Sunday, 17 June 2007

Wow where did the time go?

Well what can I say? I think I need another two hours added to my day. There is just never enough time to do and get everything done.

I took all these pictures on Friday and it's now Sunday night and I'm just doing my post.

As you can see we had rain (at last) on Friday afternoon and we where attacked by snails, lots and lots of them. All over the patio, grass, plants and the poor bunny hutch. They seem to love the bunny food, I had to pick them up and put them back onto the grass, the bunnies bowl was full of them yuk! lol

Don't where they all come from? it's like someone opens up a draw of them and out they crawl. This picture was just a few of them. How many can you spot? lol

It's been busy, busy, busy on the work front, as you can see my work space is organized chaos lol, just how I like it. I know whats happening with it all and where it's going. And it's great having so much to do. And a bit of extra money is nice too. I can buy more lovely vintage things.

Just like this beautiful floral dress I got for Molly, she looks so cute in it. And wears it with her jeans. What a trendy girl.

She's not really asleep, she's just playing for the camera. You can see her smiling lol cheeky little thing.

She chilled out on the sofa, while I got everything sorted and packed for our trip to visit Grandma in Cheltenham. I love it there, if you haven't been I recommend a look. There are some lovely shops and walks to go on. And on a bit further there is Glos, where the lovely pottery ECP designs are made. They have a open showroom to buy from. Lots of lovely mugs and jugs. Perfect for all us dotty and flower mad ladies lol. And just nice to see things being made in England. Check them out.
Lastly I had to put this picture on, this is Megan and Dougal having a loving cuddle. They knew we where going away for the weekend and cuddled up to each other for comfort.

"I'll take care of you Megan" is what Dougal's saying lol Crazy cats.

Be back soon.

Catherine x


julia said...

If you like the ecp stuff I can recommend Prinknash Abbey near Cheltenham. They used to do seconds in the shop so it may be worth a trip!

Julia x

mollycupcakes said...
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Sarah said...

My Mother has a cat called Dougal - he is a proper menace to Society! he was named after Father Dougal from Father Ted in the hopes that he'd be as daft, but oh no!

I've just happened upon your blog - I'll be back!