Monday, 11 June 2007

I love getting parcels! and gifts!

Another week to look forward to. I cant wait for Friday to get here, we're off to Cheltenham to see family. And I'm going shopping with my partners sister yeay! Theres lots of lovely posh, vintage and house type shops there. It's a bath town just like my other favourite place to go. Tunbridge Wells.
I love nothing more than popping in and out of little kitchen, gift, garden and a bit of everything shops there. I went on Saturday and was so happy looking around the Fenwick shore in the centre, so many beautiful things. My oldest daughter bought me another heart to add to my collect, which she started for me last year. I've popped a picture of it and all the others, she's got me at the bottom of the page.
Thankyou Jade I love them all x

This is the plant I got yesterday at the farmers market, it's so pretty and smells yum.

I don't think this picture does this vintage cake stand any justice, it came this morning and is a baby pink colour. It's now standing in my kitchen with whats left of the yummy lemon cupcakes I made last week. lol I told you they wouldn't last long lol
Now I have to make some more to fill the stand right up. Would you like some too? We need taste and scratch 'n' sniff on here, so you can all enjoy them as well.
Your just have image how yum they are.

This was my other parcel today. My partners sister and husband bought this gorgeous dinner set for us, as just a little thankyou for all the baby bits we saved for them. I have used it already,unwrapped it and washed it, then made some lunch and a cuppa. Our little Molly said "ooow pretty pink" lol so that means she like it to. lol

It also is a very good match with the Susie Watson jugs in our kitchen, so I think I'll get some of her dotty pasta bowls to go with it.

I just love it so much.

A very big thankyou to Sam, Paul and the bump x

Just before my coffee and blog break I took this photo of our fireplace, it has all my favourite hearts and a beautiful handmade lavender house by Tracy at www.cupcakesathome which I just adore. Her shop and website is well worth a look.

Just looking at them everyday makes me smile and think about where they all came from.

I have my oldest daugther Jade to thank for the hearts, she gets me one for my birthday, Christmas and really if she just sees any she likes.
Thankyou baby x

I hope you like looking at them too. I just wanted to share a few of my favourite things with you all.

Here's a picture of the pastry brushes I paint, this will be on the new look website. The one my partner is working day and night on, to get finished. I'm so very proud of him, he puts in so much time and effort to it. And I cant wait to see it all up and running.

Thankyou Ben for everything x

My days just been full today with sorting out the girls, playing tea and shops with them lol

Now it's a bit of mummy time, while my baby Daisy sleeps and Molly watches CBEEBIES for an hour.

I can get on and do my post and paint and make some new items for the website and fair I'm doing in July. Come along it's at Luddles Organic Farm near Cobham. They'd love you support and so would I :)


Look forward to tomorrow, see you all then.

Catherine x

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