Monday, 2 July 2007

The sun came out and shined bright!

Congratulation's to the happy couple.Pictured here with all of the brides family. We where so lucky with the weather, on the way over to the church it poured down and wasn't looking good. But just before we arrived it all cleared away and the sun shone down on everyone.
The service was lovely, I'm not a churchy person but I think if more churches where as fun as that one then more people would go. The music was all played by live band and the vicar Mark made jokes. And the best bit was after when there was tea and cakes served lol Then everyone made their way outside for photos.

I just loved the bridesmaids dresses, what a beautiful colour. They looked so cute with their little summer brollies.
I just had to take this picture, it shows Lois in her true form, how we all know her. She just has a magic touch with children, weather babies, toddlers or older ones. They just seem to relax in her arms.
She's going to make a wonderful mum someday. (This is a friends baby not hers, not yet!) Give her time lol
When I worked with Lois at a after school club we used to have so much fun, and when I was expecting my little Molly, she used to talk to my bump everyday and say "this is auntie Lois, hello in there" lol When Molly was born and met Lois for the first time, she was crying and I handed her over to her for a hold and when Lois spoke to her she stopped straight away. And her little face just looked like she was thinking I know you, you're safe. Bless!
So all that talking to her in my belly worked. Ben and I got that very same look from Molly when she was born.

Talking of babies, here they are, my 3 girls and yummy Ben. Molly had the cutest dress to wear but refused to keep it on. Little madam, I'm 2 and know what I like and don't like. lol And I want to wear my leggings and pretty top. Stomp stomp stomp!

At least Daisy kept her dress on and didn't moan about it. And Jade looks pretty as a picutre. Don't we all look posh, I just love to dress up. Don't get to do it much.:(

Anyway the day went off very well with no hicups or hitches. The reception was lovely, nice food, wine, music and company. Look at the cake, isn't it gorgeous. Very simple and pretty.

There was speeches, toasting and dancing and we left happy and full of joy. But slightly sleepy. The girls crashed out in the car on the way home and where popped into bed once we got in.

What a lovely day, one I will remember for a long time.

Congratulation's once again Lois and Joseph, have a long and happy marriage. x x x

Maybe oneday it will be my big day. I can only dream for now.

I'd best finish up now, lots of things to do.

Take care everyone best wishes.

Catherine x


Rubyred said...

Ohh,I love a good wedding,The bride and bridesmaids look so pretty! Glad you had a lovely time!Thankyou for leaving a comment on my blog.Look forward to reading your next post!

Ragged Roses said...

Glad the sun came out for you! It looks like a lovely wedding and you all looked very smart, your girls are all very beautiful! Thanks for your lovely comments and I've just read one of your earlier posts where you wished me good luck with the weather - thanks for trying!!!
Kim x