Monday, 18 June 2007

We had a lovely little break.

This is Rosablue my favourite shop in Cheltenham, it's run by a lovely lady called Penelope and Luca. They sell the most beautiful fabrics and gifts. And make things to order. Worth a look It's just the sweetest little shop, one of those places I could stay in all day. I was very good this time and made it out only with one order. But there was lots of things I wanted. lol Next time, there is always next time!

We made it to Grandma's, look how happy the girls are. This was at 11.45pm, they'd woke up after the journey and where full of fun. All we wanted to do was sleep after the long drive lol Luckily they soon got tired out again and went off to bed. yeay!
Sweet dreams little ones x

Happy Fathers Day Daddy. "We've got you now!" lol Molly and Daisy playing lets get Daddy. Come on Daddy! giddy-up, your my horsey. They got him two lovely cards and we all went out for a nice walk together. Just time with his girls is all he wanted, money cant buy that he said. We love you Daddy your the best x

Our journey home. Bye bye Grandma, thanks for having us. See you again soon.x

Bless! Molly and Daisy holding hands in the car and Buttercup Bunny in the middle.

Saw this lovely cottage while out on our walk and just had to take a photo it. It's so pretty, real chocolate box style. My favourite houses our the very large ones close to town, but this is nice too lol I'm fussy my Ben says to me. No! I just know what I like. And prefer wooden floors, high ceilings, roll top baths, oak kitchens, butler sinks and space lol wow I am fussy!

Everyone has a dream.

Go and dream yours now and I'll post soon. Bye x

Catherine x

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