Saturday, 30 June 2007

Weddings and rain, not a good mix!

Tomorrows the big day for one of my best friends, at the tender age if 21, she's going to tie the knot and settle down.
Her next big plans include, new home and babies. We wish her the very best and hope all her dreams come true.
I haven't seen her dress, so I thought I'd pop one of my favourites on here. It's very simple and baby pink (well it had to be!) Not sure I'd have one like this, but it's very pretty.
Confetti? whats the big deal about it? so many churches don't like you to throw it. But you cant have a wedding without it. I found this confetti online and it's bio-degradable and it has sweet little words on it, like: love, bliss and amour. Very different from the normal hearts, flowers and horseshoe shapes. Something to look into if your planing a big day for yourself or someone else. It's from the US but I'm sure someone here will do it.
How sweet is this wedding cupcake stand? Yes I'd like something like this lol but you all knew that already lol
Or maybe something fruity covered in icing and real pink flowers.

Right I'm off now to wax, shave, wash, straighten and tan.

End result, I'll look like this. lol (I wish) well something as close to this as I can. Don't want to out do the bride. ;)

Lets hope the rain holds off so we can get some nice pictures and the days not spoilt.

Talking of rain good luck with your sherk party Kim @ Ragged roses. Have fun. x

Bye bye.

Catherine x

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buttercup & roses said...

Hope you had a fun day...Despite this terrible weather.
Looking foward to seeing lots of pics of your friends wedding!.