Monday, 4 June 2007

This is my first ever blog, so hello everyone! This week I've gone into Country Magazine over drive.

Wanted to start one of these for ages but never had the time before. Well I have abit now, so here goes. I've been reading my friends blog for months now and just cant get enough of it lol. She makes me laugh and cry to. So I have her to thank for being an inspiration and getting me motivated to start one of these myself. Big thanks to Tracy at Cupcakes x

Well I've gone vintage magazine mad, bought loads this last week, but it's all in a good course. Lots of lovely pictures and ideas for new items for me to create.

Like my lovely new pictures, I just love them. And find it very hard to sell them. But they must all fly off to their new homes.

So thats my first entery, hope to get better at this as the days/weeks go now.

Bye for now and check in soon x

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