Friday, 29 June 2007

Wedding presents, pork pies and little girls!

Got up today and knew I that I had to transform these lovely wooden items into something special, so I waved my magic paint brush and after a few hours. I transformed them into this little lot.

Lots of lovely red kitchen goodies for my Friends bottom draw. (I know I'm old fashioned) But I know she's been collecting red items for her kitchen when they get one of their own.
God I remember my bottom draw, think I started collecting when I was sixteen. Full of big dreams and high hopes for my future. Wow I'm 31 now and I've only just got there. 3 beautiful girls, a fantastic man, 3 cats, 1 bunny (for now), a lovely home (not ours, that ones still to come) and my own little business. Pretty lucky I think.
As anyone else just got there with their dreams??? I still have a few more that need making true and I'll get there.

I also made them these two pictures, one says Home Tweet Home and the other Love Birds. Thought they'd be just right for there new home one day. Bless! for the mean time, Lois (that's the bride) her parents are converting the top half of their house back into a little flat for them. Aren't parents great.

I do hope they like the juicer, I just had to pop a little strawberry on the top. Looks yum!

Talking of yummy things, I stopped for some lunch and a coffee. This has got to be the most yummiest pork pie I've eaten and little Daisy loved it too. We polished off half of it between us and a bit of pickle on the side. Free range pork too, so I guess they ran around in a field, just like the chickens that produce my eggs. Happy piggies and chickens lol

Very yummy, pick one up, they make a nice part of a ploughman's lunch. Full of calories, but who's counting?

Finally here are the girls, having a great time playing together. Daisy can fit in the dollies pushchair (oh no) Look at the rug, it's full of toys. They love nothing more than just tipping them everywhere. lol And watch mummy pick them all up again. Little angels, (for now) it can all change in a second. And then there is screaming and hair pulling. What a mad house. I love it.

All you other mum's know what I mean.

It's late again and I really should get off here, poor Ben's been reduced to watching Pat Sharpe's top 100 party hits. I'd better go and save him. lol

Have a good weekend. Keep dry in all this rain.

Catherine x

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kat-out-of-the-bag said...

Hi Hun,
Oh that piccy of your cat made me laugh,he's a good sport for letting you lol!!!
Just enjoying some sunshine,almost forgotten what it looks like !!!