all down with. Anyone for tea? See you about 3ish hehe!

So over the last couple of days I've been very busy getting together stock for a large order that came in on Tuesday, so what with Ben off on holiday and getting this done, the next two weeks will be a very busy time. But I will keep up with my posts and pop lots of photos of our days out. I promise :)

The last lot of photos are the things I picked up from the fair and antiques fair. This lovely bunting was made by a lovely lady who runs Angel Tree Designs, sorry no website but she does have an email address fro any information on her items, ie: country crafts, cards & gifts, wedding stationary and commissions. I'll pop it on here just because she was so sweetie and her items very pretty. maybe she'll have a website soon.

This pretty hand painted cup and saucer was just calling to me and even though it's got a crack inside the cup, I couldn't leave there to be thrown away. And at only a £1 it didn't break the bank. lol I'd love to find more odd ones like this and have them all out for a tea party for girls birthdays when they're a bit older. I'd fill my pink cake stand with yummy iced cupcakes and have heart shaped sandwiches and bunting hanging everywhere. Oh I can't wait for that day to come. And you'll all be invited because you'll all see the photos.
I am not to sure about this strawberry set, I think it's a bit newer and not as pretty. Now I'm being fussy. This might end up in a giveaway in the near future or if anyone else likes it and wants to offer me anything for it, or swap something for it, please let me know.
Well with the summer holiday's now over, it's all go for the big built up to Christmas. Yeay! Santa's coming and the big 32 for me, cold nights and pretty lights, I can't wait. Is anyone else this happy about it? I just turn into a kid every time lol

Right my cuppas here now and it's getting late, so I'll good night and see you soon.

Catherine x


thehomelyyear said...

Hi, we love your flowery china and the book looks really interesting. Afternoon tea and scones...what could be better? It's our favourite occupation.
Margaret and Noreen at THY

saraeden said...

I have a strawberry teacup the same , i use mine to hold bits of things by my putor next to a strawberry tub i made from C.K. fabric !! i have a bit of a thing for strawberries !!!!

Sara x

Kat-in-a-flap. said...

Hi Catherine.
I have just ordered a copy of that Susannah Blake book for myself after your recommendation.I think Ben just loves your gorgeous baking and wants some more !!!!!LOL
I wish Andy would think to do something like that,I like the strawberry cup,I think it will look pretty with the others you have collected.
I'd love to join you for tea and scones......
Kat x

jules said...

Loved the china, I too like rummaging around trying to find pretty bits of china, never really knowing what I will do with them when I get them home, I used to live in Cliffe near rochester kent and most sundays I would be off to the many bootfairs rummaging for a bargain. There are not so many here in france but i have found one or two places where I can lose myself amongst the "junk" for a couple of hours. keep hunting there's always something to find. ps love the goodies you are selling on the website.


Claire said...

The china you have is so pretty - i want to use all the bits and bobs I have collected over the years at my wedding next year - kinda aiming for the tea party idea, but for grown ups. Just visited your blog via other people's reccommendations, and it's lovely. Will pop back again soon


Ragged Roses said...

Put the kettle on, I'll be round! Love your china finds and like the look of that cook book - I think I'm going to pop over to Amazon ...
Have a good weekend

Country Cottage Chic said...

That looks like a super book - one to add to my Amazon wish list!